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Trinidad James Releases "The Truth Will Set You Free" Message To NYC

(AllHipHop News) A few days ago Trinidad James announced that he was going to address his recent comments about the south running New York in a project called “The Truth Will Set You Free.” It turns out the message was not shared in the form of new music, but rather as a vlog.

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James says the four-minute video is not an apology. He claims he just wanted to let New York City know that he “wasn’t trying to disrespect you.” The “All Gold Everything” performer goes on to say that he doesn’t consider himself a rapper, shouts out a few New York City promoters and venues, and clears up that his original speech was directed at NYC radio for not showing more love to the young rappers from the city.

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Watch Trinidad James’ “The Truth Will Set You Free” video below.

  • $18592567

    I thought he was takin’ this to trial…#ohWell

    • brooklyna


  • MrNoName2K

    Damn i didnt think that innocent little comment would be this big of an issue..

    • Live Well

      He doesn’t have the talent, credibility, or cache to make that comment. That’s why he’s getting the backlash.

      • Thats an opinion, but does it take away the facts of what he said? Like he said, right message, wrong messenger.

      • Live Well

        That’s a fact, bruh. He was out of line. Yes, he was correct in what he said but he didn’t say anything that hasn’t been said for the last 4 years, which is why it seemed like a diss. Papoose said that and everyone said he was bitchin and should shut up “make better music”. Somehow when this guy says it, he’s “speaking the truth”. So when a native calls out his own city, he’s lame but an out of towner says it and it’s cool??? Something’s wrong there.

      • Personally i liked the “Dont Be S.A.F.E.” Ep…didnt care for the 2nd one at all though “8 pc Mild” mixtape…I dont recall Pap saying that theyre not playing good underground music, i remember Pap complaining that theyre not playing His Music, and thats when everyone was saying make a hit.

      • Live Well

        Papoose was saying all the other regions play their own music but New York, the mecca, is the only place that doesn’t. He didn’t point out his music only. TJ happens to be wack to me. In fact I don’t even consider him an artist but that’s just my opinion. The fact is he dissed NY. He probably didn’t mean for it to be taken this far but he still was stuntin on NY. He knows that now which is why he’s tryna clean it up. I actually respect the fact that he is cleaning it up. Sometimes, in the midst of smellin yourself, you say things that offend people. A man owns up and apologizes.

      • Ok yeah i do remember that interview on hot 97 actually, and everyones response was NY wasnt making hit records felt like they were forcing theyre music and didnt have good music, and ultimatelty said NY artist nees to make a hit record, i do recall it now…i dont see where TJ was dissing though because he said Atl is Running NY musically…everyone keeps forgetting to acknowledge that he said “musically” and he’s venting about wanting to hear NY art ist on NY radio at the show…i do think the “if its a problem” assertion is the real issue and what made it sound like a diss, but over all i dont believe his intentions were to diss NY…and i agree with him when i go to another state i wanna be put up on theyre artist, i dont only wanna hear Mainstream artist or the same artist from my hometown, im from Miami and our Dj’s do the same thing, we use to have the same arguments when Khalid was only playin Ross out of miami but everyone else was from NY except for Wayne, but looking back on it they were the only ones making hot music at the time, now that Khalid is off the radio they put underground Dj’s on the Main Radio Stations and when theyre up they mix underground artist in with Mainstream, im suppose to go to NY for the first time in a few weeks and personally i would like to be put up on some dope artist that ive never heard of down here, they say Troy Ave is dope.

      • Live Well

        I agree with all of that. I don’t think TJ expected it to go viral like that but who knows, maybe he did. I honestly think he was just on some random expression type stuff at the time and went unfiltered. Even though his view point wasn’t an original thought, I understand where he’s coming from and I respect that he cleaned it up. The real truth is, DJ’s get paid to spin records by majors through intermediaries. Most NY artists on majors are pressured to put out mainstream music to get a look. The mainstream sound of the day is the southern bounce/trap sound. If you wanna hear authentic NY MC’s you gotta hunt for it.

      • Really I’m just a fan of Good Music I can careless where it comes from region wise…cause we all know Fab lyrically is one of the best to ever do it and he just happens to be from New York…Personally I think J. Cole had the best album this year and that’s over Jay Z, Eminem, Kanye, Pusha T, Drake, Wale…and I’m Sure Ross Album won’t be able to match “Born Sinner’s” Replay Ability.

      • Celz

        I tried to listen to Dont Be Safe and it had hot beats cool hooks and the rest was almost unlistenable..

      • Lol thats like 85% of a song though beat and hook…cant say that i listened to it again after i listened the first time though, outside of “All Gold Everything” it really didnt have replay ability

      • Celz

        Naw bruh the verses should be even at least. 3 16 bar verses is more than 3 8 bar hooks + intro + breakdown.. IMJS.. He was just swaggin no substance.. Nothin wrong with that but if you listen to 2 Chainz Trurealigon mixtape that shyt goes hard af..

      • Never heard the trurealigion mixtape…but i like that TJ Ep wasnt the norm as in the typical 3 16s or 2 16s and a 8…sometimes you really dont want substance, its like food, u gotta have options…if all rappers were lyrical and doin 3 16s music would be like eating rice everyday…so the different type of rappers are appreciated for balance…as everyone says, when your in the club no one is trying to figure out lyrics, they just wanna hear somethin catchy that they can say while drunk lol…imagine tryin to listen to a Talib Kwali song in the club lol

      • Obi Won

        Maybe it took a dude like James to make that statement for people to pay attention. Like you said, the talent, credibility, and that makes people say “who the F is this ninja to say that”? Someone who is a somebody somewhere, that’s who. When NY was saying it no one really paid attention, maybe they weren’t paying the DJ’s or the “request lines” just didn’t have them in the line up. Now its a problem.

      • Live Well

        You might just be right. All the classic sound NY rappers kinda got put in the box of disgruntled Hip Hop elitists. Maybe the wackest MC God ever created needed to diss the NY rap scene for them to wake up.

      • coach jenkins

        come on now lil b is the wackest.

        Plus Dont be safe was actually pretty good. #myopinion

      • Live Well

        That’s a close race but I still give TJ the title. Lil B at least was listenable when he was with The Pack.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        on the real tho Homie i se where you coming from and i actually see both sides. its just a little bit much over nothing. if he realy is as irrelevant as people say he is then they need to leave it alone and let it die down.

      • Live Well

        I agree. It was an interesting topic for a few days but I think it’s over. Most people see both sides by now and that’s really all you can ask for.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        he is not the wackest rapper, stop with the exaggerations.

      • Live Well

        Whose worse?

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i cant stand Lil B. being with the pack is one thing but solo… calling yourself Lil Bitch, Pretty bitch, im gay, etc. He had a red dot on his head in one video (and i dont mean infrared) pink bandanas… i will take no talent and crooked teeth anyday LMAO

      • Live Well

        No doubt. Lil B is garbage and his movement is toxic Shit Hop.

      • brooklyna

        because he is not from NY simple as that. Dont try to come somewhere u r not from talking smack cause you get hurt

      • illness

        the truth is truth, whether its coming from a well-respected mc or a sambo. his personal talent or lack thereof is irrelevant to the issue. in fact, the fact that even a sambo can see it and call it out for what is, demonstrates how fucked up the the nyc hometown radio support situation really is.

      • Live Well

        I understand that the truth is the truth. But when you boldly stand on a stage in the city you’re calling out and say, “if you wanna do something, we can do something because IDGAF”, don’t be shocked if somebody wanna so something. On top of that, he has no credibility in the culture. That’s kinda like Joseline Hernandez lecturing Angela Basset on how to be a better actress.

      • brooklyna

        yup i agree

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        more spins in new york than most new york artists… there is his credibility right there… He knows he cant rap better than 1/16th of new york but he will get more spins tho… he is a walking breathing example of what he was tryng to get across. the reason he said IDGAF is bcuz he knew NY rappers and NY people in general would take offense because thats what NY do. im not disrespecting NY either but some of yall take it too far.

      • Live Well

        TJ is getting zero spins in NY, bruh, but let’s pretend he does for the sake of argument. So, what’s his point? You sayin’ that he admittedly sucks and doesn’t want New York to play his stuff anymore? Nah, he was flexin in front of a white hipster crowd, it went viral, and he got called on it by a real one.

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        i read before that he was a fan of NY style hip hop so i always took as he wants to hear NY music in NY. his words could have been chosen better but he always kinda just tells it like that. He always saying he DGAF about whatever. i think its just his demeanor

      • brooklyna

        that an issue with radio then. because trust and believe im from BK and we dont give a damn about atlanta rappers

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        thats because BK iggans dont give a shit about nobody from anywhere except BK… hahaha you know im right. even other sections of new york get shit on by yall. lol

      • MrsOno

        Im from Los Angeles and tried listening to New York radio for a few weeks through “I heart radio” app. I listened to Hot 97 and Power 105.1 thinking I would get to hear local New York artists every now and then…not the case! I was shocked. Majority of the music being played was from Southern artists. I must give props to Power 106 in Los Angeles for giving our local artists alot of airplay.

      • Celz

        Power 106 is a joke.. Kday keeps it real.. Big Boy is a legend and Felli Fel is doin some things.. The station as a whole is a joke though.. Kday’s double play tuesdays is the truth

      • brooklyna

        yes sirrrr

      • Arrie Mental Woodard

        want to hide something from niggas then put it in a book…. who cares if he doesnt have the talent…. you know what he does have tho…. more spins in New York on New York radio than most New York artists…. Thats his credibility right there… Nuff said… truth is truth.

      • Live Well

        That mess of a nigga ain’t got shit in rotation right now?

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  • Obi Won

    Basically, a 4 minute apology

    • Live Well


    • brooklyna


  • True_Fan

    Ny dudes stay going to bat for NY, a state that don’t give a dang about
    you. I worry about me, friends, and family, not some sorry state. I respect Trinidad James, he handled this like a man.

    • Real Shit

    • Live Well

      Everybody in Hip Hop goes to bat for their city.

      • brooklyna

        i agree. we sure do

  • GorillaMarketTV .

    When ever you start a sentence of With”This is Not…..” ,it most likely “IS” lol

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  • Splatter

    Trinidad James is known for speaking his mind, he also known for saying some real shit at times. that being said, i get this video response but he right that he chose the wrong venue. that was something he should have came to Flex or the Breakfast club and spoke on. like “why yall play soo much of our music, im in ny, i thought id hear some more of yall artist”. but really we all consumers and radio stations are playing what the masses wanna hear. If Radio Raheem still had his boom box walking around BK can you imagine hearing lil wayne or 2 Chainz coming from it? Another thing is the rappers who came to defend aren’t know real lyricist or true Mc’s themselves. c’mon, i fux wit Maino but he just somebody with street cred. he aint dropping bars and Hell Rell been a faded memory. “Turn off the RAdio!, Turn off that Bullshit!”

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  • ZUBU

    Who is this clown ass?

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  • stealth

    Him scurd 🙁

  • Devious

    This nigga trash that fat nigga that made all rolls everything ripped that all gold crap beat in half

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