Waka Flocka's Mom Deb Antney Responds To Gucci Mane's Lawusit, Says He Needs Dr. Phil

(AllHipHop News) A few months ago Gucci Mane stated he was heading to rehab for an addiction to Lean following his surprising Twitter rant against Nicki Minaj, Drake, Waka Flocka Flame amongst others. Deb Atney is now praying that Gucci Mane actually gets that medical attention he spoke of in response to his lawsuit against herself and her son.

Gucci alleges that Atney, who has managed Gucci since 2006, assumed the role of Chief Financial Officer of Gucci Mane’s 1017 Brick Squad record label and took more than the usual managers fee of 20%. Atney, speaking with RumorFix, says she is “speechless” and alleges that Gucci’s recent claims are further byproducts of his addiction and greed:

Drugs, greed and women ruined him — that’s it. Don’t blame that sh*t on me!

Atney furhter dispells Gucci’s allegations of her and her son pilfering money from him as she remarks “Waka wasn’t even rapping in 2006” when she began managing Gucci Mane.

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  • don king

    i always said gucci is a fake snake n retarded like a shortbus ridin 45 year old with a helmet on. he got basically robbed since 06 n is suin now??? lmao. why would som1 feel sorry 4 a dude like him, who talked all that killa shit 4 years? while he was so proud of killin the bart simpson chain (shit was faker than helloween costume jewles) robber allegedly send by jeezy (lol), he got robbed by a woman. the tragic comedy of the ice-cream-cone-clown.

    • cxcvin€ cxbvin

      i have never heard so much hate in such a small paragraph… did he sleep with your girl or something… even if its fact why say it with so much hatred and name-calling… does somebody not like their life?

    • Jayson C Williams

      Robbed? Gucci made MILLIONS on tours alone! She played manager, mom & psychiatrist homie.. But he doesn’t make the best decisions none the less

    • arrdeesss

      Take a nap son, you getting a little too worked up over something that aint got shy to do with you.

    • Tell-it-like-it-is

      actually i think it was proceeds from music in 2009 when he was locked is what he’s talking about. She prob don’t know the full details of the lawsuit yet so she’s prob assuming he’s talking about the whole time he was signed to her. I could be wrong i just read the article on sohh

  • dfwricwil

    lol! Deb said “don’t blame that “shit on me”.
    He should have blamed the educational system for the fail……Say “NO” to drugs ninja…

    • arrdeesss

      Looking at the way you type Gucci probably got a better education than you. He makes more money than you, sooooo…. what you saying ninja?

      • dfwricwil

        Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings baby girl. I’ll make sure to watch my quotes so don’t get your panties in a wad.

      • arrdeesss

        That’s right nicca be a good boy and make sure you watch those quotes.

      • don king

        did u ever saw gucci type? u cant even read his shit. u “He makes more money than you” dudes r the lamest suckers ever. what if

        dfwricwil makes more $ than u? u better stop with ur classism boy, it makes u look like a brainwashed slave!

      • arrdeesss

        Who the fuuuuug are you? His boyfriend? Get off my dicck sack, boy toy before your husband gets mad.

      • don king

        same question came into my head bout gucci n u. u better check urself before u make stupid jokes bout others son.

      • arrdeesss

        No i’m good, i’ll stick with checking you. Looks like you need it homie.

  • Deb comes across as one the realest execs in the game…i’ve watched and read several interviews on her, she will keep it 100 about any topic

    • Panell

      anybody can keep it real in front of mic. A good talk game can take anyone far

      • Thats true, but if she was such a scumbag then why do so many people reach out to her, she’s not one of those ppl who jump infront of cameras for photo ops etc, i think in the past year she’s been seen the most , but her resume goes all the way back to the run dmc days

  • ZUBU

    I don’t claim to know the truth, but if she did all he said then there should be some type of paper trail. If she designated herself Cheif Financial Officer of his company without consent then I think that is fraud. If she is a legit manager she know she gotta have the paperwork in order. Time will tell, but if she settles with him then she stole; heck if she don’t counter sue him or sue him for slander then she stole.
    Even Suge had Pac sign a contract on a napkin while Pac was locked in NYC. If I remember correctly.

  • Jayson C Williams

    Debs real… Everybody has hands in the pot. But mental illness is a big issue in the blk community. Sometimes money, drugs and sluts are bad recipe.. Works for me though

    • ZUBU

      Real talk bro mental illness is a serious issue in our blk communities, and in American society in general.

      now on the flipside you got me LMAO @ “Works for me though” lol clowning

  • arrdeesss

    Old girl look as hood as can be and don’t look like she missing any meals. I wouldn’t doubt she took a few extra dips out of the pot. But that’s how the game go. All these rap cats getting robbed by somebody.

  • Tell-it-like-it-is

    i see everybody saying she is real. As far as hustling she is real and knows how to make paper and artist. like the way she made nicki take singing lessons to further her career, but i’ve noticee that hardly anyone who was signed to her has actually stayed with her. If 90% person of the artist that you’ve managed leave u theres obviously something sketchy going on and that answer about waka not being signed at the time don’t matter because it could’ve of happened after 2006 like maybe when the beef started and gucci was threatening to sell her sons contract and maybe felt some kind of way that gucci was dissing her son.

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  • YungRichNiqqa

    Gucci Mane is the biggest ice cream come fag. End of story. Any nigga that defend this uneducated fag is just as smart as him. FAGS!

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  • killa

    gucci boy ya old news puttin out all dem mixtapes smh u dnt get paid off mixtapes or tour dates u get what u love gucci SHOW MONEY!!! GUCCI PROBABLY OUT THEIR SPENDING $ LIKE HE TOM CRUIS E

    • Mane

      Are you dumb? That nigga still got money, he talking about commercial success.

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