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Eminem Says He Made "Love Game" With Kendrick Lamar As An "Event Record"

(AllHipHop News) When two of the biggest Hip Hop artists in the world get on a track together it is sure to grab people’s attention. According to Eminem this is partly why he tapped Kendrick Lamar to provide a guest verse on The Marshall Mathers LP 2 track “Love Game.”

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Eminem tells Zane Lowe in the third part of their interview that after he realized he did not have any other rappers on the album he spoke with his manager Paul Rosenberg about getting K. Dot to create an “event record.”

“Me and Paul had talked about maybe we should try and do an event record and get somebody like Kendrick,” said Em “Kendrick, as incredible as he is, he’s also on the same label. He’s in our camp. It only made sense.”

The multiple Grammy winner then shares that Kendrick came to studio with him in Detroit rather than e-mailing music/verses back-and-forth. Eminem also explains why he and Kendrick attempted to keep the collaboration a secret.

“Me and him had a conversation about the element of surprise,” reveals Em. “We had talked about he shouldn’t even tell anybody.”

Watch the entire part 3 of Zane Lowe’s interview with Eminem below.

  • johnblacksad

    Not denying their lyrical talents… but they don’t make my guts tingle no homo

    Gimme a painful verse from Black Rob or a violent one from Styles P or Sean Price and I’m just fine!

    “Now I done been around the world, I done made my mark
    Stuck niggas up out the dark, sold drugs in the park
    Found out early in life making money’s enough,
    Furthermore you won’t get yours if you aint got heart
    By the time I was 15 I was running in cribs
    With nothing to live for putting that gun in your ribs
    Shit that I did fitting wasn’t mean to survive
    My grand dad died he showed me what it means to be live
    When your pockets on E and you can’t eat
    Shorty’s running around in tight pants you can’t beat
    I tried that school shit, playing ball sucking on two tits
    Some cool whip some dudes on some carry some tool shit
    Coming to class high thought I was too fly
    No matter the situation I stay with the deuce-five
    The streets watch and they talk too,
    Even to this day a certain hundred can’t walk through
    Take it from me, I graduated with the PHD,
    I’m stronger than coke and weed laced with THC
    And I did it with no M-O-M and no D-A-D.”
    -Black Rob aka Banco Popular

    • cyrus langhorne


  • he attempted to make an event song and succeeded at making a wack one.

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  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    He shoulda had Royce on at least one of the songs on the album, maybe this one. This is one of those goofy ass songs like some of the songs from the Bad Meets Evil album

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