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Hip-Hop Rumors: More Heat For Jay-Z!

Jay-Z is catching all types of hell right now. Yesterday, he reportedly pump faked the press with Beyonce as his co-D. The pair “cancelled” an appearance at Barney’s but eventually showed up anyway. Well, this was all to promote the collection at Barney’s. Well, people are in a rage! I don’t know about the actual streets, because I don’t go outside, but online, people are furious! It seems that the clothing is very expensive and nobody that loves Jay Z can afford this stuff. Now local News 11 DID stay just in case and they got people’s reactions. Those that were interviewed had a range of views, ranging from supportive to…what’s Jay really doing here.

Hot 97 had a take on it.

Man…ain’t nobody got no money for that!

So, have people withdrawn their support from Jay Z?

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • That_N

    Jay’s items at Barney’s are very expensive, but he also has done a lot of things that weren’t expensive (Rocawear, cologne, Reeboks). So at some point anyone who wants Jay-Z products can get them within their budget.

    • Super_Hero

      Rocawear was expensive. $80 jeans is expensive. Its just more affordable then his $400 Barney jeans. lots of Rocawear you see on the streets are bootlegged or were on sale.

      • Celz

        All rocawear wasn’t $80 a jean.. And it was still the most reasonably priced “nice” brand around for a while.. You know you aint gettin no props in U.S. Polo Assn.. Marc Ecko’s new line Cut and Sew is hot and looks nice with low prices but the shyt is hella cheap, can’t iron the shirts so you have to dry clean them. So pay $20-30 for cheap shirt then another $20-30 dry cleaning it or buy a wrinkle free shirt for $60-80 ($30-50 on sale)..

      • sakiru oresanwo

        I think folks just want hand outs but are afraid to ask. Just shows you cant please people

      • johnblacksad

        “You know you aint gettin no props in U.S. Polo Assn”
        LMFAO!!!! You might get respected in these for not tryin to front… but yeah, you definitely ain’t gettin no props…. lmao

    • Raheem Classick

      Please say that again, Some people on here just want too bash him or spread non-truths.

  • Eli Pinilla

    Lmao!!!! Funny how people can recite the lyrics to tom ford but go crazy when hes askin for tom ford prices. Fans are more delusional than the rappers. Jay been talkin this upper class shit for a while now. Hes livin the shit foreal. He aint makin no off brand k mart cloths so you as a fan can feel like you relate. You dont. Yall dont listen to the music? Dude is an elitist, and hes making cloths only people who have money in real life can afford….but im sure the bootlegs will come out soon for a quarter of the price.

    • Banksy

      Realist comment I’ve seen about Jay in a while.

    • Raheem Classick

      Wrong, Roca Wear Clothing is in many stores and is very affordable.

  • David Gonz


    • Fuck boy killer

      Drake is the king of running from rap beefs.

      • David Gonz


    • Raheem Classick

      I’d rather make money then to loss fans and endorsements from silly rap beefs.

      • David Gonz



      I see you are a “east coast hater”, huh??? You need to get off of our dikk!!!

      • David Gonz


  • RedEye

    everybody talking like jay z a politician running for office or something. He’s a Successful Rapper and Business man. Get some business of your own , then you don’t have time to worry about anyone else , he’s rich already .

    • Weedras

      exactly!! dude aint a politician, he’s no civil rights leader he’s just a successful business man..

  • Super_Hero

    People that make affordable clothing for the hood gets laughed at

    -Lebron laughing at Starberry

    • Celz

      Who the hell was wearing them Reeboks? They were the cheapest shoes out with an A list name attached..

  • Papi Peligro

    You forgot the who cares option.

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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    You guys think barneys sell cheap shit the cheapest neck tie is at least 75 dollars and that if ya lucky. cant put cheap shit in barneys it dont add up.

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    Jay why ya change on me ya bish?

    • johnblacksad


  • Julia Payne

    WOW!!! The point about the story is that he is displaying his clothing items in store where his fans and consumers don’t feel comfortable. The point of a business is to market and sell your items in a place where your target market shops. And from the pictures, the article of clothing looks like urban design. So why would as a business man (putting race aside), start a business venture with an institution where a section of your target market can’t and do not want to shop. With him keep his business arrangements with Barney’s, just says that his clothing items are not met for minorities, plain and simple.

    • Immortal

      Because as hip hop as become more of a “white” man’s fame, Jay’s looking at stackin his money the same way. I’m betting it’s the same crap that he sells under Rockafella or like Polo’s Purple or Black label. Same sh*t different name just to make you feel like you’re the only one that can buy it. Also as fickle as urban trends are, I’m not so sure this is a good look anyways. But to each his own

    • sakiru oresanwo

      How do you know what percentage of his fans dont feel comfortable in Barneys? Like one commenter said, if you cant afford this sh1t buy rocawear.

  • ZUBU

    If what they are saying in the video is true Jay then lost his mind or he truly does believe his presence blesses the masses:
    A tee shirt wiith leather on it 900.00
    A pair of N-Noir shorts 2500.00
    A black Hoodie 3000.00
    If anyone on here can afford these prices, I’m happy for you because I can’t. I live in the realm of reality even if I had a million I wouldn’t buy that mess. 10 million I still wouldn’t buy it. Reasons why marginal celebs go broke cause they have a lil paper and try to live like that, when in reality they can’t afford it either. IJS

    • Weedras

      a Alexander Mcqueen sweater can run upwards of $5gs and no one complains why it is not marketed to the middle nor lower its marketed to the upper class.. aint nothing wrong with dude selling some high priced shit and 100% of it going to charity..

  • Oknas

    i wouldnt buy that shit if i was a billionaire….waste

  • Executive

    I thought everybody was ballin and gettin money??

    • sakiru oresanwo


    • johnblacksad

      Reality check…

      …now go on and cash that!

  • #Skizus

    if you mad at the prices buy some Roc A Wear

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    why is Jay acting like he didn’t get the memo. all he had to to do was push this collection back until spring, then he could claim that him and the heads at Barneys held the release of his clothing line until he felt that his personal research team cleared the store of any discrimination. Jay just wanted to have his name affiliated with this store, but he knows damn well this is going to keep everyone who can afford that stuff from making a purchase.

    • Nah, he’s targetting a different demographics.

      Yeah, a few idiots on welfare will buy a $50 pair of sox, but for the most part, it’s a win for the kids getting scholarships from the purchases.

      I support Jay Z, even as a hater, I mean really, other than JohnBlacksad, WTF else can really afford to shop at Barney’s & actually wants too?

      • E B

        Now that’s a real comment famo…

      • sakiru oresanwo

        LOL, you dun know JBS rides for Jay-Z heavy. I think sometimes us black people just need to STFU,aspire and actually make power moves to get us to a status where we will be able to do whatever we want instead of hating on another black person for not doing what we would like to do.

      • johnblacksad

        Even I couldn’t…

        Lloyd Banks once said : ” (ain’t no puzzy like new puzzy,) AINT’T NO MONEY LIKE NEW MONEY…”

        …true sh!t! My cash ain’t flowin like it once used to… I’m just lucky and blessed not to be strugglin thanks to these few assets I’m sittin on…

        All the Louis V. and Bottega Veneta jackets I have, the Patek Philippe and Breguet watches I possess, the Goyard travel bags I own, the Ferragamo and Hermes ties I wear along with their Charvet matching pocket squares, the Brioni suits I rock etc… all that comes from 10 years ago… good thing quality lasts because even after all these years, whenever I pull out the Louis Vuitton coat in the winter, I’m makin a killin in these streets on the fly tip… havent been in none of those expensive stores in ages tho… of course I look back and see how stupid it was to spend it lavishly like this… but hey, what do you want… I was young, invincible and full of it… at least I can say I’ve wisen up before it got too late like, let’s say Young Buck or DMX (smh…)

        If I had to do it again… it’d probably be done the same way… the same conditions always produce the same results… I got mad priceless experiences that can never be taken from me, and for that alone, it was worth it

      • Today?

        You wouldn’t, but in reality, you could, more than the Blet kid, yet you don’t.

        “Rich people stay rich by living like they are poor, while poor people stay poor by living like they are rich”

      • johnblacksad

        but yeah… exactly tho… different demographics… the Rocawear shiny jean suit or velours suit has run its course…

        I’d probably shop at Barneys again if I could afford to today… as dumb as it sounds… I now know that there are the things you say you’re going to do when you get the money, and there’s the moment when you hit THAT lick!

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    Jay does every thing for money chances are Barneys is paying him extra to release his line during this media blitz. One of those “look we also sell African American designed textiles”

    • Are you sure the designers are African American?
      The consumers will be. The producers are hardly
      ever black. I like what Kanye did. He actually went
      to learn design.

  • Raheem Classick

    Heres the problem I have with the press and the non-stop haters on and
    off the net, If you never shopped at Barney’s before then this
    collection is not for you, Stop making asinine comments about people in
    the projects not being able to afford this clothing line, Theres A
    reason why its at Barney’s, Its for people who can afford those items,
    Just because Jay Z is Black and from the projects doesn’t mean
    everything he promotes or sells is for the hood, So stop trying to bring
    heat on Jay Z, Let him cook his stew the way he wants, Y’all Mutha
    Phuckerz don’t have to eat it!!!

    • sakiru oresanwo

      Co-sign. Rich folks or people who were well off didnt complain when he made rocawear and errrbody was rocking that

      • johnblacksad

        I wish I still had my Reebok S.Carter… lookin back, them sh!ts were fly!

        They should retro that already! (Barney’s might not like that tho)

      • sakiru oresanwo

        For real, I had em in white,black and brown

  • Weedras

    Hold up!?!?! when did Jay-z or any rapper for that matter become a civil rights leader or community leader of any kind… i thought all those ELECTED Black officials are the ones who should be catching the heat since they were voted in… and for the record Barney’s, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales etc. are not for the middle class, much less Project folks…

    instead worrying about shit like this how about worrying about the looming cuts to the SNAP program now that shit’s goona affect the Projects many families might not be able to buy turkeys this year, how about highlighting that…

    • Brindle

      it started when they were born black in America, was proven when they put themselves in the public eye… and confirmed when whites looked at them as a representation of us

      • Weedras

        Representation of you… certainly not me… i represent my self and my family that’s about it… unless i decide to take on some official title as a representative then you have no right to expect anyone to represent you… that’s just pure rubbish to look at someone as a leader or representative just because they’re rich and famous… nothing but a load of poppycock… Black folks need to start repping themselves that’s the problem we all want others to do the heavy lifting while we sit and hope and wait for better that shit don’t fly with me..

      • Brindle

        you sound small minded… its cute to say you represent yourself, but you represent every group you are a part of, especially to those that are not a part of that group. Without knowing you, I know you represent you mother, father, son, daughter, high school, city, state, race and even this website now that you’ve chosen to get involved… its a lot of pressure, I know, but the day you admit the truth, you’ll represent us better.

      • Weedras

        to each his own… why all of a sudden ya’ll feel the need to have a celebrity represent ya’ll and be your civil rights leader is beyond me… for one it defeats the purpose of voting in elected leaders especially of the black communities… as i said before i represent Me… i may be an extension of my family but in the end i represent me as much as my parents represent themselves… why cause we’re all adults.. different political views, religious views etc.. i maybe a part of a group based on societal terms but in the end said group is so fractious and fragmented and ppl in said group act like crabs in barrel while looking to those who are making out for help at the same time they’re tearing these individuals down and would do the same as the individual they’re criticizing if in the same position.. hence why i REPRESENT ME…

  • Weedras

    Another thing how come Usher, Diddy and the slew of others who have lines colognes etc in Macy’s aren’t being told what to do with their brands? I swear this is why a lot of black folks get duped because they seek the whole story they just run with the twist versions that these so called writers and journalists give them… check shot from all sides before you jump the gun folks..

  • feeliama

    Jay z Penneys

  • Executive

    I thought everybody was a boss? Lol. Broke niggas trying to dress like they favorite rappers.

  • h santiago

    Stop hating!!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Chasing after the jonses and the jonses don’t even got love for who you are

    • johnblacksad

      Fcuk the Joneses, niggas tryin to keep up with The Carters