Hip-Hop Rumors: UHM…Peep How SICK George Zimmerman Really Is!!!!

This ain’t no rumor and this ain’t about Hip-Hop, but it needs to be stated. I hope America understands it freed a murderer to the streets now. Now, they can see what kind of PSYCHO HE IS. But, this mutha f**ka is even worse than you thought. Check it. Not only has he impregnated his girlfriend like a month after his wife leaves the house, but he has done the inconceivable! This fool sent his girlfriend’s underage daughter still images from a sex tape he made with her. This dude is crazy.

He’s got a history of domestic violence. He’s threatened his wife, girlfriend and his wife’s parents with violence. And now he sends the underage daughter of his gal-pal where he lives nastiness of him an her mom. The good part is that Zimmy had to surrender all his guns.

He was in jail last time I checked, but he’s expected to post bail. Oh, he’s in debt over $2 million in DEBT.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • say word son really why don’t they just lock dude up i don’t get it let it be me a black male i would not be here to comment o i get it its they world no matter how wrong he ant black they help they kind unlike us.

    • johnblacksad

      I hate to say this but… punctuation is key.

      • Gotta admit though…fukked up grammar aside, he does make a hell of a point.

  • Guest

    Zimmerman is the best case argument why the Double Jeopardy law should be abolished. They should try that bastard again for Trayvon in lieu of his sick behavior post trial.

    • Sean Taylor

      Trayvon was a punk!

      • Dhz30

        the fck that got to do with anything? u seem like a punk for making that it cool if some retard with a gun kills you?

      • Sean Taylor

        No the only punk here was Trayvon. Self defense babeeeeeeeeee!

        Not guilty, yall got to feel me….punks jump up to get beat down.

      • Dhz30

        shouldn’t your young ass be in school instead of trolling on the internet? fck outta here kid lol dont speak to grown folks when u clearly dont have shit to say

    • TruthSerum

      Yeah, lets abolish the double jeopardy law and let the system try you over and over again for whatever they want until they find a jury that convicts you……


      Do you realize how bad that would be for black people in the long run?? If they do it to Zimmerman, whats to stop them from doing it to everybody they arrest, including innocent people?? “Oh, this jury that was of mixed ethnicity let him walk, lets make sure we pick old white people next time and start over??” They could find a way to convict anybody with enough times at bat.

      Can of worms my friend……..

  • Guillaume Pilon

    sound suspect

    but if is real…lock him up and throw away the key hes too retarded to be alive

  • johnblacksad

    Somebody nailed it the other day… he’s pullin a straight OJ move :
    beat murder and still get locked for some unrelated stupid sh!t

    • ZUBU

      I think this is worse than what OJ did (post killings). OJ went back to prison for stealing his own property back using weapons. They stuck it to Juice, but it took many years later. This clown getting into stuff and the ink hasn’t dried on the court paperwork. True OJ stayed in the limelight (post killings) he should have left the country. Dumb shhiittt by both.

      • Carlos

        actually, O.J. was pretty much set up.

  • ZUBU

    There were claims made by a cousin (shortly after the trial) that he molested her when she was a kid and he was a younger adult. An exgirfriend said he and his parents were all racists. I think a prior girlfriend said he was abusive, ex-wife said he was violent, abusive. He smashed her laptop or tablet. She claimed he punched her dad and threatened to kill them. Now this new girl claims pretty much the same thing. You don’t have to be a mensa society member to see a clear pattern here, but this dude gets off light with a 9k bond.
    What does he have to murder someone else before they take his threats seriously?

    • HatingWhitePeopleSince85

      It was Before The Trial actually. Shit WAYYYY Before. The media just refused to cover it. But that Girl been screaming that.


    Zimmerman going to walk with community service.

  • Freebe Jackson

    The media so comfortable just putting out a story to get people talking and having uninformed views. Half the things the news covers is false but they never re-cover the story in the same fashion they initially did to correct their mistakes and make sure the truth is out. Zimmermans ex-wife admitted she was lying about their incident. The girlfriend was trying to get national news coverage about somethings going on with Zimmerman weeks ago. The girlfriend being pregnant is not a fact as of now, just a claim. How old is the daughter with the cell phone that Zimmerman has the number to contact? The girlfriend is 27…daughter is….

    I think Zimmerman is a piece of shit but these stories be full of shit

    • johnblacksad

      why don’t you find another site where you and your white friends can discuss Zimmerman’s innocence all you want…

      Your agenda is too obvious…

      • Freebe Jackson

        I’m black you idiot. My agenda is pointing out how the media has people making snap judgements and keeps us divided and racial tension high. They just report these sensationalized stories with no actual facts. You part of the problem. You can’t think for yourself.

      • DJ7

        I agree with you 100% b.u.t. I’m not buying your claim of being black tho

      • Freebe Jackson

        i’m not selling it. i’m black in real life which is way more complicated than pretending to be black on the internet

      • DJ7

        Point taken

      • Freebe Jackson

        prime example: The news covered the video of the girl twerking, falling on a table and catching on fire. It was a prank that Jimmy Kimmel did but the news reported on it without investigating the facts.

        Prime example: The news is reporting this new “knockout game” trend but the facts are it is not new, it is not as popular as it once was, and they are using unrelated clips claiming that the clip is related to the knock out game. I saw a clip that was old and from an incident in UK claiming it was a “knockout game” incident i.n the US

  • Quintin Williams

    One place Zimmerman should try to avoid going is JAIL! I’m sure if he goes to jail the Homies will be paying him a visit.

    • Papi Peligro

      Man can you imagine him going to Jail. No gun to be the equalizer.

    • TruthSerum

      Zimmerman is a high profile case, he’ll be safer in jail then his is on the streets in his little “At Risk Inmates” segregation pod. For a guy like Zimmerman, prison might be the safest place on earth to be honest.

      • ‘Chet!

        In ADX, PC is housed with disciplinary, probably in the state jawnts too.

        It isn’t all fun and games when he;s the softest….being housed with the hardest. ‘Chet pop off the worse in the hole.

      • Nemo hos

        I doubt if they will give him a celly

      • You’d be surprised.

        Chances are they would pick his celly carefully.

        The system is over crowded, and it’s not like the prisons are staffed by the most morally available people.

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  • WeakSauce

    Innocent until proven guilty! Is that not what the law says?! Where any of you idiots there? And no I’m not white, I’m just educated!

    • killerkm

      no you’re blinded by an educational title just because you get ya ass whooped doesn’t mean murder is justifiable….find a short rope and a high mountain and jump

      • WeakSauce

        If I’m not mistaking, he was proven “Innocent” in a United States Court Of Law. Am I right?

      • Celz

        What does that mean? His wife and a juror said they regretted their decisions that lead to him being found innocent.. In terms of understanding law you’re the most ignorant person on here. In another state he would have been found guilty by the same juror because the juror instructions would have been vastly different.

      • Pii

        phok yu and your country I’m in Canada Beeyotch!

      • And many have been found “guilty” in a United States court of law, only to be PROVEN innocent years later. So what exactly is your point?

    • Jayson C Williams

      And u sound like an educated fool! Won’t respond further because I know a fool will argue with anyone. Go get some bleaching cream stop by macys or Barney’s get a jay z mask than go kill yourself

      • Weedras

        what about an usher mask or a diddy mask etc?… throwing shit like that out there don’t make you much better than him…

    • WeakSauce

      You guys have a great day and enjoy life!

    • Papi Peligro

      I mean please make sense of Zimmermans story. The boy hid one way. When Zimmerman went to check the house the boy hid behind another way. THEY ENDED UP FIGHTING ON THE PATH TO THE BOYS HOUSE. Don’t make sense to me. I’m just saying your arguments of education and innocent until proven guilty is above just listening to what Zimmerman said happen don’t make no sense.

      And on to these females. Which what dude is talking about. I’ve dated women my whole life not 1 has said I beat them up. Now you may get 1 baby momma. Maybe 2. 3. And a Neice that said he sexually assaulted her. COME ON DAWG. Dudes running on Auto Pilot somebody gonna get seriously hurt.


    • it may say that but in reality, your guilty or not guilty in a court of law, I’m not white, I’m just suspect

  • DJ Hogan

    “This ain’t no rumor” … OK, Illseed. Would you mind citing a single source or anything to show you’re not just high off your ass? No? Didn’t think so. this is trash, how do you have a job?

  • Robin Love

    It is very sad that this psychopath is being exposed after the fact. Zimmerman is one sick dude. My continued heartfelt sympathies to Trayvon & his family. When he spoke on that 911 call he sounded like Ariel Castro as he tried to defend his unspeakable behavior. It is always the victim’s fault in the mind of these sick ba$tards.

  • derrrp

    Hey Illdweeb, you wannabee, prove it.

  • jubileeshine

    u.s. justice dept / atty general eric holder need to file federal charges against terrorist zimmerman for violating the Civil Rights of Trayvon Martin.

    • dopefire14

      First off that won’t EVER Happen Second Holder Needs to be Impeached Along with the President Soetoro for Committing Pergury Including the Involvement in the Fast & Furious Operation, Benghazi and plenty other Scandals.

  • King Alvarez

    thats strange how you never talk about Nathan Dunlap

  • scullyson

    Zimmerman cant run from zimmerman no matter how hard he tries.RIP Trayvon !

  • MercedNative209

    hate him or love him… the Z-Man reigns supreme!

  • Lil Chainz

    whats does it take for this nigga to go to jail he reckless as shit and gets off is this a conspiracy