Jay Z's Controversial Barney's Collection Revealed, No-Shows Racial Profiling Hearing

(AllHipHop News) Jay Z’s much discussed “A New Holiday” collection with Barneys was released online and in stores yesterday (November 20th).

The collection featured expensive items such as a $695 cashmere mask, $875 Black, python brim Brooklyn hat and  a $33,900 gold Hublot watch. The hefty price tag may not be having an adverse effect on sales as The New York Daily News reported a 21 year old NYU student named Andrew Davey purchased $3,000 worth of merchandise from the BNY NYC SCC line.


Yesterday was also the day of the City Council hearing on the probing of the racial profiling allegations. Jay Z, nor anyone from Barneys and Macy’s attended the hearing but instead had statements denying allegations. The NYC Commission on Human Rights announced at the hearing that the group has given Barneys as well as 16 other retail stores until Friday (November 22nd) to provide the pertinent information for this investigation. The information requested includes loss prevention policies; procedures for approaching and detaining individuals suspected of theft; records regarding all individuals accused of theft in the past two years; and what, if any presence, NYPD officers have in the retail locations.

City Council member Jumaane Williams was disgusted by the absences:

I’m offended that Barneys New York and Macy’s is not here. I think it’s insulting, not just to the City Council, but to the City of New York and the people who shop there

Last week (November 15th) Jay Z announced in a statement on his Life+Times website that he was given “a leadership role and seat on a council specifically convened to deal with the issue of racial profiling” as a condition to him continuing his partnership at Barneys.

  • Brindle

    man up and end the relationship… you got enuff $$

  • Dhz30

    jay would own slaves if it was still “legal”

    • Sean Taylor

      Why you hatin on him? What he eats don’t make you shit.

      • Ahh man, you’re one of those cats who gotta quote Jay songs to defend him?? C’mon my dude…and go ahead and put the “hater” card away, that word lost any and all effect years ago…

  • RapItUp

    It’s easy for us to tell him to end this relationship.. but look at it like this- the guy is NY born and raised. all the years leading up to his eventual seat on the throne were probably stitched w/ stops in Barney’s, Macy’s, Sak’s, Nordy’s, etc. Now the guy is in a position to host his own line of goods in one of these exclusive stores. And here we go, ready to tear him down at every single corner.

    He’s definitely all about the money, no doubt.. but.. do people honestly think he WANTED Barney’s to profile people? People are acting like he is in cahoots with these crooked cops and redneck cashiers. He is trying to live his dream out. The people in Barney’s back office have different plans. Which don’t even directly affect him, and that puts him in this situation. Now he’s being antagonized for trying to do his thing. Notice, all of these people that were profiled, these things happened MONTHS ago. Some even last year! Now they see Jay is the face and everybody is crawling out of the wood works, like Tiger Woods side heauxs! Why weren’t they pressing charges before? Why wait now? Now it’s a big deal? Now you feel injusticed? Oo, as a matter of fact, let’s even go as far as to blame Jay-Z for the profiling! (which is inadvertently what is happening) this is soooo much bigger than him and I know we want somewhere to point the finger, I just don’t think he’s it.

    • I can answer your entire comment with three words fam: Silence gives consent.

      • RapItUp

        I gotta say, I’m pretty disappointed he didn’t show up to this council meeting thing they organized.. That’s not a good look, for any of them. Especially since Jay volunteered for that position (which I did think was a good look). On the other hand..

        I’ll be applying this “silence gives consent” rule to the next chick that’s choked up and acting funny…. and UOENO

      • LMMFAO, you’re a wild boy for that last part. But back to the original topic, I knew he wouldn’t show up to that shit just based on his track record of not givin half of two fukks about anyone but himself. The man’s so transparent it don’t even make sense, yet people still can’t/refuse to see thru him. Now I’m not sayin he shoulda pulled out the picket signs and got all We Shall Overcome on em, but he coulda at least said SOMETHIN of substance, or threatened to pull out of the deal if the situation wasn’t handled properly…but see he knew better than to do that, cuz y’know what Barney’s woulda said? “BYE nigga. We don’t need your Black ass, we’ve been doin just fine all this time without you. You need US, not the other way around.”

        Side note: What I’m really trippin on is, all the easily-led niggas that are gonna end up lost in the system or worse, all cuz they feel like they just HAVE to have em an $850 Jay-Z hat or some damn leather boxers and will do literally anything to get em. There are several reasons why I’ve never rocked with Jay and never will, but one of the biggest ones is how he’s always been at the forefront of pushin the agenda of materialism that’s crippled the modern Black community (we have absolutely no economic base whatsoever, yet we’re the biggest consumers…wtf part of the game is THAT?!). All that “you just mad cuz you broke” bullshit these imbeciles run around poppin off these days, equatin record sales to talent and all that other goofiness, he’s the one that birthed that. If you notice, die-hard Jay fans ALWAYS use his money and song lyrics as their only line of defense, cuz it’s the only straw they have to grasp onto…cuz his money’s HIS only line of defense whenever someone comes at his head. But what him and his fans fail to realize is this…no matter how much money dude has, no matter how much more he makes in the future…in the eyes of Barney’s and all those corporate cats whose nuts he’s swingin on, those Bluebloods he brags about sippin champagne with in Saint Tropez, he’s still just a NIGGA. Second he crosses em, they’ll make sure he falls and HARD, and I’m willing to bet he knows that too…and all the people he stepped on to get to the top will be the same ones he comes across on his way back down.

      • johnblacksad

        Nah, I only use his 12 or 13 number one albums… (lost count)

      • Ok so he sold some records, what’s that really mean in the big scope of things though? Hell Hammer sold records too fam, only he used and lost his good fortune to try make a REAL difference in people’s lives. And let’s not forget how Jay clowned him for that too, like it’s somethin to be ashamed of. (What I would LOVE to forget though, is that “response” song/video Hammer did after that. To call it embarrasing would be an EPIC understatement…smdh…) But I digress. Usin Jay’s album sales (or anyone else’s for that matter) is the same as bringin up his money far as I’m concerned, nothin more than a distraction from the real matters at hand…only thing sales prove is that he’s still able to get people to buy into his bullshit. Dude would sell Beyonce AND Blue Ivy if one of them White billionaires put enough commas in the check, I can’t fukk with no one like that.

      • RapItUp

        lmao @ leather boxers, hahaha. If anything captured the times of our culture right now, it’s that picture right there. W/ Kanye, A$AP, and Adrien Broner on the helm.

        I know Jay brags a ton and .. appeals to our demographic in a way that is sort of destructive for ours, as we don’t got it like that to go in Barney’s/Macy’s/ and burn it down, not worrying about where food gonna come from.. I feel that. I gotta be the first (or second, after Johnblacksad lol) to admit that I DO like that braggadocios rap.. I’ll say, I only like when people do it well. People that can really do it. Those guys have really shown us a lot of stuff we wouldn’t know over here on this side of the fence. Out of our price range? Sure.. I doubt anybody on this board can afford a Maybach.. but wouldn’t you like to know what it was when it rode past? When you’re brushing shoulders w/ your white friends/associates/colleagues/classmates/etc.? And not be like, “wutz dat”. But I feel you 100% because, I KNOW the difference. I know better than to take out a second mortgage so I can get a Hublot w/ Jay name on it.. So it’s all entertainment to me. I also know that “only entertainment” is really.. NOT only entertainment.. I think Jay is a superpower when it comes to being in the spotlight and having a say-so in terms of what’s hot for today’s urban culture. Because what he does, T.I./Lil’ Wayne/Rick Ross will do, and the rest of the (mainstream) game will follow.

        (sorry this is long) I like Jay because despite all of the subtle poisons he pumps to the masses, he does it at least in a classy manner. No tattooed neck/face/hands, doesn’t glorify killing, sagging. I feel he could be a somewhat viable role model to those that see past the sparklers on the Ace of Spades bottles. That you can have all that you want if you grind it out. I lost faith in any of these big name guys kicking some GEMS… I’m w/ you on that. Or being culturally responsible in a public forum. Maybe someday…

      • And niggas will be doin whatever the hell they can to get their hands on a pair of them leather draws too, includin risk their own freedom and lives…nether regions gonna be sweatin like Zimmerman at a Panther meeting, but still gonna have the nerve to try and get some top from these broads…LOL and smh.

        Ain’t nothin wrong with a lil braggadocio fam, hell that’s what made Hip-Hop catch on to begin with. But there’s a huge difference between braggadocio and just bein an arrogant dick, tellin the people who bought all those albums to give you that money and power that they ain’t shit cuz they don’t have what you do. Slick Rick was the biggest braggadocio of all at one time, yet and still he remained in tune with the COMMON PEOPLE. Let me, you, or any other average Joe try and approach Jay on the street just to try and shake his hand (not somethin I’d ever wanna do anyway, but still), see if we’d be able to get within ten feet of him. He cares nothin about the average person and REALLY doesn’t put too much effort into hidin it, yet and still he gets a pass somehow cuz everyone lets themselves get blinded by his money and success…I ain’t drinkin the Koolaid though, nope.

        I can feel where you’re comin from when you say at least he doesn’t put on the whole “nigga act”, which is true on the surface. But dig, the snake in the tall grass will always be more dangerous than the one on the sidewalk right in front of your face. Niggas like Gucci, Wayne, Ross, etc.who openly promote certain aspects of the bullshit, they’re the snakes on the sidewalk…anyone with even a fraction of sense will see em for what they are and bypass em altogether. But someone like Jay who puts on the “class-act” image while preachin materialism to a community that doesn’t even have its own economic base, it’s a lot more difficult for most to see how he’s attackin so of course that makes him the one in the tall grass.

        What I will agree with though, is how there won’t be many big-name people droppin them jewels in Hip-Hop like they used to…way too much money bein generated by keepin us ignorant, subservient, and effeminate. The second we start kickin real knowledge, we become a threat…and we got too many scared Negroes runnin around these days who won’t take that risk. Hip-Hop’s really lost its edge man…the shit’s become like one of the knives in my daughter’s toy kitchen set, ain’t cuttin a DAMN thing…

  • Guest

    F.D.B. MAN

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  • johnblacksad

    25% of the billionaires in the U.S. reside in New York… where does all this ‘actin surprised’ attitude comes from?

    A billionaire gotta do some shopping too!

    and $33k for a gold Hublot watch is (RELATIVELY) pretty cheap…

  • lasmouve

    @rapitup I feel you on that one.
    Being in J’s position with the power he has people are just looking for somebody to be a savior to the ratio profiling and stereo typing..I can see the hearts of the people want that change and hoping a person in power such as J can speak up to bring change..never the less it going to take more then that to stop the madness! !