Nas Talks About How He Feels Hip Hop Is Lost (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Queens icon Nas has been very vocal in the past about his feelings on the state of Hip Hop. During in a recently uploaded video interview with NBC’s Talk Stoop the Life Is Good emcee discusses how he sees the culture at the moment.

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“Today [Hip Hop] lost integrity. It’s lost meaning. It’s lost it’s love which is why I made a Hip Hop Is Dead album,” says Nas. He goes on to add that “the realness” of Hip Hop is dead.

Nas planned to use another album as a platform to make a statement as well. His 2008 LP was originally going to be named N****r before he changed it to Untitled. When TS host Cat Greenleaf asked Nas what she should to tell her adopted African American children when they ask about the “N-word” the 20 year music veteran offered his advice.

“The truth. You know what racism is. You know what discrimination is,” stated Nas. “You can research it together and experience it together and get a whole different answer.”

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Watch Talk Stoop’s interview with Nas below.

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  • Thomas Smith

    When Nas speaks artists who think they’re hip hop need to listen and understand that rap is what you do hip hop is how you live and some of these jokers don’t live it, breathe it, or even understand it……but I guest as long as they hot they don’t give a fuck…..smfh……til’ next time NAS……one

    • streets

      thats wasup

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  • C. Black

    Shit aint dead as long as we got MCs like him around. Oh, and there are tons of em still out there. We’re good. Scarface been back at it painting them vivid hood stories, Nas spittin 16s still, AND its young Gs out here carryin ya torch also on some real shit, like Stalley, J Cole, Wale, Dee-1, and a host of others. Like I say, we straight.



  • $17637591

    The only reason NY ni99az b poppin that “hip hop is dead” shyt is because NY doesnt have dominance in the game anymore.

    • Sean Taylor

      No it’s because it’s mostly rap not hip-hop. Study your lessons PUNK!

    • Ryan

      That is the dumbest thing you can say. THERE IS NO HIP HOP anymore bro. Its just crap rap. Just listen to the shit an tell yourself is that REAL to you. People just talking about the same wack ass shit this shit now aint no hip hop lil wayne aint hip hop these wack ass gay ass rappers changed the game for the worse i call it hip pop if its even that. RIP 80-90’s hip hop

      • Nemesis_Enforcer

        Turn off the radio and look deeper. I mean, most of the people who made music in the 90’s is still making music.

    • KingsCountyCrooklyn

      I hear what your saying but answer this who is spitting that real Hip Hop right now and is commercially successful while doing it? this question refers to any of the young rappers out now from up north, down south, or out west. what sets them apart from the rest?

    • streets

      loly pop rappers i dont like

  • Kody Scott

    nas = hip hop

  • Stealstandin

    They edited the shit outta this, you know the god said more about the state of Hip Hop

  • Guest

    Was his Scarface/coke rap real in the It Was Written album?

    • John Q. Public

      It Was Written had some great songs on there… The Messege, If I Ruled the World, I Gave You Power… there was a couple more too

      • Jared

        In my opinion one of his top 3 (or 4) albums overall…’Nas is Like’ and ‘NY State Of Mind, Pt. II’ are a couple others.

      • John Q. Public

        those tracks are off the “I AM” album not “it was written”

      • Jared

        LOL, I’m bugging/embarrassed….’Black Girl Lost’ and the track right before the Mobb Deep feature…”Shoot-outs similar to Wild West…”

      • John Q. Public

        Black Girl Lost was dope… smooth track

      • E McArthur

        That’s my 2nd favorite album from him actually.

    • Tron___

      You Missed out on the Point he was trying to make…

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  • Big Crimes

    I love Nas’s work…. but he’s the one having this conversation about “hip hop is dead” with a toothpick white girl who looks like she has never heard one of his albums.

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  • Judah Nazayar

    NY fell off… exactly like when trinidad said… when Dipset was running shet. At that time i was in a lil town near Rochester NY..and all them young cats were bumping dipset everything. Then,,, welp.. U know…Disbanded/fell off. Thing is.. Everybody it seems u hear whos who in Ny.. are generally Thug/gangster shoot em Hustler bang bang. EVERYBODY…… on that isht. CL SMOOTH EVEN TRIED TO GET ON THAT ISHT!! .. The days of diversity of the 80s and 90s.. when hiphop was actually a culture are gone.. finito. NO DIVERSITY/CREATIVITY…..Big.LIL.YOUNG,bang bang, big coke dealer= will stay stale and stagnant.. ITS BEEN LIKE 25 YEARS OF THE SAAME SHIT.

    • AlbertoRipRon

      Every region has a time block to shine. So no one fell off. And if you peep your history, all that bang bang big coke dealer rhymes has been in circulation since the early days.

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    Nas spittin that Game

  • Obi Won

    That looks like stoop, Nas & AZ did the Sprite commercial minus the flowers at the top.

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