Epic Fail of the Day: Knockout Game Gets Teenager SHOT!

You know this game that these stupid kids are doing. Its called Knockout and its where they go around and knockout random people. Well, guess what? It was bound to come to an end, but never thought it would come to this so fast! I knew somebody would eventually get bucked, but already? The game just got real. That much I do know!!! Peep the report below!

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“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Global_Mission

    I agree that he got what he deserves. #2Bullets!!

    • Casor_G

      I wish he would have got killed. I would have finished his punk @$$ off. We know the chances of this punk contributing to society are slim to none

      • Justin Kase

        You are going to hell for wishing death on a child.

      • Corey Corbin

        You sound like you are defending these jackasses. How would you feel if this happened to your mom, sister or daughter?

      • Immortal

        You come at me wrong, and you’ll be in hell waiting on me

  • Jeff Active Reynolds

    sh*t it was bound to happen eventually. got what he deserved.

  • John Q. Public

    Shoulda aimed it at the lil fools face

  • Someone obviously never took the time to teach these young dummies that if they keep playin with fire, eventually their dumb ass is gonna get burned. Fukk em, I don’t feel sorry for em.

    • ZUBU

      I concur!

  • BATMANfromDaHood

    dumbass kids

  • Dan_Tebasco


  • 1hiphophiphop

    I bet he won’t do it again

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  • Thenatural503

    Yet we wonder why white people call us animals. No different then a woman who sleeps around and complains about people calling her a hoe.

    • Kyle Meta4ce

      So when whites massacre schools, bomb marathons, bomb countries, serial rape, and molest children, what are they? Stop trying to live up to somebody else’s standards and concentrate on your own life. People are animals, PERIOD.

      • truth


      • John Q. Public

        I agree with your comment… but the Marathon bombing was done by 2 Chechen immigrants. That’s a lil different then a white American.

      • I actually agree with both of y’all. People in general are animals, no doubt…that fact definitely has no color barriers. But see the things is, it’s us that’s actually bein called the animals, bein depicted as animals and bein treated like animals by the dominant society. Even when they show the vile shit White folks do, they always find some way to excuse or justify it…”Oh they had a mental problem”, this, that and the third. But let someone Black with a LEGITIMATE mental problem do somethin, they’ll still be portrayed as a heartless savage. So why purposefully play into that over some dumb shit, feel me? Like I said I concur that every race has its share of animals, but as a Black man I’d REALLY hope you’re aware of how we’ve always been put in a different kinda bag when it comes to that type of thing. In reality, the only thing shit like this accomplishes is creatin the atmosphere for more Trayvon’s…cuz even though a lotta the videos are old, that shit still got White folks SHOOK right about now, and there’s nothin more dangerous to Blacks than scared White folks.

  • Banksy

    That little dumbass got two hot reasons to think twice about doing it again but he got the dumb ass Solja Boy/ Cheif Keef look on his face so he’ll probably try his luck and do it again.

  • Sean Power

    i hope more this dumb N words get shot, and kill and when it happens i don’t see no one protesting

    • Live Well

      Black kids ain’t the only ones playing this game, bruh.

      • truth

        yea but you know how white people are tho … if a black does it its a big deal and a foul act reh reh reh … but if whites do it its just kids blah blah blah

      • Live Well

        No doubt.

      • John Q. Public

        I only seen this shit thru AllHipHop and the only ppl doin it in the vids are young black men. But that’s jus the articles im seeing on this site

      • Live Well

        Thrill crimes have been around since forever.

      • Celz

        Why do you think Latino gangs in L.A. started? The zoot suit riots and all that.. The white sailors would get drunk and go fucc up whatever mexicans mainly and black kids they could find. The navy kids were rollin deep so the mexicans got deeper, then the black kids had to roll deep too..

      • John Q. Public

        I was speaking on what the knockout game being played today in 2013… not racial injustices from 70yrs ago

      • Celz

        That’s the point.. It’s the same thing.. Beating up on weaker targets for kicks.. The name just changed to make it appear like it’s a new phenomena.. Apparently it’s working

      • John Q. Public

        Nah its not the same thing to me. The Zoot suit thing was racial and ppl where attacking Mexicans for a reason (not that that makes it better)… this knockout game thing is for “fun” and there is no motivation behind it. Just idiots thinking its fun. Jus somthin for them to upload on WSHH or sumthin

      • Celz

        They wanted to beat on people for fun THEN they picked a reason. Yes it was racial but it started with whites ganging up on minorities for the thrill of doing it. The root cause is the same. If you want to knock a nicca out and you hit a random person it’s the same as if you did it after a weak justification. Actually it’s even worse..

  • richard_b_hard

    I would have killed his ass,bet it would send a clear message to them other knuckleheads.

    • Justin Kase

      They are just kids. Chill out man, its not like they are robbing people.

      • Casor_G

        Yeah so that makes it ok

      • soyhiphop

        Really? hope some body ko your moms they just kids is not like they eobbed her dumb ass

      • truth


      • Justin Kase

        So you would shoot and kill a child for it? Just keep your guards up and fight back no need to shoot a child.

      • Live Well

        Fight back? It’s called the knockout game, bruh. They sucker punch people.

      • ursocalledgod

        your either an idiot or you live in a box. wake up homie!! they wanna play grown man games then they should prepare for the consequences. there is no keep your guard up homie thats why its called a sucker punch. none of these little bitch ass cowards got the balls to shoot the fair one and knuckle up.

      • richard_b_hard

        Just kids huh??? Well if one of these just kids try that shyt on me he will be a dead kid or if I am in a good mood he might end up in a hospital bed.
        I live by a simple rule,don’t put your hands on me or anyone I love.
        If you fcuk with that rule…

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  • RichFromBX

    next step is going to be preemptive shootings – someone’s going to be walking and see 3 or 4 blacks kids coming towards him and he’s just going to let off figuring they’re going to try to knock him out.

  • despicable865

    what is wrong with the black youth today? go to the mall and try to pick up some girls if you are bored. Go play basketball at the gym. Why assault innocent people and then indict yourself because you recorded the whole thing.

    • I can dig it, but do these young cats even LIKE pu$$y anymore?? It’s gettin more and more difficult to call it these days.

      • Immortal

        Ok you are talking about a group that thinks the lower you can get your jeans the better, and the tighter they are on you the better. So do you really want to think about who’s getting the pu$$y again?

      • LOL Good point. That’s a thought I could grow old and go to my grave never havin, and that’d be MORE than okay with me.

  • Live Well

    This is sad, yo. Unfortunately, that’s why I stay strapped. My girl don’t like it but Imma show her this link and she’ll begin to see things my way.

    • Justin Kase

      So you are just going to shoot a kid for punching you? You are the one that need to be locked up. They are just kids they don’t know any better.

      • Action Ant

        yeah theres people dying from this knockout game. These are 15-20 year old young adults. They aren’t some 8 year olds. I don’t know when you learned to take responsibility for your actions, but I’d take a kid right off this earth if he punched my Grandmother.

      • ZUBU

        WORD IS BOND!!!

      • truth

        showyarite! well said

      • Live Well


      • Live Well

        Not for punching me, for putting my life and health in danger when I’m trying to live a peaceful happy existence. Click, clack, BOW!

      • Justin Kase

        You are a grown man, so you will shoot and kill a 13 years old?

      • Live Well

        I wouldn’t want to but in the moment that it’s happening, you aren’t asking how old they are, you’re trying to protect yourself.

      • There is a boxing program out here, “StickNMove”, good kids, one is “Mr. Man”, 8yr old championship boxer.

        There is a girl in the program, 14yrs old? with a left hook that if you don’t see it coming and it hits you on the button, regardless of who you are, you will do a little dance of two…..if you stay on your feet.

      • ursocalledgod

        not only shoot im shooting to KILL. they have no regard for human life obviously so why should i show restraint or have regard for these a**holes.

      • Justin Kase

        because most of them are just children, 13 to 16 are just kids, better way to resolved it than shooting to kill them.

      • ursocalledgod

        The best way to kill a weed is by taking it out by the roots. These little assholes will eventually grow up to be big assholes and a burden on the public.

      • Celz

        I went to school with one guy who killed someone during a 7th grade school yard fight. One punch one slip one head hit the ground dude was out for good. Another guy had a similar situation in 10th grade but dude survived he was in a coma for 3 days and had to have brain surgery. Both fights were minor kid shyt and since the guys were under 18 they got slapped on the wrist, if they would have suckered punch someone and not been in a mutual fight they both have got the business..

      • Immortal

        Justin I’m going to assume you’re not some dumbass troll, but I’ll say this and let it go, if a child or kid comes to me in a violent manner, he is no longer a child or a kid. He will be treated as a man, and dealt with as such. I will not meet his force with equal force because that is pointless. I will meet him with superior force, and you can take that anyway you want. But in the end, I will be going home that night to eat my KFC, and if that man is still alive, he’ll be enjoying some good wholesome jailhouse food in the hospital wing.

      • Guest

        I am not a troll, some of the kids are only 13 years old, I would agree that it is wrong for the teens to punch random people but. you can’t just shoot someone for punching you. Shooting and killing is wrong, there are better ways to resolved it.

      • Justin Kase

        I am not a troll, some of the kids are only 13 years old, I would agree that it is wrong for the teens to punch random people, but you can’t just shoot someone for punching you. Shooting and killing is wrong, there are better ways to resolved it.

      • Immortal

        A child at 13 can kill. A child at 13 can commit other “grown” man crimes. There are 13yr ol drug dealers. Bottom line, if that “child” can do the same things a “grown man” can, then he or she should suffer the consequences that come with those decisions. And if a “child” wants to deal with those “grown man” consequences, then having a .45 slug in you a$$ should be no problem then.

      • Jeremy Gilchrist

        When someone attacks you randomly you don’t know their intent. Their intent could be to kill you. Therefore use of deadly force to defend yourself is authorized. People have already died as victims of “knockout”

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        You don’t know who they are. They is why he will never do it again because he got shot. They don’t realize people will shoot their ass. If someone runs up on you you have the right to defend yourself if they use force on you you have the right to return it. If it is a group of kids you don’t know if they are men or not. Their parents should teach them better or if they don’t have one they will learn the hard way. I will pop anyone who tries it.

    • FRUKOH

      agree, as for them not knowing any better like the person below said, thats bs, they know its wrong, thats enough reason not to do it

      • Live Well

        That guy is buggin. They know better, that’s why they run away after they do it.

  • $18916246

    Our black youth digress from young respectful human beings with great futures ahead of them to willingly committing senseless crimes reducing themselves to prison occupants and or cemetery fertilizer….DENIGGAFY yourself.

  • Funny we were just having this convo in the barbershop last week and my exact response was “i would shoot the sh*t out of one of those kids” this was bound to happen sooner or later and whats worst is him saying they were doing it because they were bored??? its waaaaaaay too many other things they could be doing…hope this serves as a lesson to those who play this “Game”…cause i doubt the next one would be as lucky.

  • tdot

    These kids imulating the game GTAV…ppl need to see this an report this shit fucked up hurting INNOCENT ppl? that kid got what he deserved …

  • Kyle Meta4ce

    You dumb fucks, this is from a LONG while ago when a kid tried to rob one dude and got popped for it. Quit feeding into the racist agenda by lumping this in with the “new thing” and understand the “Knockout game” is not a blacks-only thing.

    • OSBKE3000

      you’re right it’s not a “blacks only thing” …. it’s a …. “dumb ass mofo kids game” …. grown folks got better things on they mind an I wouldn’t mind seeing a few more stories about kids gettin killed over this shit …. serves them right IMO

      • Nah bruh, I wouldn’t go as far as to say I’d LIKE to see more stories about kids gettin killed…to wish that is doin too much IMHO, we got entirely too many young Black adolescents losin their lives over bullshit as it is. What I wouldn’t mind seein is more of these “grown” Black men steppin up and schoolin these young cats so they AIN’T out here knockin random people out just cuz “they’re bored”. Maybe it’s just the old school in me, but when I was a bored teen I usually did one of three things: Fire up til I smoked myself back sober, study Hip-Hop, and campaign for some coochie. Don’t get me wrong I had no problem rollin in the dirt with a mufukka if I needed to, but it was only if I NEEDED to, and DEFINITELY not against an innocent person who wasn’t botherin nobody. I don’t feel bad for any kid who gets fukked up for doin the shit cuz they’re old enough to know better, but I most definitely don’t look forward to hearin more stories about it.

      • Immortal


    • John Q. Public

      I only seen this knockout game thing thru AllHipHop and the only ppl doin it in the vids are young black men. But that’s jus the articles im seeing on this site

    • It may not be a Blacks-only thing, but I guarantee we’ll never hear about any White kids gettin shot behind it…not a single one.

      • Immortal

        I hate to say it but you’re spot on. But I’ll go even farther; a black man will be killed getting KO’d, and the perps will never be found. A white man will be KO’d and his perps will be found using tv, social media, local and state assets, and if warranted the federal police systems. These “bored” kids will learn that they’re going to creep on the wrong one, and their creeping days will be permanently over. Is a joke really worth it? Is a sucker punch worth your life? There are many out there (myself included) that will not take this as a game, but as an assault to my person, and will not hesitate to defend myself with any means nessicary.

      • Yes indeed, you already know the deal. Cats REALLY think the system’s changed that much, like the racists of yesteryear didn’t create children and grandchildren who see things the exact same way. Thinkin just cuz we ain’t forced to go to the backs of buses and restaurants anymore and they’re not allowed to put up No Coloreds Allowed signs that everything’s just all good, like they ain’t just doin the shit on a more covert level now. We been spoke on that before though.

  • DJ7

    If these stories of the k.o. game surfaced “pre” Trayvon Martin / George Zimmerman…would your opinion change on how fat boy handled his situation? If Trayvon would have been able to tell his side of the story, could / would it have sounded similar to this one? It’s not a coincidence that fat boy stay in the news and stories like this one surfaces…the media is toying with your intelligence and swaying public opinion right under your noses and the sad part is…U.O.E.N.O. Keep in mind that the k.o. “game” is not some new phenomenon and some of the reports I’ve seen floating around are either old or not even in the USA…why are they even giving it shine? That’s the blueprint to spawn copycats is it not? I smell a SYG campaign on the horizon and stories like these as fuel for support…if you need proof…just scroll through the comments below

    • RBG4Life

      I swear I keep trying to tell people when the media keeps giving attention to something, its to program the dumb to commit said acts. Since Kasey Anthony(a case I dont even believe is real) has there not been an increase in people killing their own children? When the Trayvon situation happened initially there were like 4 or 5 cases similar that same month let alone the ones that happened after the not guilty verdict for Zimmerman. When you see stories that get a lot of attention watch how people are influenced to take interest in the topic or become programmed to carry out the same situation. Works the same with major stars, popular songs, and television shows etc. Are you really the one creating your likes, tastes, attractions, and decisions or is it media bombardment of images and words you are taking in from television, music, etc. thats making you who u are. Its deep if you really research it and pay attention to people around you that dont have a clue.

      • DJ7

        Say word…I can relate to your reasoning 100%…sad that others are clueless and are programmed to make you feel like there’s something wrong with you

  • Dhz30

    this is nothing cali niggas used to ko paisas all the time as a game and im sure its been going on for years on the east coast too..bottom line if u are going to put your hands on somebody (especially someone minding their own business), be prepared to deal with the sympathy for em

  • jondubock

    Shouldve shot him in the head….

  • digitallife

    Its why my wife can’t understand why i’m always overly alert and half way standoffish at the slightest thing looking out of place in public. Always be on your guard, had one dude try to stole on me a few years back for an iphone 1…b**ch mofo got his orbital bone shattered and took a nice cry filled trip to the E.R. for that shhh


    adhd babies

  • chippc

    Why I read this shit in Kane from Menace II Society voice?

  • Abdelmajid Ibn Allal Bouloum

    i wish that everyone that do this got there head blown off

  • iamwhoiam

    Do the crime…do the time. Everybody saw this coming. Now maybe the other knuckle heads will cut that bullshit out. It’s stupid! And wher tha fuk are the parents?

  • iamwhoiam

    What a way to learn a lesson. Kid must not be learnin shit at home.

  • I wish they would….

  • John Q. Public

    This past Friday a 22yr old man in NY was arrested for murder after he killed an old Jewish man playing this dumb shit

  • RBG4Life

    The problem is these kids aren’t really as stupid as we think. They know this world is f*cked up and there’s nothing for them to look forward too. The country f*cked up, employment is f*cked up, and some of them probably going home to f*cked up families. We live in a world where trying to have some type of morality or value system has been destroyed. Everywhere these kids turn its sex, violence, a scandal, a dishonesty, a betrayal, materialism, etc. I wont put all of it on the parents because they have to work longer and more to get less these days and even if you try to instill something in them all the bullsh*t that they have access to via music, television, and internet is frying their minds anyway. Sh!t is mad real right now and I’m afraid its just beginning. Kids not gonna change until the people they look up to show them a better way by example. If the only people they look up to are the ones inside the square electric box(tv/pc) or out those Beats speakers, tough times ahead because we know what most of them stand for…

    • JB

      That’s just a copout. I grew up on tough times. I would never do some stupid cowardly shit like this. This new generation suffers from apathy. The US is still the best country in the world. Go travel, even though the US has declined, it still has the most opportunity.

  • JB

    This isn’t a race thing. Its an uneducated and poor thing.

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