Lil Boosie

Hip-Hop Rumors: Lil Boosie Cuts Off Everybody?

Lil Boosie ain’t out yet, but if you have not been down with him from day one through his trials and more trials, you can likely forget about being cool with him when he gets out. The Don has been in close contact with his family and he’s rumored to be in good spirits. BUT, he’s definitely taking note on who loves him and keeps him close even though he’s away.

In a cryptic message from jail he said:

“Love u 2 a.f.n.f all family no friends”

Some have speculated that Boosie is not feeling the fact that he’s in jail another holiday season. Can you blame him? Not me. The holidays are depressing out here in the world. Jail? I feel for the guy, especially when its looking like he’s more innocent than the DA will admit. They got a hard-on for Boosie. No pause.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Kyle Meta4ce

    Cut off your barber and that “fresh out of bootcamp” fade.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Lol he has been in Angola for few years so I’m guessing this pic is old..

    • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

      but would u say that to his face? Think not. & don’t come to at me with that “rah rah” sh*t u aint bout dat. QUEENS!

      • Kyle Meta4ce

        Trolls trolling trolls = pissing in an ocean of piss.

      • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

        notice u didn’t answer the question. PUZZZY! QUEEN!

  • Executive

    Sometimes loyal friends can be considered family. Very rare but I have a few that I consider family.

    • Blood makes you related…loyalty makes you family.

      • Tom Donahue

        Pure Blood makes you Canadian, all others are tainted

        CANADA > america

      • hoeyuno

        Pure blood white Canadian/American? No such thing. There ancestors came to north America from Europe. A pure blood Canadian/American would be aboriginal who’s blood line never had a white person in it which rarely exists cause when the British and French came here they fucced up the gene…. On top of it all white America insists on calling black peoples African American but dont call themselves Euro Americans??? The point in my babbling is north Americans are the furthest thing from pure blood anything.

      • Immortal

        I would disagree on who insists on calling us African American’s. Chalk that one up to Uncle Jessie and Al. As far as I’m concerned I’m 100% American born and raised. And as for Tom, Canada seriously? The only reasons no one messes with yall up north is because it’s too damn cold, there’s nothing there in most of the country, and even the terrorists like maple syrup on their pancakes. They keep messin with us because we have Beeber, Drake, and Nickelback. Take your sh*t back so we can live in peace. We have IHOP with the butter pecan syrup which tastes a whole lot better.

      • ZUBU

        I thought we had already deported you lame Candy-ass-nadian? Along with gay-ass (Aubrey) Drake, and the lil Beiber sissy. Go finger your sister and drink a Molson, softy!

      • atle fjeldstad

        Well put mister!

      • Be careful with too much talk of loyalty E, y’know it’s a few cats lurkin on here who act like that’s a BAD thing or somethin.

      • The “Sucker Duck’ism” is strong within them.

  • hoeyuno

    They need to let the boi out… And jail puts a strain on your relationship with friends…my boi just finished doing 9 years and ended up getting transfered half way across the country to be closer to his mom cause none of his boys could visit him cause most of us were on probation or parole. I don’t know if the laws are the same over there but if you got a friend locked up write him a damn letter. that shyt keeps ppls sane in there.


      Yea I went to court the other day to support my folk during his triall and them mufukkas told me I can’t be in there cuz I’m on probation. ….I’m like wtf

  • killa

    u bee out soon Boosie keeep riding it out

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  • All black men are rapists

    whats so cryptic about that message …i believe someone doesnt know what cryptic means

  • Ike’s Mood

    no pity for him…i’m about to go have steak, play with my kids while i youtube of video of his and laugh at his jailbird ass!!!

    • bout_famous

      and when he get out.. of course he still gonna get rap money.. and he will wipe his ass with the money you been sucking all that dick for lol

      • Ike’s Mood

        sucking dick??? sounds like your a boosie fan…wit yo loser ass! you should end your life along with his career! go sit in that cell with him & i’ll laugh at yo dumb-ass too

    • truth


    • mean while you are using a known drug dealers name who is responsible of the deaths of many through murder and drug sales. interesting.

    • Yet your screen name’s bitin the real name of a jailbird. A RATTIN jailbird at that. The irony. And NO I ain’t no damn Boosie fan either so don’t even try it.

      • Ike’s Mood

        be cool malcolm little…i guess its right for jailbirds to stick together?!?

  • Catch22

    I’m from the Bay and we used to have a click of groups on the come up. One of the groups we were affiliated with is A.F.N.F. All Family No Friends. They are now called the Dollar Sign Gang, but its a group of young hitters that’s coming out of that camp. They are signed to Weebie under Trill West. They probably are affiliated with Boosie through Weebie. So this is the explanation to your article not that other BS that was wrote.

  • Breeze

    i often wonder. . . who birthed half you muhfuckaz commenting on these articles. yeah i know the articles are stupid 90% of the time but why yall gotta be just as stupid?

  • disqus_PmRVs5M78H

    i could care less how he feels, he shoulda made better descision… and I could careless if he gets out hes trash

    • DaHomey6Deuce


      • Exposed101



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  • iamwhoiam

    I heard a interview with Webby while he was in Dallas. He said they puttin a album out, ibet that shit gone be BANGIN!

  • brotha_man

    this is a good thing. if he is trying to change for the better, its best to remove all the cancerous influences that instigate his behavior

    • I don’t really fukk with Boosie like that but I agree, and whoever downvoted your comment is most likely a cancerous influence on someone.

      • brotha_man

        right, i guess some people hate change

  • he still cant rap…. another cat/hat rapper…

    • Celz

      Take another listen I thought the same thing initially but he can spit.. Is he an emcee hell naw.. But the emotional depth and realness is not matched by any mainstream rapper out.. I still can’t get down with him though..

      • i want bars rhyme schemes and creativeness in my rap, if if i just want emotional depth ill take a walk around the block or reflect on my own damn life… but if he could wrap that emotional depth into HOT bars then hell yeah that would be dope… but if not.. meh..

      • Adam Austin

        you must think JR writer is the best rapper of all time then.

      • nah that nigga got no flow, its not about one aspect, its about having all the tools in the tool box.

      • Guest

        You probably want some dick in your ass too.

    • Big Dog

      Who cares?

  • mr 559

    “Free Boosie”! from central cali 559 fresno county

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  • black god


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  • Gritty Savage

    A lot of people say “free boosie” but don’t write that man no letters, dont put no money in commissary. They scream free someone to get their own name out and dickride. But yall made a damn story over him writing a sentence? All hip hop needa step they game up!

    • Don Julio

      wipe me downm n