Beyonce Banned From Pyramids In Egypt For Being "Rude"

(AllHipHop News) Beyonce fully believes girls run the world, however an Egyptian archeologist recently informed her that she does not rule the rules of politeness. Famed archaeologist Zahai Hawass says he did not permit Beyonce to tour the pyramid grounds in Egypt because of her rude behavior.

According to Hawass’ interview with The Independent newspaper, Beyonce was tardy to a scheduled tour of ancient Egyptian pyramid sites and did not acknowledge or apologize for her tardiness:

She said she would come at 3pm but she came late. I said ‘You have to say I’m sorry I’m late’. But she didn’t open her mouth

While Beyonce’s perceived lack of courtesy irked the famed archaeologist, it was when Beyonce seemed to attempt to assert a level of control over the your by a man referred to as Egypt’s “Indiana Jones”:

I brought a photographer and she also had a photographer and a guard. When my photographer started to shoot, he said ‘No, Stop! I am the one who says yes or no, not you.’ I said ‘In that case since you almost hit my photographer and you are not polite — out! I am not giving you the privilege of having you on my tour.’ I said Beyoncé was stupid and I left

All is not bleak in the international affairs of Beyonce. According to Billboard, Beyonce’s “Mrs Carter World Tour” grossed $104.3 million, sold over 883,000 tickets for 59 performances in the 7 months since it began in April. With four weeks left on the tour it is already on pace to top Beyonce’s last tour, the “I Am… Sasha Fierce” World Tour which grossed $119.5 million in 108 shows.

  • Immortal

    Some dumbass Beyoncé shit

    • Sha Har

      This story is very dumb and very old!
      *Side eye this site.*

  • Sinbk Legend


  • Jamel Williams

    So she was late your in the Freaking desert.

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    john black sad will be heartbroken lol

    • YungKizz


    • johnblacksad


  • YungKizz


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  • Charter


  • CooL_KiD_305

    this story is so weak.

    • Sha Har

      Weak for days.

  • ifuckedbeyonceintheass

    fuk beyonce…

    • johnblacksad

      damn… the hate is real!

      and you wonder why niggaz are bound to fail! smh

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Dam it is call etiquette. You say please forgive me I am late. That is what civilized people do. She thought she was dealing with ignorant people. I would have said the same thing. She is not the queen of england. She should not get preferential treatment. She would get treated like anyone else. Fk her! I used to like her. She is fake and Jay is a fraud also. Like Michael Jordan who is a big as$hole ask chamillionaire. I saw him at an airport years ago and he told people not to ask him for autographs and told someone not to take pictures or he would fk them up.

    • brotha_man

      i agree….’cept wit jordan, i bet that ‘ish get old. he cant go no where with out being hounded

      • cromthelaughinggod7

        No there is a whole documentary on Jordan. I was in the airport as a kid he was an as$hole and has always been that way. It is not new. People know he is very very very arrogant and rude. He is not a humble guy or considerate. Money changed him years ago. I will give you an example if my job is simply to entertain people I buy your shoes literately put millions in your pocket to see you play and part of the job description for being an athlete to “entertain” us putting a ball in a hoop is to sometimes show appreciation to people who support you playing a sport to entertain “us”. Signing autographs is not that big of a deal every blue moon. If you tell me hey I pay you millions but you have to sign autographs you think I am going to complain. There are sh*t jobs or people unemployed I would do it in a heart beat my whole point. Tim Dunkin is cool, Tony Parker etc I can name people who have been cool outside of the game for years. Fk Jordan and his shoes.

      • brotha_man

        thinking about it, i agree with you. I never really he about any anthropy or humanitarian efforts from his camp. I admit i criticized jay for the barney sit. but i have never heard or seen jordan choose a side.
        im gonna have to check for the documentary

      • What’s the name of that doc fam? I’m interested in seein that.

  • Mec-One

    So he didn’t get an apology then he tries to disrespect her by calling her stupid …. he’s probably mad that he’s just a tour guide with a degree …. while she has a few hundred millions of zero fucks to give

    • So mufukkas can just come up in your shit and get outta pocket, and you’ll let it slide just cuz they’re rich and famous? The fukk outta here with the groupie shit fam, it’s about damn time someone knocked that broad down off her lil pedestal.

      • Nemo hos


      • real talk!!

      • Isabelle Sanlove

        umm the girl along with jay-z are music first billionaire couple, the girl went from a successful girl group to a successful solo career and has all of that and then some under her golden belt,
        why you made at her..what are you doing with your life? is it any
        thing positive? and will you be remembered for many years to come?,
        get up and do something positive with your life as life is too short for
        hate and down right negativity.

      • Minymina

        WTF those that have to do with her showing respect to others ?

      • Some people just don’t get it, and never will.

      • Minymina

        Too busy sucking on their idol to notice how stupid they sound.

      • Isabelle Sanlove

        you earn respect get it into your thick head,a powerful wealthy person does not need to show anyone any respect right on the spot,you need to earn their respect:).

      • Minymina

        Another sheep.

      • LOL You Jay/Beyonce drones are ENTIRELY too predicable…to the point, soon as I saw a female had replied to me on this article I already had your entire comment mapped out in my head damn near verbatim before I even clicked the link…smh. So you really believe money and success (which is relative to each person anyway) gives a person a right to treat people any ol way they feel like? I bet she could talk to your man like that (considerin you even HAVE one), and just cuz she’s Beyonce you’d fight to the death tryin to convince him it was somehow HIS fault. The real question here is, exactly how much is she payin YOU to be her lil personal cheerleader? Do you honestly believe she’d even acknowledge your presence if you were two feet in front of her face, you actually think if you crossed her path she’d be just DYIN to meet you and y’all would just be kickin it like bff’s or somethin? Stop livin vicariously thru these celebs, they don’t give a shit about you or anyone you know. Believe that.

      • Isabelle Sanlove

        if i had her money,success,etc i would be the same,money
        like it or not makes the world go around,as with money you
        can make”stuff”happen or not happen as we hear and read
        about wealthy powerful people doing things that the little one could never do and get away with,money/fame/connections etc is what can upgrade the life you had and if you want it to be a bitch you can destroy a someone public image and put a business out of business.power is everything:)

      • Isabelle Sanlove

        omg please stop,next year i will be getting two website businesses out,getting city businesses with the help of family friend to sponsor and promote both websites plus worley has a city news paper to help promote both web sites as well as help promote me,i don’t want beyonce’s level of fame as you have little to no privacy but i do want to be known a little bit and overall have my own success:).

      • johnblacksad

        you are actin worse than a groupie right now… Hate is blind like a mug!

        lol at both you and that arab mothercuker for expectin Beyonce to behave like an anonymous japanese tourist…

        Fcuk dude and his pride…

      • LOL I knew you’d show up fam…since we’re both old heads on here and we’ve never really butted heads before, I’ll explain my point respectfully. It has nothin to do with hate my dude, the thing with me is how people like to act like their fav. celebs are incapable of doin any type of wrong just cuz they got some bread, or that the entire world’s supposed to kiss their ass just cuz they got some bread. I don’t defend ANY celeb I feel did some foul or questionable shit, whether I like said celeb or not. Hell I was just speakin not too long ago about Budden and the super-simp shit he been on, and I’m a HUGE fan of his music. Do I like Beyonce? Not at all…but truth be told it ain’t even so much that I don’t like her personally, it’s her FANS that make me not like her…hell I might be able to halfway tolerate the girl if it weren’t for them…LOL But it ain’t hatin if I’d be willing to say somethin about someone I do like in the same situation. Same thing with the whole Jay/Barney’s issue…replace his name with any member of Wu-Tang (just picked them since we both fukks with the Wu), and I’d feel more or less the same way. Granted I wouldn’t be AS harsh in my criticism, but there’s no way I’d give it a pass just cuz I’m a fan. Yeah I might criticize certain artists, but I’m WAY harder on those artists’ fans cuz they seem to have an excuse for everything…and inevitably they start braggin on the artists’ money like THEY’RE gettin a piece of it. That’s what drives a lot of my comments, the blind allegiance to people who don’t give a fukk about em and wouldn’t lift a finger to help em if they were in need.

      • johnblacksad

        I hear you…

        I don’t like actin like Beyonce should have behaved exactly like an anonymous Japanese tourist… can’t we somehow understand she is a lil busy?

        I feel you on them fans but feel me on the niggaz that be automatically hatin as well!

        I can see through that arab nigga and what he tried to do like he’s glass…

        Dude is arab, Beyonce is BLACK, a WOMAN, AMERICAN, RICHER than him even if he had sold the pyramids… of course he gon try to use that whatever lil power he has to try to be slick…

      • You do make some valid points, and yeah a lotta niggas do hate just for the sake of hatin…I ain’t one of em though, it’s a waste of mental energy to hate someone for no reason. Certain people might not be my cup of tea and I don’t particularly care for em but the list of people I actually hate is a surprisingly short one, and all consisted of people I actually know IRL…LOL Peace.

      • Man I know I’m late as shit with this but this tab was still open on my computer so it reminded me…no one’s sayin she has to act like some anonymous tourist, (even though she IS only human just like them and her socioeconomic status will never change that) but it’s just basic common courtesy to apologize if you’re late regardless of where you’re at or nationality of the person you’re speakin to, hell I learned that as a child. The article don’t specify how late she was so hard tellin how long he was waitin on her…sure she mighta been busy, but she ain’t the only person that’s busy ya feel me? He prob. had other important shit to do too and didn’t have all day to sit around waitin on her. I know you know that feeling you get when your schedule gets fukked up on account of someone bein late and holdin your shit up, shit we ALL do. At the end of the day that’s all I’m sayin, with no “hate” involved whatsoever. I’m done with the topic though cuz it ain’t even that deep an issue to drag out. Catch ya on the rebound fam.

      • johnblacksad

        Ok, dude is a super boss… in Egypt… when it comes to anything archeology related, he is the Head Arab In Charge… what your hate stops you from knowing, is that motherfuckers in Africa, especially when they get a little power, love to treat people like sh!t (pick any dictator of your wish for example)… they are just too used to being these super bosses… add to that that this arab motherfcuker that you are sitting here defending more than likely don’t like your black azz, add to that they don’t respect women because Allah supposedly told them women ain’t shit, add to that they they fcukin hate America with so much passion (but you’re probably one of the niggaz that thinks the arabs have nothin to do with 9/11 because Bush and his friends planned and carried on all the bombings)…

        …you know what… I’m stop right here and leave you with all the hate you have inside of you… good luck with that in life!

    • MR..ASS..TO..MOUTH..

      you sound stupid as fuc.just reading your sentence is whats wrong with society think being educated is less important than having money. and for that you will forever be a fucing imbecile

      • bobshreder

        being educated is definitely less important than having money

      • A dumb rich person won’t be rich long. I take it you never heard the saying “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

      • brotha_man


      • …said the nigga with no money

      • johnblacksad

        Real spit… the whole point of being educated is to make money!

        Money always is the ultimate motive!

      • johnblacksad

        like you need to see the pyramids in person to be educated…

        Hasn’t hip hop taught you about niggaz that have traveled the world without ever leaving the block?!

    • You’re the type of wimp she would choose over all the other maid/butler applicants. After you leave yo lame ass reply, call me Master at the end.

    • Sean Taylor

      Yeah he’s a “tour guide”. You small minded kids. Do some research on the man. He’s done more and seen more in his life that Bebonce ever will.

      • Howaboutno

        I doubt he’s seen more than Beyonce. Perhaps more in Egypt than Beyonce, but not more the world.

    • Minymina

      He’s the minister of the state for antiquities affairs. WTF are you talking about ?
      The whore was lucky just to get a tour from the head egyptologist and she acted like a bitch.

      • soshicuxnt

        ; how is she a whore bitch !?

      • Minymina

        After seeing your avatar, I’m not even going to bother arguing with you.

      • soshicuxnt

        ; right . you scared to get dragged ! bitches can dish it , but can’t take it .

    • Sha Har


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  • time out

    upi reports that this “archeologist” was removed from the position for corruption and had a history of making enemies… oh well. I suppose she got the last laugh.

    • Sean Taylor

      Google the man and you’ll see what you read is the furthest thing from the truth. He put Bebonce in her place. Hey “Bey” take that middle finger of yours and sit on it and spin biotch!!

    • Sha Har

      Yep, she did receive the last laugh. This story is so old.
      *I’m side eyeing this blog.*

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  • Az1@tik-blkmn

    She’s not sasha fierce for nothing lol… Illuminati puppet.

    • Kev E On


    • Sha Har

      Queen Bey. She will live. Next…

      • “Queen Bey” huh? Wouldn’t surprise me if you’d collect her used tampons and make a shrine out of em to pray to 3 times a day. Ol follower ass, simple fact you call her a damn queen shows how much she controls your mind. You’re probably one of those deluded females who think you’re ENTITLED to a “ring on it” just cuz Beyonce put that bullshit in your head. You sittin around singin Single Ladies while she’s sittin around married as a mufukka, not thinkin SHIT about you or even knowin your ass exists…LOL

      • johnblacksad

        Little arab dictator because he is one of the biggest bosses of his country can’t stand a SUCCESSFUL BEAUTIFUL RICH BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN being a way bigger boss than he will ever be, on an international level at that, when that arab nigga is nobody outside of Egypt… tried to abuse his power but the L was on him… he ain’t get the apology… and now Beyonce can go visit the pyramids all she wants given that dude ain’t even have a job no more… what a failure both of ya’ll are!

        Dude, your hate is on another level… you hate B more than her groupies love her… you are pathetic son!

        Peace or no peace… it’s however…

      • That comment wasn’t even about Beyonce though, it was about that worshipper callin her a queen. LOL Even if I did like Beyonce, she ain’t a queen. She’s just an entertainer but like we spoke on earlier, her fans like to go overboard with the shit.

  • Kev E On

    This is the dumbest story…someone is rude because you forced them to apologize and they declined!!! that was some G shit Bey…I personally Pride Myself on My Sincerity…and if someone told me…”Now apologize”…Rocks they’d be kicking…cause an apology is one thing they wont get forcefully!!! You all feed off fake negativity…but act like fools at work and in your personal lives…hypocrites!!!

    • you male groupies are worst than the women

      • Kev E On

        damn…you commented on everyone’s comment who opposed to it being rude…Your the idiot “Along with the other Idiots” who read the Beyoncé Story “In full” … Then You hate on her…and have the nerve to call Me a Groupie…I gotta feeling…you ONLY comment on Beyoncé Stories “Mark ASS”

      • johnblacksad

        That nigga @Gonja and all 6 people that voted this up aren’t dykes = they some straight bitches!

        I could careless for Bey… ain’t no motherfcukin Arab nigga gettin a forced apology from me! But these bitches cannot understand that… smh

      • johnblacksad

        said like a straight up bish… the boy Kev E On spat nothin but truth!

        I hate ya’ll motherfcukin hatin azz haters… so blinded by your stupid hate… ain’t nobody even addressin this in terms of being a fan or not… simple matter of respect… the fcuk she gotta give them a forced apology for?! Maybe as the bish nigga you are you would have apologized… Beyonce kept it G! Fcuk that n!gga and his pyramids!

  • drac215

    The thing about it all, whoever is the tour guide, the artifacts arent his either. History is stolen and God(Jesus,HolySpirit)gave us all things through inspiration for us to enjoy what he gave us. So they both should thank God!!! Peace

    • Sha Har

      He is racist and disrespectful and didn’t deserve a response. Queen Bey!

  • arrdeesss

    Reality check.

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  • soshicuxnt

    ; first of all you IDIOTS ! Beyonce did NOTHING to the woman who was trying to take a picture , it was that crazy swedish bodyguard she had that was killed with a tazer about 2 months ago ! he was stupid protective over the people he protected , and he had a mental illness . he was the one who told the woman she couldn’t take pictures of Beyonce && the pyramids . && this story is proabably a lie , they usually always are . this person just wants her 4 minutes of fame by trying to make Beyonce look bad ! all you effboys talking bout ‘ its about time she got knocked off her high horse ‘ stfu ! everyone who has met Beyonce has had NOTHING but positive things to say about her . ya’ll just loooooove to see this false ish spread about celebrities you don’t like b/c it makes you feel better . i’m done with mine , && anyone who doesn’t want to get dragged better not respond !

    • Question…how many of your “bills bills bills” is she payin that got you not only ridin for her like your life depends on it, but also dedicatin your entire shit on here to her? JaquaiseBEY?? Beyonce avi?? Get off her dick.

    • Whydid Youblockme

      I TOTALLY agree #SAYTHAT!!!

  • DeeWilli_85

    It sounds like a hata to me. U know how these guys they treat Africans in Europe (they are very jealous of Black ppl). And then theres that patriarchal attitude – and here comes this successful Black woman.

  • johnblacksad

    nigga fcuk yo’ pyramids…

    It’s Nas that like to talk about that sh!t to make himself look erudite… but remember that just because a nigga wears a kufi doesn’t mean that he bright, because you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice, it just means you don’t understand all the bullsh!t he writes!

    (no dis to Nas but I had to throw that bait and see who’s gon take it)

  • soshicuxnt

    ; also , Beyonce went to the pyramids in 2009 when she was on her ‘ I Am… ‘ world tour ! that’s how you know this woman was desperate for attention , && making up a fake ass story like this ! that was 4 years ago !!! wtf is this still relevant ??!

  • johnblacksad

    Arab motherfcuker wanted to overabuse his power just because he thinks he can because he knows that outside of Egypt, he ain’t shit compared to that (Beautiful & Successful) RICH BLACK AMERICAN WOMAN who is a bawse wherever she goes…

    And that same motherfcuker fail to realize the L is on him… “I told her to say sorry but she didnt open her mouth”… niggaz don’t even know when they caugh an L

    movin on…

    • Whydid Youblockme

      LOL, RIGHT???
      how you TELL somebody to “say sorry” tha fkk his sheet wearin’ a$$ think he is

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