Hip-Hop Rumors: These Blogs Better Leave Dr. Dre Alone!

There have been plenty rumors about Dr. Dre over the years. For the most part, I leave them alone! But, there have been some very strong rumors as of late that Dre has been cheating on his wife. Well, the producer/rapper isn’t just taking it like a lot of people. He’s apparently taking the legal route.

It has been reported that Dre is sleeping around with this woman:

She’s a model named Kili Anderson. TheDirty.com took it to the next level and posted expensive gifts he allegedly bought the model and also a house that they do their dirty in. But, TheDirty is sticking by their story, which is interesting to me. This means they believe the story to be true. So, we’ll have to see if Dre actually goes through with it and sues.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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24 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: These Blogs Better Leave Dr. Dre Alone!”

  1. BowTaddow

    Why would they take it back? Even if they lose in court it’s exposure to that lame ass site & sites such as those. The business is shady. When you feed the trolls, they benefit, when you dont, they benefit & ppl start to take it as facts. No matter what the rumors are about you always lose in those cases. Even if he proved it all to be wrong ppl would still believe it just cuz they wanna believe it cuz it’d more entertaining to these scally wags & bitch niggas.

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      Its how dumb our legal system and society is now. Its so obviously the opposite of innocent until proven guilty. Whatever the court decides is going to be WAY less of an important or well publicized news story unless the court finds him guilty. Certain shit has a lifetime result no matter what the jury/judge rule. Like if you get accused of raping someone then they are found to be lying, or even admit to be lying you are still seen by a lot of people as a rapist (in their mind, they may lie and say no he wasnt found guilty but i would bet most people come to the conclusion of whats factual and whats not right when the story first breaks). He is slandered no matter what the outcome is, cause like you wrote people like seeing other people get f*cked with

    • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

      BC he is in Cali. They giving chicks half if you can prove he cheated. Even if you made anything and she came in the situation with one of those plastic plaid bags. Now, she is “accustom” to a certain lifestyle. EVEN with a prenup.

      • Eli Pinilla

        If thats the case, then hes playing it wrong. He should treat all rumors like the gay ones. Cuz now, by treating this one more serious, hes bringing credibility and attention to a rumor that wouldve been dismissed as such otherwise….. Unless its true and hes trying damage control…

      • StupidHipHopStuff

        Hes in a lose/lose situation then. Both outcomes are weak (gay or divorced, im assuming he doesnt have a prenup so hes gonna lose alot if/when he gets divorced).

  2. Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Dre moved on while Pac caught that Pac ride! Dat ass phat! FU(K the west coast! QUEENS!

  3. Darrell Robertson

    I’m just happy Dre decided to take legal action, instead of beating the crap out of her like he did that last chick

    • StupidHipHopStuff

      haha you right. Also how the hell he buy her a house without his wife knowing? How the hell he buy her a house on the low.

  4. 9enTerActiVe

    We all know if you get married, don’t cheat. It’s gonna COST. However, though this dude is a PUBLIC figure… You gotta be EVIL to wanna break up someones marriage just for a news clip. What ever happened to minding your business? It’s ONLY sex but to these folks, it’s a STORY. Everyone has it. How would the reporters like it if someone jumped out of the bushes on them after gettin’ their freak off? NOT ONE BIT. Where is the CREDIBLE journalism of today???

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