Class and the Politics of the Black Community in the Obama Age


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“The large majority of the Negroes who have put on the finishing touches of our best colleges are all but worthless in the development of their people.”

Carter G. Woodson, Harvard trained historian and creator of Black History Month.

Due to the importance of depicting Black Americans as a permanent underclass in the function of capitalism in this country, people outside the Black community are generally oblivious to the existence of the class distinctions that have wreaked havoc among Blacks   from the earliest points of American history.

When contemplating the sophistication of the oppression required to keep Blacks collectively in check and totally unable to topple the system built on their subjugation, the importance of the Black collaborator to maintaining this same economic system becomes more obvious. One of the most effective ways to ensure that collaboration has been creating classes of Blacks who through either their proximity to the White power structure, skills attained navigating that morally bankrupt system, or educational attainment, maintained such a desire to excel in the very paradigm that was destroying their brothers and sisters in race that they would act in ways intentionally, or often unintentionally, that sabotaged the very well being of other Blacks who had not obtained their class distinction. The irony of this reality is that usually those Blacks who are blessed with the skills to be the most effective collaborators to Black subjugation are the ones who have been largely controlling Black political discourse for over a century.

One may ask what makes this particularly distinctive in the case of the Black community since the elite, or upper classes, of every society are the ones who control their respective political discourse. The answer to that question lies in the very problem caused by the initial public perception that all Blacks function as one community in some greater “underclass minority.” Since broader society makes no distinction as to the various levels of Black American class structure, the notion of an elite segment within the Black community acting to the detriment of the larger segment becomes lost. Hence, when MSNBC has Black Phds discussing the plight of the Black poor and Obama’s policies relative to them, most Americans take that Black person as an authentic representative of Black aspiration without realizing that particular Black Phds’ desire is vested in better serving the presidential administration that is generally damaging the Black community, as opposed to actually representing the interests of the Black poor. Hence, the class dynamics of the Black community, working behind the shadows of America’s racist social structure, allows an educated cadre of Blacks to work their best at assuring the viability of the White power structure, while being chosen as the legitimate representatives of the Black poor and working class that are being destroyed by that same power structure.

These dynamics are particularly damaging to the larger Black community when the face of the White power structure vested in Black subjugation is a charming tall Black man with a beautiful wife, who  fulfills all the vapid, aspirational, self serving desires and fantasies, of those well trained Black collaborators. This is the reality of the Obama age.

From the beginning, the Black poor and working class were sold a bill of goods in this president based on credentials appealing to the Black petite-bourgeois. The Ivy League education and sterling credentials through the liberal foundation world of Chicago had no real resonance to poor Blacks living in a world of de-industrializion, neo-liberal privatization, and mass incarceration. But because those credentials were given light through the prism of the pedigreed Blacks who make up the same vacuous circles of “Public Intellectuals,” Talk Show Celebrities, and the Black Misleadership class, the Black poor and working class were pitched, top down, an image of the new Black savior who was the “the one” Black people had been waiting for. Hence, the craven petite bourgeois Black professional desire to both validate their presence in the hostile White working world, and vindicate all the abuses they received in that world, would be consummated in an Obama presidency. Meanwhile, the Black working class and poor were conned into buying the hustle. Obama’s presidency comes to life as the creation of Madison avenue marketing, Wall Street Financing, and Ivy league propaganda. The Grass roots bona fides of this president as“community organizer” were completely exaggerated if not concocted to dupe the Black working class and poor. Meanwhile, pimping out symbolism of a noble Black Freedom Struggle to dupe the Black poor into supporting a Black elite political fantasy was key to electing Wall Street’s Perfect Manchurian Candidate. This when the demographic browning of America and the limits of finance capitalism required Blacks neutralized to ensure wealth transfer upward.

In the end, both the Black poor and the Black elite have been left with nothing but “Yes We Can” buttons and worthless empty symbolism. At the same time the Voting Rights Act has been gutted, the Black/White wealth gap increases, Black unemployment continues unabated, and now Historically Black Colleges and Universities are being eviscerated by the same “one;” Barack Obama, Black people supported with over 95% of their vote. This is how the age old trajectory of the Black Educated elite controlling the political reality of the Black community has ended: with the largest abyss of Black socio-political status since the death of Dr. King. Hope and change indeed.


  • Greg

    now this is an Article

    • Tuesday27

      Piece of sh*t article. Telling us that we’re to blame for our circumstances. I don’t care what black man is in the white house, many of us ain’t moving nowhere socially. This poor a** project hallway philosopher is basically telling you that it’s the black intellectual, politician, educator, lawyer, doctor, etc…. that’s holding us back, and that there is no need to vote. And most of us are following fools like this right off the cliff to disenfranchisement, no legal protections for employment discrimination, no seats in colleges, corporate greed, no checks for law enforcement, zero regulatory reforms, etc…… All the things we have is because of modern democratic policy, that the republicans are trying to roll back. And some of us are helping them.

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    I don’t read long articles, but I will this on, but I’ll comment first – Obama is a big disappointment – he ran as a Black person – but in 1 1/2 Terms, has helped and appointed every kind of person EXCEPT Black People

    • Same type of ‘chet your Negropean B’ish@$$ would have done so, STFU!
      You probably voted for him both times, with a Top 10 Reasons list of why he doesn’t do ‘chet for Blacks in your face, and 100 excuses to answer in your pocket, you fuggin’ cultural chump!

      • W.E.B. Du Bois

        EDOG – wow, its amazing your not tired of being a irrelevant fool

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    Nice read…..I remember like yesterday arguing with the fellas in the barbershop that obama was not gonna help them….dudes was in they feelings….whole shop vs me lol…..I joined the army (like a dumbass) right after high school and got a first hand front line crash course about the plight of this shitty government. …now in my mid 30’s I have never and will never vote or play any part in politics. ….I just watch from the sidelines and smh at the bullshit they spew…

    • You right, but vote…..just because.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        vote third party if you are gonna vote.

      • They need a “None Of The Above” choice.

      • jubilee shine

        can the 3rd party beat the republicans in national election?
        or only assist them into power…

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        A third party candidate can point out the evil deeds of both parties in a debate. A third party candidate can, with the support of black and latino voters be a force to be reckoned with if we stop being pawns to the democrats. The democrats do no want black and latinos empowered. The want us on welfare and government assistance because there is no real power in those programs. Keep supporting the status quo and see where it gets you. After all, It’s gotten black folks so much thus far.

      • jubileeshine

        the party need to be built from the ground up. we need to run in local elections where we can win, not a mere protest campaigns which only serve to usher the greater evil into power.
        vote for Ras Baraka for Newark NJ mayor!

      • Tuesday27

        I hear brother’s talk like this all the time. It would be nice for things to work that way. But the actual and factual is if you vote for neither of the current parties and vote for a 3rd party, you are de facto voting republican. Don’t you see they are running scared. Trying to diminish voting rights, gerrymandering, disenfranchising convicted felons. And here you fools are throwing away your only hope for political power.

  • jubileeshine

    bush/McCain/Romney sour grapes propaganda shit

    • You stay sukkin O’s D*k with your sloppy pasting misdirecting Zionist propaganda BS.

      That’s why Los macheteros or whoever beat your @$$ on video you fuggin’ chump!

      Ad some facts to support your position of STFU!

      • Tuesday27

        OK. I didn’t know I was in the children’s section. I’m out………

      • Nah, just checking the Hip Hop Agent.

    • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

      You understood nothing that was written.

      • jubileeshine

        I understand Romney is worse than Obama, as do the vast majority of Black workers who this author denigrates.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Oh I see you are one of those lesser of two evils persons. Carry on then.

      • jubileeshine

        until the know betters provide an alternative to the worser evil the workers will carry on

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Lesser evil is still a vote for evil. The democrats have done a number on the misguided fools that are Black folks in America. Until you and other black folks realize that the democrats and the republicans are basically one in the same, we will always be taken advantage of and ignored.

      • jubileeshine

        well we in a evil place and need a plan. we need to build a party from the ground up, where we can win power.
        vote for Ras Baraka for Newark NJ mayor!

      • Tuesday27

        Stupidest sh*t i ever heard. The difference between the parties has never been starker, except for the civil rights era. So your dumb ass is just sitting there eating all the sh*t republicans want to throw at you, while you don’t vote. I hope your bona fides are up if they control congress and the white house.

      • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

        Whatever man. The parties, in fact, are virtually indistinguishable once you get past
        the surface differences. Each one is equally willing to use government
        power to erode the rights of citizens and look out for the corporations. The fact that you think that my not supporting the democrats automatically means that I support the republicans shows how small minded and foolish you really are. Keep taking the food stamps and other bullsh@t programs that the democrats tell you will empower us. A vote for these parties is a vote to continue the mindless cycle of partisan politics.

      • Tuesday27

        Sounds like you got a plan to diminish any political power we may have. That’s exactly our problem. Sit back, and watch Reagan, Bush, Bush2 and any republican take us back to 1910. I don’t think you’re listening to these powerful, racist republicans say the things they do. Darryl Issa, investigating Attorney General Eric Holder (a brother, regardless of what this project stairway philosopher article writher thinks) for triffling reasons (Bangazi, IRS scandal, project fast & furious). Did you see the house of representatives republican’s moved to impeach Obama yesterday. Typical dillema of accomplished black people. Getting it from the white establishment, and from his own people. Your plan of a 3rd party is no real plan, or a plan to fail.

      • Tuesday27

        What are you. Caped crusader, rescuing folks from poverty. Listen man, things are not to good in the hood. Now we got this crabs in a barrel mentality that does none of us any good. Vote for the best candidate, and strive for self actualization. What this dude and you are doing is cursing the darkness instead of lighting your personal candle. Vote for the best candidate, or suffer the consequences.

  • This is some high powered ‘chet!

    Fat Shoutz to the Author & Fatter shoutz to AllHipHop & Chuck for bringing the HEAT!

    • SBRon

      Yep! That last paragraph is a BRILLIANT summation of what’s happening…

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  • best_believe

    Great article

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    This article is on point. I voted to get him into senate, then realized who his backers were and decided not to support him for the presidency. Obama is a pawn much like every president in my lifetime.

  • Picasso Micheaux

    So let me get this right…The author wants to let us know that he knows what’s really going on out here…I suppose in hopes that we would now understand what he has brought to our attention…
    but beyond critical observations, he has offered no action plan to counter the observations…
    Mere understanding is a weak substitute for work…
    Next time, if you’re gonna $#!t on the next man’s moves, at least offer how you’d do it differently…

  • Jehiel

    So the takeaway here is poor Blacks are powerless victims who make misinformed political decisions but the author, with his unsubstantiated attacks and blanket statements, knows better than them? This sounds eerily like intellectual elitism. #JustSaying

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  • jsj23

    This article is long overdue and sadly too late. The writing was on the wall back in 2008. Since then I was putting the smack down on Obama, sadly to no avail. If you think an unemployment rate of nearly 13% for African Americans will go down, you are delusional, if you think the overturning of key Civil Rights bills will stop with the Voting Rights Act, again, you are delusional, if you think we are living in a post-racial America, you are hopeless. We are now in the era of open, unchallengable racism. If you haven’t noticed the ease and heightened comfort level of expressing racist attitudes towards Blacks over the past 5 years, well, let’s just say you are…