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Lupe Fiasco Ends Salt Lake City Show After Getting Hit By Tomato

(AllHipHop News) Lupe Fiasco promised he would offer something new for his fans on the “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour,” but some of those fans left one of his recent shows unsatisfied. The Chicago rapper cut his Salt Lake City set short after a fan in the crowd hit him with a tomato.

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The Salt Lake Tribune reports the incident was sparked when a concert goer in the balcony at The Depot threw the fruit at the stage causing Lupe to stop performing and respond to the suspected offender.

“I’m gonna finish the show, but if there’ more people like that I need them the f**k out of here,” said Lupe. “I know what she looks like – fat, white b***h. Find her.”

Apparently, Lupe then requested that the entire balcony be cleared out causing fans in that area to shout they were not leaving. The Depot’s staff attempted to empty the balcony, but a few attendees were still on the upper lever several minutes so later Lupe walked off the stage. The Depot’s manager later revealed that the show was actually near the end before Lupe stormed off.

While some of the people in attendance supported Lupe on Twitter others felt offended by his choice of words directed at a women in the crowd. Lupe responded on Twitter:





Lupe SLC[ALSO READ: Stalley Joins Lupe Fiasco’s “Tetsuo and Youth Preview Tour”]

Watch portions of the incident in the video below.

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