Epic Fail of the Day: Would be Murderer Butt Dials Victim, Reveals Plot

In today’s episode of Dumb Criminals, an Arkansas man allegedly hatched a plan to murder a former employee butt-dialed the victim and revealed the plot.

Via Huffington Post:

Police in Jonesboro, Ark., arrested Larry Barnett, 68, on Thursday after he inadvertently revealed his plans of murder to his alleged target.

The person who received the call had previously worked for Barnett at Legend Motor Company in Jonesboro.

He quickly figured out he was the intended victim and listened for 90 minutes as Barnett plotted the murder and gave a third party directions to the victim’s house, reported.

The victim told police he overheard Barnett say, “I don’t care if you have to burn his house to the ground with him in it. I don’t care what you have to do, make it look like an accident.”

Police in Paragould, Ark., where the victim lives, went to the complainant’s home and discovered it had been burglarized and the gas stove had been tampered with, KAIT-TV reported.

From there, Barnett was arrested and charged with conspiracy to commit murder. Womp womp.

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  • ZUBU

    Years ago an old homeboy pocket dialed wifey while he was fukking the side chick at his spare apartment. Wifey showed up at the door ready to smash evrybody in site. Wifey heard him saying the stuff he normally said to her and she went left.

    • Immortal

      My question on this is, when she went there and he said “baby I’m only fcukin her….I love you”, did she join in and make it a threesome? Some cats are some smooth talkers.

      • ZUBU

        LOL, Bro the ole’ homey was smooth but wifey wasn’t hearing any of that she heard him using some of the personal pet terms he used with her, and she lost it. He hitting the side chick doggy, pulling her hair saying “tell me you my slut bitch” lol he did that to wifey it was too much for wifey.
        The ole’ homey in his 60’s he use to put me up on game (I’m 40ish). Back in in the day I was hitting a few chicks, a few white he told told me how to basically debase them white chicks he told me crazy shit like. Put your dick in her mouth and make her look in the mirror, and tell her how pretty she looks with a black dick in her mouth. My brotha put me up on shit like making a white chick go to sleep with your dick in her mouth make her lay at the bottom/middle of the bed, fall asleep sucking dick. Bro crazy shit he was a fool, very intelligent, well educated, articulate, etc. but a fuukking fool. I learned a lot when I was even younger, basically a chick can’t never get nothing from me I don’t want her to have. No trick shhiittt, I learned the game early. I ain’t trying to take advantage of no ho’s but they won’t get me either. IJS……..

      • Immortal

        I’m not too sure I’d want any chick to fall asleep with my dick in her mouth. Heffa might get lock jaw, or start talking in her sleep, and all that equals is major pain on my part. Diggin that look in the mirror sh*t tho. Now that would be fun to do with the ol lady. And totally agree on that last sentence, but if Hallie, Rosario Dawson, Rosy Perez, or even Salt or Pep from Snp wanted to share some quality time with me, it’d definitely be ass up face down time.

      • ZUBU

        LOL you kililling me with that lock jaw shhiiittt, that would be fuuuked up. word……..

      • Immortal

        Zubu’s under moderation reply to me:

        Bro, I feel you Rosario, and the others can get it for real. Bro Stacey Dash can really get it, I don’t feel that chick politically, but sexually that chick can get it. Hmm…. Mya, Jasmine Guys Old ass, fcuk (Changed the spelling of the F word) if Janet, etc
        My reply to him:
        And let’s not leave out Jlo (before she went Hollywood), Cree Summer, that amazon dark baby from Belly (MOST DEFINATELY would get it), Da Brat (don’t think I’m strong enuf to make her straight tho) and her sis Lisa Raye (Golddiggina$$) Lena Horne with her INFANITELY fine self (RIP) most cats won’t even know who she is, Wiz ol lady, but no plastic Barbie doll Nikki Minaj sh*t. She gets no play in my ride.

  • Papi Peligro

    sounds like a setup.

  • Guillaume Pilon



    AHH dont know how to write

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