Lorde: I Didn't Mean Drake and Nicki Minaj Were Irrelevant To Everyone

(AllHipHop News) Oh, Lorde, Lorde, Lorde. Last week (November 24th), 16 year old pop singer Lorde called Nicki Minaj and Drake’s music “irrelevant” and then backtracked on her comments.

Taking to her personal Twitter, the singer blames Complex for misconstruing her word. She specified that although she said “How are we listening to this,” her comments were about her own experience:

Ironically, in October, Lorde talked to MTV about the scrutiny people face over their opinions about celebrities:

I think there’s a funny culture in music that’s only happened over the last 15 years, that if you have an opinion about something in music that isn’t 100-percent good, you’re a ‘hater,’ even if you have perfectly reasonable grounds for that critique. People will say exactly what they think about a movie or a TV show, and that’s fine, but as soon as you say it about a record, you’re like some little zombie in a funny dungeon.

  • NCcatsBALLhard

    Sad part is, she’s right. They are irrelevant…

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      I agree with her. I don’t have a bentley or mansion.

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Bitch looks like a vampire cook

    • JimJames29

      A HOT vampire cook

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Child molester

      • gerald bransol

        not in connecticut lol

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Still a child molester

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  • Immortal

    I think there’s a funny culture in music that’s only happened over the last 15 years…..last 15 years huh and you’re 17. How in the hell did you notice anything other than a pull up diaper at 2 years old?

    • Félix Marqués

      How can you know anything about history?! You weren’t even there!

      It’s called research, and learning, and talking to people who were there. I hadn’t even been born in the 80s but I can get a general idea of what it was like, or how it is different when compared with nowadays, for instance.

      It’s kind of a no-brainer, really. It’s called learning and observing.

      • Jared

        I understand your pint but this is Hip Hop. You honestly believe you can “research” the genuine feeling rap music gave to the people 15 years ago? That’s call taking someone’s word for it.

      • Immortal

        Ok lets try this again. History is about research and analysis on a subject you were not there for granted. But to talk about a fluid subject such as music as if you were a subject matter expert from that time is ignorance. No amount of research or analysis is going to give anyone that. In fact for a 17yr old to even look up all of that, she would have no time to record a damn thing because she’s still looking at tapes of old interviews and shows. And when you state something like she did and I used in my statement, you’re making yourself something you’re not.

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  • Jayson C Williams

    Last 15 years? You only 16! Take that shit back to the outback

    • OG_Lil_Pretty_Thug


  • Havoc Wreaka III

    The first rap song she heard was “Crank that”

    • Immortal

      Now that would truly be a damn shame lol

  • EL_DON

    If she don’t want to admit it then I will Nicki Minaj is irrelevant and whack. Drake has a bit of talent, he is the new Ja Rule (thug love without the thug). Nicki don’t know who she is. One day she a Lil Kim wannabe then she is a Lady Gaga impersonator and the next day she wanna be like Katy Perry. Am I the only one who sees Nicki as an impersonator and stils people’s image and try to make it her own. She will fade away soon but not soon enough.


      shit you went in brother so true

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    One hit wonder talking

    • atle fjeldstad

      you really are a hater.. keep talking shit homie.. watching other people do thangs..

      • Havoc Wreaka III

        Child molester.. falling in love with teen girls….ewwwww

  • Andy

    8/10 would ****.

  • This bitch got a slick mouth. Her “Royals” song is a subliminal diss to Jay Z and Beyonce’.

    • YouKnowWhat…..

      More than that, I think its a subliminal diss to hip hop culture

  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    irrelevant ? – 2 of the biggest crossover sellers in rap ? – she’s a stupid kid on twitter

    • killa

      they are irrelevant aint nobody payin to see they garbage except middle class america real niggaz dnt listen to drake unless that gotta bitch in da car in Nicki jus got a fat A$$ witout that she a dud

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  • infinit221

    It’s interesting she said 15 years, cause that’s just bout the time puffy created shiny suit rap and no limit dropped blinged out thumping hard core rap. Wu-tang was starting to fade, as well as most other gritty and social hard core rap. She might not have been there, but it sounds like she did her homework. Personally, I don’t have a problem with luxury rap. These dudes are selling dreams and motivation, so I’m cool with that as long as it’s in the right context.

    • ShortDogg

      17 – 15 = 2 dog! She knows nothing about music!

      • infinit221

        I hear ya…

    • mook

      then X came through an shut it down ruff ryders

    • killa

      I like gutta ass broke niggaz who get on and brag bout $$$ and do nigga type shit wit they $$$ If i got on we buyin pounds of kush takin turns on these stripper hoes standin on V.i.p couches with my shirt off talkin shit Young money aint built like that they nerdy as hell

  • Sean Power

    the girl not lying true be told have you people don’t relate to there song but you pretend you there raooing about stripper and clubs in mia half never left home state how you relating the young lead said nothing wrong not everything is a diss

  • Drake is the #1 selling rapper in the world. (I don’t see why) but he is.

    • Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire)

      Drake is not the #1 selling rapper in the world. At all.. that’s Eminem

  • YouKnowWhat…..

    i believe she is much older than what they say. Prolly around 24 or 25

  • Elayorx El

    Considering how much of original people’s culture is just downright stolen, and then reproduced, it is not a stretch to believe that her “coaches” may have studied the content rather intently, and then they formed their styles, and respective opinions. I could believe however, that she may be an advanced soul, who was introduced, or became interested in the arts at an early age, and realized what the patterns were, and has now come of age to where she is ready to express herself. I’ve stated before though, that this tendency for people outside of Hip-Hop culture to constantly speak as if they have a thorough knowledge of the entire history baffles me. You cannot critique only one side of the spectrum, without ever mentioning how things may have gotten that way in the first place. Maybe more research, and critical thinking may be of some beneficial use.

  • LetsBeRealpeople

    She spoke truth. That is undeniable. I’m sitting at 33 my damn self, and been thinking the same damn thing this child wrote. Don’t like it, so be it, it’s the truth anyhow.

  • killa

    NICKI MINAJ IS LAME most of her fans are between the ages of 5 and 13 im not lying she tryed to be like Kim den katy perry she wack as fuk be original

  • Sean Taylor

    Girl is back pedaling now. If you said it OWN it!