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Suge Knight: I Helped Make "Ready To Die" + Talks Kendrick Lamar

(AllHipHop News) Suge Knight is such a indomitable character that even his interview outtakes can shake Hip Hop history. During the outtakes of Knight’s Rolling Stone interview posted by esteemed writer Paul Cantor, he explains his involvement in the making of The Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready To Die album, how he helped shape Kendrick Lamar and more.

After revealing that Def Jam execs Lyor Cohen and Russell Simmons attempted to get Snoop to sign with them behind Knight’s back, Knight discusses another relatively unknown East Coast connection. According to Knight, he helped shape the debut album of The Notorious B.I.G. through not asking for what he was owed:

If you look at Biggie’s album, Biggie’s album is all West Coast. The first album. When they did the Biggie album, I helped them with that f*cking record. I let Puff use every [The Chronic] sample on [Ready to Die], the hottest record of all time, and didn’t charge them. To show some love. Like here. It ain’t shit. We do this sh*t like we do. I don’t care if it’s a Down South record or East Coast record. If it’s successful, it’s a West Coast vibe.

Ready To Die does sample “The Shiznit” off of Snoop Doggy Dogg’s Doggystyle for the album’s Intro and Dr. Dre’s “Lil Ghetto Boy” off of The Chronic for “Things Done Changed”.

After Snoop Dogg attributed Kendrick Lamar’s aggressive approach on his “Control” verse to him growing up on Death Row Records, Knight shares the same belief and praises Kendrick Lamar:

Kendrick is a dude that’s an incredible artist. I’m not surprised because he’s from Compton. He grew up in Compton, that’s where he lived at, hung out at, and the guys he hangs with from his neighborhood, is p-folk. So there’s no way it wouldn’t rub off on him. There’s no way that his vision wouldn’t be aggressive or that he wouldn’t have the lyrics he has, if he didn’t grow up there. Kendrick know, anybody from Compton, that’s pretty much saying they’re a Death Row artist.

  • 7yoyo7

    Sure……. Go home Suge….

  • KingsCountyCrooklyn

    at a time when two of the top artist have a beef going, lets show love and grant the other a couple royalty free album samples and the samples will make this a west coast album. Suge you to old for this, your glory days have pasted the only thing left is to just set your self free.

    • TRE

      that album dropped before the beef started

  • YungKizz

    oh man

  • Vinsanity

    I think in the thank yous in the cd booklet B.I.G. does thank Snoop and Dre, i know for sure Tupac.

    • David Gonz


      • Vinsanity

        yea….but that’s besides the point.

  • $18592567

    he’s right…

  • s dott

    Ready to Die sounds nothing like a west coast album. This dude has delusions of grandeur

    • David Gonz


      • Casor_G

        Pac was lying man stfu

      • s dott

        The only thing him and PAC had in common was talking about death. That’s it. Other than that what ideas did he steal from PAC. Big rapped about what he saw in the streets and exaggerated it like 90% of these rappers do today

      • DollasTX

        aye man imma pac fan too … but niggas like you SMH uh phuck his legacy up

        had to remake his whole album huh – which one?

        makavelli was written and recorded in 7 days – all eyes on me the majority of that was written behind bars (similar to the death row contract he signed on toilet paper – supposedly) was released 4 months after jail

    • thugimmortal

      Big poppa is west coast juicy is west coast the title ready to die is west coast

      • s dott

        How is big poppa west coast ?? How is juicy west coast ? They both straight up instrumentals of old school rnb songs. Easy mo bee produced most of rtd and all he worked with was New York cats except PAC.

      • Truth Powell

        that lil high pitch sound in the chorus and the synth…compare that to other nyc beats at the time, that’s gfunk. all those dre beats were just loops of old records too so what are you saying.

      • scullyson

        Right and there would be no gfunk without pfunk. With all due respect deathrow didnt start until 1991. Xclan (Brooklyn) made a”Funkin lessons ” in 1990 which is pfunk. Suge trippin

      • s dott

        I was around when big poppa blew up and I never heard anybody mention whatsoever that it sounded like a west coast beat. Even when east and west coast were beefin nobody made the claim rtd was a west coast album besides PAC saying he stole his style. Which was ludicrous

      • rob rob

        Learn your music history. The Title Ready to Die ain’t got $h!t to do with no coast other than the person who use the term in their music. Juicy by MTune banged nation wide. Too many Suge D!ck huggers on this board.

  • Lord Saltsworth McGinty III

    Suge also stated that he invented sliced bread and was the one that turned cats and dogs against each other.

  • DollasTX

    wheres “that barber” when you need’em … SUGE clearly needs another FADE

    • David Gonz


      • Casor_G

        please get off his tip

      • rob rob

        Suge was helped back up and was helped loaded into his whip. Suge never did $h!t back to the barber.

      • DollasTX

        man i dont give 2 shyts about the barber or suge getting his noodle knocked … anybody can get it … i was just being facetious

    • johnblacksad


    • ZUBU

      I can’t give the barber a full win cause he sucker punched Suge, anybody can get knocked if you catch them off guard. If he had of squared up with Suge and knocked him than that would be far more impressive. IJS……

      • sharkeisha

      • DollasTX

        sharkeisha giving these hoes the business out here … she gonna phuck around and catch a bad one … soon!

      • rob rob

        He still knocked him out. I really don’t believe Suge got hands like that. When has he ever shot the fair one without his goons being involved?

    • DollasTX

      any nigga replying to my reply … needs a sense of humor … WHY?

      suge was obviously talking out of his ass in this interview … gives off the vibe that he lost his marbles … has a screw loose … which is why i said the BARBER-IAN need to come knock some sense back in this niggah head cuz he’s obviously OUT OF BOUNDS again

  • ForganMreeman

    So basically you are posting snippets of this interview as “brand new” information everyday


    so he made everybody that big and kanye bigger than louie v

  • ZUBU

    Well, Big did use those west coast samples on the intro because Snoop and Dre were hot as heck at the time. Big reflected that via his music, he was coming home from being locked up and he played what was hot at the time. The early part of the intro he’s playing Milk D (MC Lyte’s brother).
    Damn there was some good music during that era!

    • Orus Dias Delaney

      This is EXACTLY why Suge is talking like this now. Most of the “Current Rap” Fans weren’t ALIVE when Rap still existed. He’s trying 2 game this wanna-be Big Daddy Kane like he did Snoop & 2Pac.

  • bigdoe6

    He might be right about this one.

    • rob rob

      Maybe with the Kenderick Lamar comment. The Ready to Die involvement is complete bull$h1t. Suge is reaching on his tippy toes on that one. A few sample from the Chronic album does not give him the right to claim any creative involvement w/ Ready to Die like he was on the studio with with Big. If so then MC Milk, MTune(Juicy), Marley Marl(droppn Science), James Brown,The Jackson 5, Grover Washington, Jr, Debarge can all lay claim since all their music was sampled in Ready to Die. Suge a real loser for spreading that falsehood!!!!

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  • Orus Dias Delaney

    He got 2Pac killed while the Mob was looking 4 his ass in Vegas & Biggie killed by a dumb fan in retaliation. Only thing he had to do w/ Ready to Die.

  • He speaking real shit tho’. #Facts Only

    • rob rob

      Bull$h!t… Ain’t nothing real in any of that $hit youngn! Pay better attention homie!

    • golder1

      Shug didng producs 1 beat. He owned 50 % of the masters od Deathrow but he in no way helped create Ready To Die

  • atle fjeldstad

    I invented fire by rubbing to sticks together..

  • richard_b_hard

    Ever since suge got knocked out by that barber he has been delusional!

  • scullyson

    Suge buggin

  • Malik


  • Tunde Ayo

    Why is everybody fronting…?

    ‘Ready To Die’ from top to bottom had west coast sounds, back when it came out in ’94 heads couldn’t believe a Brooklyn cat as heralded as Biggie would put out an album full of west coast sounds and not the traditional ‘boom-bap’ NY shit.

    All the mags from that era brought up this point i.e The Source, Word Up!, Vibe, Rap Masters and Right On! to name a few.

    So Suge is right on the money on this one…