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Papoose Calls Trinidad James a "Jive As* Turkey" On New Diss Track

“Don’t come back to New York, dawg/N*ggas looking for you like the PS4”

(AllHipHop News) HAPPY THANKSGIVING! Papoose seems to have assumed the unofficial position of New York defender from out-of-towners as he aims his new diss song, “Jive A*S Turkey” at Trinidad James for his “South Runs NY” comments.

In the song, Pap not only derides Trinidad but claimed responsibility for Big Sean’s low album sales and Kendrick Lamar’s low ticket sales and subsequent cancellation of tour. No word on if Papoose is referring to the Rock The Bells cancellation that TDE were scheduled to perform at or the postponement of the Yeezus tour earlier this month.

Check out Papoose’s diss song to Trinidad James, entitled “Jive A*s Turkey” below:


    papoose looks like a jive a** turkey in that picture too.

  • Leon “The professional”

    This wasn’t very good. And they wonder why everyone shitting on NY

  • Charter

    I feel like Papoose still wears giant fitteds with his ears tucked in, 3Xl tshirts with giant hoodies and super baggy jeans…

    • killa

      lol bra probably due still dress like that he too real for dis rap shit man!!!!

  • Dhz30

    alright bruh i think that’s enough now..

  • Is anyone even checking for Papoose. I mean really. Instead of putting out quality music he puts out wack diss records that nobody cares about.Then he says he the reason why Big Shaun album didn’t sell well why didn’t his album sell . Because nobody’s checking for you Papoose. Get in the lab and put some music out. Nobody’s even downloading that hoodie season mixtape you just dropped. Remy Ma will be home soon maybe you can piggy back off her

  • therealjjohnson

    Did papoose just say someone’s album flopped? Lmaooooooo

  • YaheardSyndicate

    yall tripping. what can dude possibly say back to this?

    • Leon “The professional”

      Dude ain’t an emcee. Pap wasting his time and lyrics on a non emcee. But Pap act as is he ain’t make the legendary “Donk Jumping” song. SMH. FOH

  • And the Donkey of the Day award goes too….

    • killa

      Trinidad james

  • Elayorx El

    Ok, this is pretty much the moment I feared, where Pap would eventually only be viewed as some lame, mad a@@ rapper, just dissin everybody just cuz. A LOT goes on “off camera”, that causes reactions such as this, but we don’t get to see that part. Pap is one of the baddest lyricists I’ve ever heard, and has been overlooked due to how real he keeps it. He is not a soul seller, so it basically does not seem fair when he goes at the new MC’s, because quite frankly, they do not understand true original, unadulterated Hip-Hop MC language, nor swag, which Pap is all about. I think KDOT understands, but is genuinely confused as to why Pap hit him so hard, which I wish Pap did not, but what’s done is done. C’mon Pap, get back to puttin out official releases again, and continue gate keepin our real Hip-Hop culture. Salute!

    • Immortal

      I agree with you, but Pat could do a lot better for himself than to only diss rappers. Come out with a solid cd and stake his claim. It’s not about radioplay so much as making a buzz for himself that would carry him across the nation. Can Pat hang with Ken, I think so IMO, maybe Pat would come out better provided he rapped about something of substance, rather someone else’s substance. A duo album with wifey would kill some dreams for a lot of rappers. That’s something no one’s done.

      • Elayorx El

        No doubt, I see you, and a duo album with Rem would be awesome!

      • Immortal

        The only problem with that album is that everyone knows Remy’s a beast a true MC, and that would easily shine on the album more that Pat would. It’d still be a underground hit, but it’d be a hit of Rem not Pat.

      • killa

        everybody knows remy locked up for some years why is she even a thought in 2014?

      • Immortal

        I thought Rem was out?

    • Dointer

      Co- Sign.

  • DeeJay Babe

    Mannnn don’t nobody outside of NYC care about this nuckka!!! lol.. He don’t have an album to talk about other peoples albums.. NYC get ya peoples.. Coke Boyz on film with guns looking madd scary… oooooh.. Man I love NYC!! Shouts to all of my people, I love the grind, the energy, the atmosphere of NYC… But these new nuckkas… damn
    who cares what Papoose has to say??!?!

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    The fries are burning, Pap. Get back to work.

  • StupidHipHopStuff

    pap shouldnt talk about album sales. This bum cant get 10 people to pay for his sh!t. Hes prolly on welfare, who wants to see this goofy looking f*ck. Why defend NY, they dont support you dumb ass.

    • killa

      nah homie had a deal for 1.5 mill he dun had a couple deals he got lil bit of dough Pap a real nigga aint to many of those in rap nomore

  • Jay

    this nigga should leave the rapping to his wife

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  • Ojay Juice Henry

    I agree I love pap as an artist but I feel like he should focus on his career and not what these clowns be saying just to get a reaction out of NY. Real talk though, alot of these wack ass rappers being coming at newyork throat because we lost out buzz as far as commercial rappers the underground still there but the industry focus a beat and hook with no substance.

  • Seboy Jordan

    Nah and I hate to say this but we shouldn’t let them live in NY. We give them the key to the city and sh*t. Let them recognize how we really get it in In NY, but than again I’m from a different era. Now all everyone do is ride D*ck, name drop, and want to be down. I don’t even listen to rap unless u have something positive to say, this Trinidad dude please! And I can say that because I know how to put a verse together!

    • HalfPast7

      Man I don’t even care about these niggas livin here really cuz at the end of the day it aint like they be in the hood talkin that fly shit. They always in midtown or if not some yuppy part of Brooklyn or suttin. You n me got more stripes in NY than these outta town niggas who swear NY followin n alla dat. All these outta town mufukkas who never been to NY take these rappers on they word when really if they really came out here n chilled on the stoops they’d see we aint the south the west Midwest or Canada neither, let these niggas talk alla dat from they Manhattan apartment b they aint goin no higher than 96th St anyway haha

  • Judah Nazayar

    word Pap..keep coming wid that real MC shet… fukk what these squirrel azz nikkas below are saying. Lil simple nikkas getting they manpons bunched up cuz they fave rapper is getting waRshed up..

    • Big Dog

      waRshed up like most of these NY rappers

  • Seboy Jordan

    What get me is that most criticize but can’t put a sentence together! And a lot of these new breed New York dudes get me sick! Yall would let someone come in Ur home in rape UR WOMEN! Pap reps NY, What U rep? BK All Day!!

  • Yeah Pap got him over that classic “New York” beat….He just proved Trinidad’s point…

  • brotha_man

    pap stay murking

    • GQ

      yea his career

      • brotha_man

        what career? this is one of those nothing to lose situations

  • TruthSerum813

    Papoose is now Canibus 2.0, nobody looks his direction till he has a name in his mouth.

  • David Gonz


  • digitallife

    This is what a talented rapper becomes when he won’t kiss azz and be a social butterfly and ends up blacklisted….not knocking him he’s got mouths to feed but this state of hip-hop where a bigger name can x out your career is just crazy. Guess he joins Buddens, Royce, Nature, and the slew of other talented brothers who just ruffled the wrong feathers.

  • Sean Power

    lol haha kay slay should told pap this not it wackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  • AlphaICaesar

    Lookin’ like Ronnie Devoe stole Grimace McWardrobe in that pic.

  • atle fjeldstad

    Papoose can`t make a good song if it was to save his life..

    • killa

      yea he cnt smh

  • 7yoyo7

    Terrible beat….

  • Dointer

    Wow, the day has come where we are bagging genuine lyricists in favour of wack ass cartoon gimmick rappers. BIG is turning in his grave.

  • Live Well

    SMH at the nerd patrol continuing to come running to Trinidad James defense.

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