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Papoose "Jive Ass Turkey" (Trinidad James Diss)

  • GrammarLessons

    New York is the 3rd safest city in America. These NY dudes are so feminine and this shit suck. You don’t get no points for this.

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  • Chi5063

    Pap been trash forever. Not sure how this dude gets play.

    • cromthelaughinggod7

      You get know points from coming from a city of suckas who shoot people from windows. Shut up btch!

      • Chi5063

        So the circus is back in town. Can’t believe this d!ck eating chimp is trying to clown me and my city. Look, learn the difference between no and know before responding to humans that are smarter than you.

        And yeah, Pap is trash, been that way for years lil ape kid. Stop listening to his garbage and try reading a book!

  • Kaliban La

    not a pap fan and still not

  • Clondyke Classic

    this nigga only doin this shit cuz he know his career not gon jump off so he just gon talk shit to errbody.. this nigga act like one of them niggas tht uss the hoes out when they turn him down