J. Cole Responds To Kendrick Lamar's "Control" Verse On Justin Timberlake's "TKO (Remix)"

(AllHipHop News) J. Cole was one of the many rappers Kendrick Lamar named as wanting to “murder” lyrically on his much talked about “Control” verse. While scores of emcees dropped responses to Kendrick, Cole had remained silent about the matter – until now.

The Roc Nation rapper finally addressed the situation on the opening verse to Justin Timberlake’s “TKO (Remix).” The new version of The 20/20 Experience 2 of 2 track also features A$AP Rocky and Pusha T.

Kendrick and Cole have a long working relationship. K. Dot performed the hook to Cole’s Born Sinner song “Forbidden Fruit,” and Cole produced Kendrick’s song “HiiiPower” off Section.80. The two have hinted at creating a joint project together for years. They both will also be touring with Eminem in Australia early next year.

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It seems all the attention “Control” received left Cole feeling he had to respond. On “TKO (Remix)” he raps:

Cole to the rescue, never save a ho / Hoes like to hide their behavior though / Thought you was a down ass b***h / Til I found that s**t a couple days ago / I was home alone, next thing I know / That long as verse from a song called “Control” was on / The room got nearer, the tomb got clearer / That’s when I seen the s**t playin’ on your phone  / Girl, what is that? A ringtone? / S**t, not you too / Man that hype done got you too / Everybody and their momma gassed / Even my momma asked what I’mma do / Decisions, decisions / In case this is war, then I load up on all ammunition / If a n***a want problems, my trigger’s on auto / I’ll make sure that nobody miss him

Listen to JT’s “TKO (Remix)” below.

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  • Guest

    Cole bodied that verse.

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    Knock yo ass out lol

  • Sean Power

    that wasn’t really a respond, much more a slick way flipping it ti his advantage

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  • Jayson C Williams

    That’s what you what all these months for? Very disappointing

    • LaurynHernandex


      • Jayson C Williams

        Oh my good my feelings. I’m going to go jump off a building

      • YouCray

        you cant even spell “wait” right, you prolly cant jump off a building right either – That being said, whos to say timbo and/or JT were not sitting on this verse for months?

      • Jayson C Williams

        Lmao stupid it’s a typo u guys have no life and to further comment after u attempt poorly at insulting me makes me understand how stupid ppl like u and the guy with the white girl face who dirt commented are.. Go eat some left overs. It’s wack. J Coles verse was wack period. Foh lmao

      • Big Dog

        You mean jump off a football stadium like those dumb white people have been doing when they get there feelings hurt.

    • John Q. Public

      Been on tour

  • killa

    nobody care bout j cole he on rocnation he should be mo poppin he kinda gass if u think but not really he aint eatin better den kenrick

    • Weedras

      dude puts out quality, music regardless of whether he’s ‘eating’ better the kendrick dude’s work is solid and he stays true to himself… Kendrick is aight too… Cole has his core fans that support him… “I say, play your own way. Don’t play what the public want ? you play what you want and let the public pick up on what you doing ? even if it does take them fifteen, twenty years” Thelonius Monk

      • killa

        you should be alot more successful artist being signed under a label owned by Jay- Z their is no name that gets bigger than JAY-Z he got his core fans but his music aint what it should or could be with that kind of mentor Rihanna is the only artist he cosigned that ever reached that commercial success

      • YouCray

        Cuz eminem didnt have a whole flock of artists who flopped? and whos bleek? young guns? killa cam??? Could actually give examples for days~ Cole able to stay true to himself and still do well enough to not get dropped and keep fans happy.

      • RapItUp

        Cam had success before, during, and after Roc, so I wouldn’t count him.. But the others are sure shot

      • Weedras

        J. Cole doesn’t use Jay-Z to push his name and he has addressed this a number of times and further more because you’re signed to a big name artist doesn’t mean their fame equates to yours… so i don’t know where you going with that… Rihanna is a POPSTAR dude J.Cole is a RAPPER two different arenas…. and as i said dude doesn’t confirm to what’s the trend he just does his music and stays true to him.. and his music is of quality…

      • killa

        quality too who that song with miguel was trash like many of his other songs he might have a song or two that sounds scrate but i cnt listen to a all j cole album or mixtape jus me if yall can das cool i lived in Nc he aint really buzzin dwn there and thats wea he frm

      • Weedras

        wow! lol! of all his other songs that had more substance and message to it you had to pick the club banger… and even that addressed shit from a totally different angle than what is the norm nowadays… if he had stayed in NC he wouldn’t be buzzing anywhere hence why he came to NY… with all due respect ma dude i ain’t a major fan of Cole like that but i check for him… but you don’t seem to know much about dude’s music than what you hear on the radio…

      • killa

        The reason he aint that hot cause he an average rapper he not a lyricicst he had a few hot bars off features but you can never just enjoy one of his songs and at the same time respect the vocab dawg dnt tlk bout shit real niggaz wnt too hear he like a baby drake I never heard bout a comparison to Nas but thats just stupid Nas tlked bout the epidemic of the streets and made you think Cole jus be rappin he dnt have a clear lane in the industry he always gon be in Drake’s shadow and drake is trash but he got catchy songz for evrybody one example that Versace remix bra killt that shit he wnt in like dem migos did better then how dem niggaz rap it shows the seperation Cole really talent wise should be as hot as drake but he so confused as an artist decide to go a wale rout with the female hooks in shit My nigga dnt nobody wanna hear that i sorry… yall kno wat im tlkin bout i aint just attacking dude.

    • SBRon

      “What Kendrick eat don’t make Cole shit…”

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  • JimJames29


  • Dhz30

    real shit that verse was hard

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  • I’m impressed with how he played with emotional tones in his verse, adds a dynamic!

  • xNORCALx

    2000 n late lol. Verse was cool tho

  • digitallife

    If Cole can stay clear headed he’ll have a nice long career, always liked dude but didn’t like the Nas comparison but he’s really grown into himself. Look at most rappers second album, mostly about money, money, money and how rich they now are. This dude went into the emotional aspects of that instead which just indicates he isn’t trend rider.

  • Sicko

    Damn nigga kinda late tho

    • BruceLeRoyGlow

      better late than never

  • Prime time

    Cole def got his eye on legendary status, fuckin wit Hov u gotta Lebron the booth.
    Kendrick’s got the same goal as cole, wit Dre in his corner he’s lookin like Iron Mike in his Prime, no Pun intended.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      good observation i never notice they both got rap titans backing them …

    • Charter

      What pun?

      • Prime time

        The whole statement was a play on status connotation, but actually the Pun was intentional in reference to me capitalizing the word Prime, which subliminally injects my name into the list of honorable mentions, as well as Big Pun who to me also holds his own amongst those titans. It was irrelevant to the conversation but none the less the statement felt witty even If I was the only one fully in on wut I meant…

      • anemia716

        that’s not a pun.

      • Prime time

        To pun is to make a joke exploiting the different possible meanings of a word, In this case I used Prime and Pun, and I guess the funny part is that we could still disQus the statement a day later no pun intended…

      • anemia716

        ok, if you say so.

    • MildManneredReporter

      lmao at this comment

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  • Bumpy Johnson

    this shit was hard to listen to for me…yall make it seem like he killed it.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he actually did but he borrowed flows and its over a jt song lol so he lost alot of points from me on this one lol

      • Splatter

        Yea I heard the drake flow. Somehow I feel that was intentional

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  • Guest

    The South stay winning.

    • anemia716

      is that what you call it?

  • king

    J Cole all into his feelings now where was he at when all the hype of the verse was going on.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      waiting for the right opp to bomb on him … hes a paid recording artist its chess @ that level only mixtape or come up rappers for the MOST part are going to take advantage right away …. some time revenge is a dish best served COLD !!!!!!!!!!!! or should i say COLE !!!!!! lol

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  • i still feel like j cole didnt pop yet as a rapper,i think if he focus less on production and more on rapping he would dominate this rap sh!t.

    • JaffarR

      He has multiple platinum singles, and two number one albums in the country, one of which outsold a superstar name like Kanye West. Other than maybe Kendrick Lamar and Drake, there’s no other young rapper that is more “popped” and critically claimed as J. Cole.

      • but still there’s no excitement about his work a month after it drops,no ones constantly talking about his albums or songs like a kanye west.i just feel like somethings missing when it comes to this dude,i dont know what it is but i think he should be bigger than what he is now,i think working with different producers (elites) would take him to a another level..

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        hes has the oppurtunity hes just not the mane guy … hes an under dog with an platform …… but its mainly cause cole is trying to maintain some sort of integrity imo but so was kendrick but cole just aint hit that super lick yet

      • anemia716

        who in the hell was talking about yeezus after it dropped? unless they were trashing it, wasn’t anything else to talk about.

      • Charter

        Its critically ACCLAIMED bro. Acclaimed.

  • Pierre Elliott





  • Kee-Jay the Swiftly

    He’s not talking about knocking out Kendrick Lamar. He’s talking about knocking out his girl, which is SUPER wack.

    • anemia716

      haha if that’s how you interpret it.

      • Kee-Jay the Swiftly

        Listen to the lyrics and stop letting the headline on a blog tell you what to think.

  • Splatter

    Asap wasn’t needed on this. King Push did his thing!

  • trevinmurray

    I hope everybody smart enough to know that J.cole’s best friends in the music industry is Kendrick and drake and know if he says something like this its just for entertainment and fun, not serious beef, shit Kendrick probably already called his cell all like “Oh nigga, you dont want it nigga!!!” J.cole all like ” oh bring it nigga i got bars too nigga lol” and yall stupid Mothafuckas like… oh shit j.cole and kendrick beefin… smh and they laughing at this shit.

    • MildManneredReporter

      if niggas have ears or at least a 2nd grade reading level can understand he was just clowing

  • I can dig that, nice play on a response…

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