DMX Working On New Gospel Song "Never Give Up" (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Rapper DMX has been battling demons for most of his life. From drug abuse to troubles with the law, Dark Man X has faced his struggles with the dark side in the public eye. The Yonkers native is now turning his career toward the light with the upcoming gospel song “Never Give Up.”

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DMX recorded “Never Give Up” the day before Thanksgiving in Greenville, South Carolina. The track is produced Dame Grease. A release date for the song has not been announced yet.

X has always incorporated religious themes into his projects. Each off his seven studio albums featured a track called “Prayer,” and he often recites a prayer at his concerts.

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Watch clips from DMX’s studio session for “Never Give Up” and listen to “Prayer” parts I-V in the videos below.

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  • The hook and track actually sounds tight! Can’t wait to hear the OFFICIAL version.

    When X first came out, I didn’t like his music whatsoever. I thought it rubbed me the wrong way. (Particularly that Magnum P.I joint in which I eventually grew to like) THEN, one day I heard ‘SLIPPIN’. From then, it was OVER! I’ve been an X fan ever since. That song was PERFECT in every way. (at least to me).

    Sure the Brother has experienced a lot of sh*t in the public eye since he blew up, but how can you root against a STREET RAPPER that puts PRAYERS on his albums? The man clearly appears to have a GOOD heart. It seems like something is just afraid of him reaching his spiritual potential and is fighting against him.

    I wish the brother GOOD HEALTH, HAPPINESS and SUCCESS in ALL that is POSITIVE he attempts to accomplish.

    #BLESS my G


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  • BATMANfromDaHood

    damn what happened to the dude that made slippin? and then there was x..? i know times change and people grow but damn, … the grand champ wasnt the same x until i heard year of the dog and then the undisputed joint which makes me appreciate more of the material on the grand champ and year of the dog otherwise it seems his material is lacking major substance and his creativity is shot. i still love the dude tho simply because his first 4 albums played a major role in my life but that impact never hit as hard after that.

    • With any luck… The GRAND CHAMP will return to form…
      That song “slippin” was there for me thru HARD TIMES my G. I don’t know what it did for you but it offered me REFLECTION of the MIND’S perspective. His music hasn’t hit me hard since “Who we be” but I still have FAITH in the DOG/GOD…

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  • Dan_Tebasco

    Pretty sure the song is called God Told Me not Never Give Up

  • Having a breakthrough is good.