Gucci Mane Facing 20 Years In Prison For Felony Gun Possession

(AllHipHop News) The recent series of erratic behavior exhibited by Gucci Mane over the past few months may come to a disheartening end. Gucci Mane was charged in federal court today (December 3rd) with two counts of possessing a firearm as a felon and nis facing up to 20 years in prison for two separate counts of felony firearm possession.

According to the federal prosecutor’s news release, Gucci Mane is being charged for two separate gun possession incidents involving him making threats towards the police and his own lawyer in September. Coincidentally, these events occurred days after the Atlanta rapper was reportedly dropped from Atlantic Records:

On September 12, 2013, Davis, who was a felon at the time, was found in possession of a firearm. Then, just two days later, on September 14th, he again possessed a firearm different from the earlier gun. On both occasions, Davis displayed the loaded firearm, acted erratically, and made threats to individuals, including police and his attorney

Each felony gun possession charge carries a maximum punishment of 20 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000. This is the second time Gucci Mane has been arrested for gun-related issues, with the first stemming from a shooting death of Henry Lee Clark III he committed in 2005.

  • Sean Taylor

    When trying to be a thug goes wrong.

    • Darrell Robertson

      This n*gga wasn’t trying

    • Big Dog

      You are an example of trying to be smart gone wrong.

  • hoeyuno

    I’d like to say this ish is racist and he’s being targeted but we know thats a srtetch… I’m surprised he’s been free for this long… On a sidenote Chris Brown’s lawyers can use the “at least he ain’t Gucci mane” angle.

    • You Got Me Hott Out Here!!

      Why would u like to say “ish is racist?” Always gotta be some race shit smh

      • hoeyuno

        Just to piss you off

    • ForganMreeman

      Race does not have anything to do with a man’s common sense

      • hoeyuno

        Obviously in this case. guccis a retard. But I didn’t mean for my comment to be taken seriously and am not into a debate over a joke.

      • ForganMreeman

        Morgan Freeman never jokes.

      • killa

        right thats just dumb right there even Big MEECH aint do the dumb shit this studio thug does he fake what real nigga puts themself in this position ??????????????????????

    • ThatBostonMan

      Gucci was/is broke and that matters more than race. If he has money he can get a good lawyer and get maybe a few years. If he has a bad lawyer he will get 25 years.

      TI had a good lawyer, a good legal defense, and he looked both like he was set up and he has an excuse for being paranoid. Gucci does not have that excuse. No one has Gucci on a hitlist, and if he is receiving death threats he didn’t release it to the media.

  • ZUBU

    I wish bro the best, but to be honest he lucky to be alive if he threatening to shoot cops. Often times if you even hold a gun as a brotha they empty the clip and get away with it. If I’m stopped I won’t even hold my cell phone in my hand, casue they will blast and swear they thought it was a gun.
    They did it to the African brotha in NYC I think what 32-33 shots he trying to take his wallet out to get away from dudes following him. Sean Bell the night before his wedding. I could go on for days.

    • Immortal

      He brought this on himself. Let’s cut the bs out of it and think logically. You’ve been convicted of having a weapon already, and I’m sure your attorney tells you after the judge has already told you what the conviction entails. So you go out and get another one. Does anyone else see a trend of stupid actions knowing and not caring what the repercussions are? Ignorance can be fixed through training and education. Stupidity is in a class all to it’s own, and that’s where Roderic finds himself now. I’m not going to wish him bad, because it’s stupid, but this time “getting the jew” isn’t going to work, and he’s going to have to do a bid for absolutely nothing. I hope he takes the time to reflect on the dumb things he’s done and comes out with a plan to make his life better than it ever was with no drugs, no weapons, no jump offs, and no BS.

      • Andy

        Well said, well said.

      • ZUBU

        Word bro he bringing this on himself for certain. As someone else said the Feds don’t lose, they have such a high conviction rate cause they try to hit you with numbers so long that everybody takes a deal. Example they will offer you 10 on a weak case if you don’t take it you will lose the case and do 18, 20, 25, etc. They offer 5 if you don’t take it you may do 15 or more. It’s wicked but it’s how they work. If it was the state he may stand a chance. With the Feds it’s a wrap basically, they won’t even file charges unless they know they got your asss in the yoke..

      • Immortal

        No matter what anyone thinks, there is NO PAROLE in the Federal justice system. You get 10 you’re going to do 10. And to do something as stupid as this, makes every single person on here get a bad rap, no matter the race. We all look ignorant because of one. And I’ll say this too; as a black man is this what we aspire to be? Is this all we amount to? Is this the destiny of our future? All a black man is good for is keeping the criminal justice system with jobs or playing with a ball of some kind? I’m going to throw this out there too; the days of the black man with class are almost over whereas the days of a black man showing his a$$ are upon us. It’s LONG overdue to stop the ignorant bs and the coonery that follows

      • ThatBostonMan

        Tell that to Jay Z.

      • Immortal

        Jay Z has done the same thing that many before him have done to get ahead; take an idea that someone else already had, and make it your own. This analogy is made more factual through the making of Microsoft. Almost all of the early(and modern) software and firmware under their umbrella was made by someone else, but to keep competition low, whatever company it was, was bought by Microsoft and the product now became a Microsoft licensed product. I’m not justifying or saying anyone should idolize Jay Z, but his business mindset can’t be faulted. Same could be said for 50. Ruthless and unpredictable as a person, but just as ruthless, unpredictable and deadly as a businessman. Gucci is not and never will be in a business league with those two.

      • ThatBostonMan

        The feds have a high conviction rate because their informants will say whatever is necessary to get their target convicted.

        What does the TI and Gucci case have in common? Someone called the cops/snitched on their “Friend”.

        It’s likely that the feds have had their eye on Gucci for a while and were just waiting for him to slip. If you’re a celebrity and a rapper you should expect that the feds are watching you.

      • Immortal

        The DOJ wouldn’t get involved on some “petty” state case unless there was a request made by the state or something about the case justified Federal intervention. And by the time you get to Federal court, they have the resources to ensure the case is a slam dunk where the states DA offices are hampered by limited budgets and an overburdened caseload. There is something that AHH didn’t report (as usual) that took this case from state to Federal court.

      • killa

        oh he doin time rest assure this the third TIME!! And he a rapper its ova he AT LEAST AT LEAST gon sit for three years then hell be close to 40 and broke

    • johnblacksad

      Amadou Diallo… 49 shots

      • ZUBU

        Thanks bro I could not recall how to pronounce his name correctly, but I knew what they did to him was not correct.

      • Bumpy Johnson

        everytime i hear that name it makes me want to cry

    • killa

      yup sean bell southside smh

  • Schooly B

    He got dropped… Realized that money wasnt right…. Then started catching cases to get of the street.. Why else would he be doing some stupid shit like that?

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  • W.E.B. Du Bois

    that’s a hero to a lotta coon ass niggas ha haaaa !

  • pwid presents

    If the feds charge ya with something 95% of the time you go to jail prison I mean its not looking good for him and his legacy is in shambles as well

    • killa

      YEA THATS BLUE BAND FED TIME ITS OVA HE GON SIT IN JAIL FOR 6-8 MONTHS BEFORE HE EVEN GO TO PRISON UH FOOL BRA STUPID. how u get caught with guns bond out and get caught again 2 days later wow cuh is really retarded fuckin ice cream cone bro

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Damn GUCCI! You can’t be IN THE STREETS with GUNS & all, & be in the ENTERTAINMENT & MEDIA INDUSTRY simultaneously! Some ‘fake it’ like William ‘Fake RICK ROSS’ Roberts, but you can’t do it for REAL & think the Feds are gonna let you SLIDE! GUCCI crazy as a mofo, throwin’ b*ches outta cars & sh*t! If you are SERIOUS about your MUSIC CAREER get that INDIEPOWER on your side!


    • Celz

      Then stay yo ass in the trap where you cant get cracked.. If you need to make a move with ya burner on you have ya bitch carry it.. Niccas be listenin to these 2013 rappers forgetin the rules to the game.. “Pimps” payin strippers type shyt..

      • Charter

        Hell yeah… proudly trickin off and wifin up known heauxes. Between rap and reality tv, these #newniggaz got it ALL f*cked up out here.

      • Celz

        The easy route is just be stand up guy who may have dabbled in some street shyt back in the day. Niccas all worried about what the next broke stupid muthaphucca thinks.. If pay hoes you are not a pimp, if you have money and still carry a gun and sell drugs you won’t have money for long..

      • Charter

        …Or your freedom.

  • All black men are rapists

    lock this nigga up and get ready for all that free gucci bullshyt

  • cdj313

    Damn guwop hope you get ti time an not bg time hold ya head bumpin trap god 2 for the rest the year Free.GUWOP

    • killa

      iTS OVA CUH

  • black god

    Damn and waka took all his money, he going on that long road.

  • black god

    Doubt he was ever able to afford a former U.S. District Attorney or have a U.N. ambassador, and Atlanta mayor come to his trail like T.I.

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  • David Gonz


    • killa

      Ha … yea T.I snitched for sure u a fool if you dnt think so he got caught with like 20 assault rifles and he a FELON and got 12 months He Snitched n told….SCOOTER VOICE.

      • golder1

        Proof is need to call someon a snitch and their would be some paper trail if he did. And who cares 75% of niggas who get caught up snitch, just watch 1st 48 hrs

      • killa

        Bra u a fool if ya think he didnt snitch imma felon i kno i got niggaz that do time for FIREARM BY FELON just got out of jail with a nigga bout to do fed time for 3 guns 15 years for three guns… T.I got caught with bout 12 automatic weapons as a felon and he had previous dope charges… He snitched and told u dnt get 12 months for no serious shit like that without tellin I mean im not shittin on cuh he a father i mean i got kids i understand but as far as the streets he far from that U snitched stop talkin that gangsta shit cuh if he was really bout it he wouldnt have to go thru police ass niggaz to get guns

      • killa

        And them niggaz on first 48 are lame as hell they lil niggaz that wanna be hard and when shit get real fold under pressure if you a real nigga bout this shit u dnt have to rob u gon find a way to get $ in if u do have to burn a nigga u got money for lawyer so you will kno better then too tell on yourself n somebody else them first 48 niggaz are broke ass bums nobodys look up Trappn Hardo T.i new artist he frm my hood thats a real nigga he actually live this shit cuh pulled up in my hood in a porsche like he get dat paper you feel me fuk all these fake rappers support the real ones

      • ThatBostonMan

        But they aren’t celebrities and rich. If TI weren’t a celebrity and weren’t rich then you might have a point. OJ Simpson didn’t have to snitch. What about Diddy? They both were facing prison. What about Snoop Dogg?

    • ThatBostonMan

      wtf does TI have to do with it? There is no paperwork showing TI to be a snitch. So why are people spreading rumors without proof?

      And it’s not snitching if someone shoots you or your homeboy. If you call that snitching then Tupac would have to be called a snitch for telling the world who shot him.

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  • $18916246

    This dudes a clown…part of HIP-HIP out of control..the wave of everyday joes wandering into the music culture and industry for all the wrong reason’s. He’s no artist, he is a character I feel who sought the opportunity to exploit the music and gain fame in exchange…well it’s over now ..dude shot his load…he could have bowed out..but that would be smart. Grand opening..that’s it ain’t no more to it.

    • EL_BARK

      Gucci wasnt an everyday joe in atl. He put in his fair share of work on the underground scene before he blew. And build up his fan base….

  • Eli Pinilla

    Crash dummy

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  • Charter

    1. Dummy.
    2. If he gets 20, he should dedicate himself to un-retarding himself.

    • Lol “Un-Retarding”

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  • david3528

    He probably made enough money to retire and take care of his family. Why would anyone want more than that? Now he’s going to end up broke and in jail. These rappers can’t seem to get out of their own way.

    • ThatBostonMan

      He’s actually broke already and always was. You don’t seem to understand how the music industry works.

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  • Thabiso Simons

    Tupac said being a thugg don mean he wants to rob and rape people. Gucci mane didn’t get it

  • digitallife

    This has nothing to do with hip-hop outside the fact he raps (and I say rap with a loose definition of it). This dude is a moron and someone who seems to like jail more than freedom. You’ve had money for a while now and still haven’t managed to civilize yourself you are an embarrassment to the hood and the same people you came from strugglin’ with. Most of us wish we could have the kinda cake this fool has managed to make.

    • Ray

      co-sign 100%

  • AK

    fucc all the fucc boys you the type of mothafuckas we rob in the hood , gucci getting out in february and since he the hardest working artist there is he will make about 8 albums before hes lock up date for him to do 5 years and comeback a legend

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  • Obi Won

    Damn Guwop, this is why a lot of people rocked with Gucci though he was typical hood nigga. Saying Gucci didn’t grab the title of the Trap Rap would denial. Unlike Jeezy been known as a snake, TI’s been known as a snitch (idk if he is or not nor do I care), but Gucci been consistent, and has just been known as retarded lol.
    One thing I respect Waka for though is, he got away from the bull ish, and focused on what got him out the hood. Gucci’s muscle slowly prospered past his boss lol, crazy. I doubt Gucci get out any time soon, still i’m sure he expected it.

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  • killa

    Nah this shit serious Firearm by felons charges aint no Joke….. And like the article says that accidental killing of that dude back in 05 Gucci is Done yo he a rapper too they gon Hang his ass they gon put cuh under the prison real talk he fucked up with that twitter shit cuz he gon need some of them same ppl to rekindle his career if it aint over already

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  • PrettyReckless☠☯☪

    Poor Gucci! I’ve ALWAYS been your fan, and i ALWAYS will be no matter what. I hope you get out soon enough, until then #FREEGUWOP nigga!:( Your music is the shit & you’re the most badass rapper there is, you were just too real for our society.. Life ain’t fair with all the niggas strapped up not getting caught.. shit sucks. I’ll be Bumpin your music til i die Gucci Mane! Love you, your #1 Fan -Serena <3 <3 <3

    • ForganMreeman

      Young lady you are whats wrong with “our” society.

      • idiot trollbaiter


    • El moreno de Queens #Dominican


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  • Dj AbesAMP

    I don’t really listen to Trap Music, but I hate to see our brothers work so hard to accomplish something that only we as fans/consumers can do is write about. All respect is due to those whom come from nothing and establish themselves financially; regardless of the means. But in the same sentence, when they themselves carelessly and recklessly destroy all that they’ve worked for, who can you blame for the lack of discipline and self content? There is nothing Gangsta, Hard or Real about that…only a LESSON that hopefully he or someone whom looks up to him will learn from.

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