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Hip-Hop Rumors: Trina Braxton's Husband Challenges Her Divorce Request

It seems like Gabriel Adrian-Solis isn’t trying to let Trina Braxton go just yet. They’ve been back and forth because he’s a student of the Anthony Weiner cyber sex. They renewed their vows during last season of Braxton Family Values but a few months later Trina wanted out and filed for divorce and it turned out that both parties were guilty of cheating.

But according to TMZ, Gabe is challenging her divorce request in another attempt at getting back together.

Check it:

Adrian-Solis doesn’t believe the marriage is kaput … he’s filed docs in Georgia challenging the divorce petition … claiming whatever’s wrong with their relationship can be fixed.

According to the docs … he wants a judicial declaration that a reconciliation is possible … with a little work from both.

Trina has to do what’s best for her but hopefully they’re not doing this for the sake of their TV show.

  • Jayson C Williams

    The rumor section is turning into lil mto

    • DJ7

      Say word…who the f*ck is checking for this sh*t on a hip hop site in the 1st place? There are only a couple of females (that’s being generous) that comment, sparingly, and even they bypass this horse sh*t…so the real question is, why are they even reporting on it and to whom is their target audience???

  • MrNoName2K

    Man dude crazy trying to challenge her “divorce” request. Aint no fixing that kind of sh*t and especially after both yall done played the field.. just let her flyyyyyy

    • Actually, it’s maneuvering for a settlement.

      If the court declares it can be fixed with work from both, and he does his part & she doesn’t, she’s at fault, since “Condonation” took place with the renewal of wedding vows. (Forgiveness)

      Assuming she is the money earner in the relationship.

      • Dubz

        I was gonna say this sounds like a strategy more than anything…lol

      • Ya’ heard!

        Ain’t no real dude going out like that for free.

        WTF the court gonna say to a woman scorned?

  • Guest

    Gabriel Adrian-Solis: Lawd girl don’t leave me! You ain’t Toni but dammit you are close enough!!

  • AlbertoRipRon

    LOL homie getting things right in the background! Hustle moves…

  • Heart of a Slave, Blood of a k

    Need to put up that unheard Pac interview. Sounds like the same thing Kanye has been talking lately with less consumerism.

  • nottobadd

    they should just have an open marriage jeez!