Kanye West Didn't Like The Beats For Notorious B.I.G.'s "Juicy" or "Big Poppa"

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West media blitz continues. His latest interview was with Atlanta’s V103 radio station. During the Q&A, Kanye speaks on several topics including G.O.O.D. Music artist Cyhi The Prynce, his sit down with Sway, his problems with Nike, and his opinion on a few famous tracks from a Brooklyn Hip Hop legend.

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While discussing how great the Notorious B.I.G. was at being able to popularize any type of track he rapped over, Kanye reveals he is not a fan of the beats for two of Biggie’s biggest hits.

“That ‘Juicy’ beat, I don’t like that beat man,” states Kanye. “And I don’t like the beat for throw your hands in the air if you a true player [‘Big Poppa’]. I don’t like the Dr. Dre worm noise on the chorus. At all, till this day. I don’t imagine that Biggie like that that much either.”

He then adds, “Biggie Smalls made you think that ‘Big Poppa’ beat was cold. It was not a cold beat.”

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Watch Kanye West interview with Greg Street below.

  • Sean Taylor

    F you and what you think.


  • Tony G.

    As if ANY beat on ur last album was…this dude is irking the shit outta me

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    Yeezus had no beats though. U whitewash asss nicca!

    • DeezNizutz

      Nice! LOL!

    • Jayson C Williams


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  • $18916246

    Who cares what “wonderboy” thinks…ambulance chasin again..tick tick tick…SAD.

    • Live Well

      LOL at “wonderboy”

  • Jayson C Williams

    But this nigga was in his basement doing 5 beats a day for 3 summers while biggie & dre put out classics? Wtf does he think he is, jigga needs to slap his gay confidant

    • Thomas Smith

      yeah stupid of he was a teenager then what type of equipment did he have at 16 still in high school making beats for the local rappers in the chi-town…..what he saying was that as a beatmaker those beats wasn’t hot….Biggie made them hot…put it like this if it was another rapper other then biggie or pac…..you think those songs would have been still #1 on the charts (even with Jay and nas out there….) you know that answer to that….smfh

      • Jayson C Williams

        No I don’t agree because while technology has improved, music should be graded classically relative to their era. All those beats from that era we’re heavy sampled from songs from previous era’s. Like that beat was the exact same beat the Isley brothers used (where they got it from) so you telling me kanye could of made that classic even better? Stop it! He could of said it like you explained it but he chose not to because he’s an arrogant attention grabbing self loathing person. Talented none the lease but his attitude sucks horribly and I think he’s addicted to acting out this way because he gets attn. But I def see your argument but ya man ye is a dick and his last album was wack

  • Dave Williams

    this skirt wearing dude needs to just shet up !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    its funny how people let the main point fly over thier head … of course alot of ye beats are garbage too … his point was some rappers are SO COLD !! that they actually help the beat … in todays world beats HELP THE RAPPERS !! but all of that just FLEW OVER YALL HEADS 747 style lol smh yall probably just read the article title and responded instead of peeping what was said yourself yall know how tihs site do dont have them have you looking crazy in these comments cause they catfishing lol …….Jayson C Williams,
    Inmadopuroz, Tony G.,
    Sean Taylor

    and its been documented that biggie wasnt feeling the beat either …. so its not all based on kanyes opinion …………..

    • RapItUp

      I think people are just riding the “Everybody seems to be dislike Kanye right now so I’ll follow suit” wave.. Majority of these guys was bumping Pain is Love and then converted to GRODT immediately. I know the type! Lol

      • Live Well

        Nah bruh. People want to like Kanye but he won’t let us.

      • RapItUp

        Lol I heard the hell outta that. I just hope he gets over this publicity binge soon. One thing that can’t be denied.. Guy knows how to stay relevant!

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        yeah lol

    • $18916246

      I know, “WE DON’T HAVE THE ANSWERS” and what your saying “AIN’T RALPH THOUGH!…Haaaaa!

    • crisg723

      Those beats were hits way before Biggie ever picked up a mic. Those are classics, yeah they’re not Hip Hop beats per se. But those 2 beats he mentioned were samples of songs that were already hits. Biggie was a great MC, but he didn’t make those beats hits, they made his songs hits, sorry.

      • 2012Industry1

        He’s right though! Puff took those beats and had rappers spit over them. Didn’t add anything more to them. I loved the Big Poppa beat at the time, but that Juicy beat was garbage. I can’t listen to that song til this day….and Big is my favorite rapper of all time!

      • crisg723

        If the Juicy beat was so trash, why was it a hit on every single song that ever used it? That beat is classic, it made #1 on the billboard charts way before Big used it. He might’ve done it better than Mtume, but none the less Juicyfruit as a single sold over a million copies in the 80s.

      • 2012Industry1

        I never said Juicy Fruit was trash! It was better in the Keyshia Cole Song, but it was the same in that Tamar song, and that’s my point, Keyshia Cole was the only one that really added something more to that beat and made it sound more up to date. The Juicy Beat on Big’s version wasn’t good, it was a hit because of the money put behind it and the power that was BIG. Let’s not get into “why was (blank song) number one if it was trash” conversation. My name is that for a reason.

  • RapItUp

    People are getting really upset w/ Kanye though.. lol like, mad.. “irked”, and some mo’ shit! I can understand people getting annoyed w/ the rants, the STRONG opinion (would you rather he have a mild opinion instead?) but.. the dude makes beats. Maybe not as much anymore, as he’s producing and chopping/editing (see Cruel Summer, MBDTF) but.. a guy that’s made at least a couple mil. off beats alone. I think he’s put in enough work to offer feedback on some hip-hop historic, as some of his work will go down in the same catalog. It’s like one doctor critiquing another’s pharmaceutical recommendation.. You might not like Doc. Y, but… he’s still a Ph.D.. and he worked to earn his right to give his recommendation on said product. Whether you agree or not.

  • $18916246

    Kanye West the new “MAD RAPPER”….My my, my shit more john blaze then that..the irony.

  • Papi Peligro

    He ain’t lying. That beat is garbage.

    • Live Well

      He’s not lying, he’s just ignorant. He can’t even play any instruments.

  • $25766220

    I was hoping he’d talk more about sampling

  • Ryan

    I find it wierd at the time dre would produce beats for the eastcoast i mean i could be wrong but if so i never knew that. I wouldnt be surprised if kayne keeps yapping that they wont end his life.

    • Ronald Tregan

      He wasn’t saying Dre produced those tracks he was just saying it had a Dre/Westcoast vibe he wasnt feeling. Dre did produce for Nas ans The Firm around that time though

  • crisg723

    So Kanye is pretty much saying that Juicyfruit from Mtume and Between the Sheets from the Isley Brothers are wack beats? Those aren’t really Hip Ho[p beats, but those are definitely classic beats. He could’ve commented on Bad Boys excessive use of samples, but come on, to say those beats are trash smh.

  • Live Well

    Kanye is so wack. Keep it funky nigga, you can’t play a single instrument. What you call beats is nothing more than samples from real singers and instrumentalists, and a beat pattern that you make on a machine and loop.

    • Malik

      Real spit

  • 2012Industry1

    Y’all can’t read for nothing! 1st, he never said Dre did anything…he said he didn’t like the Dre Sounding worm on the hook of Big Poppa, which everyone was trying to emulate at that time, and it sucked. 2nd, Juicy was a horrible beat. It sounded like a Karaoke version of Juicy Fruit from Mtume. Nothing added to bring it out. Example: how they flipped the Get Money Remix beat from Don’t Look Any Further…it added something to it. When he’s speaking on music, Kanye is hardly that far off…he is one of the dopest of all time on the beats. He speaks fluent Bullsh** but he’s right when it comes to those beats!

    • crisg723

      i feel what you’re saqying, but the “worm” on the hook for Big Poppa was the same from the original Isley Bros song. I don’t think they tried to emulate Dre when they did that, Dre wasn’t even in the music biz when that was put together.

      • 2012Industry1

        It was not the same fro the Isley song….listen to both, there’s a sound that was put into the Big Poppa beat that wasn’t on Between The Sheets. The hell are you talking about???

    • whatupdoe

      Waste of typing. I loved that beat.

      • Thomas Smith

        But Kanye is right Because Biggie didn’t like the juicy beat neither……

        What you don’t think other producers don’t criticize other producers Beats….smfh…..but like my peoples said “but because…Kanye said it….”

      • whatupdoe

        “But Kanye is right.” Another stupid comment. An opinion is not fact. Biggie made 2 classics with beats he didn’t like.

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn WTF is really wrong with Kanye..them beats were fire before they were sampled and couldnt have been used any better..

    • Thomas Smith

      not those beats wasn’t hot sorry

      • MrNoName2K

        For the equipment and sound that they were putting out then, they were pretty tight.

  • Ike’s Mood

    i’m from chicago & we are truly sorry for this skirt wearing, hoe-wife’n dud…

    • lando

      Me too bro

  • Kanye is game over after the Sway interview.
    His stardom went to his head. We shouldn’t
    feed this guy anymore.

    Juicy Fruit by Mtume is a great tune.
    BIG cam with the right lyrics at the right time.
    It fit like a glove. It was the start of a whole
    new perspective in rap. I would argue that this
    one song is even more relevant than Ye’s
    entire career minus the “George Bush rant”.
    Juicy was that from negative to positive song.
    Stop being a bummer and complainer. Go out
    and do something with your life.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he didnt say he didn like the song … he said he didnt like the beat … yall taking it too serious ….. Ether is a great diss record … but take nas lyrics off and its one of the worst instrumentals ever !! it is what it is … but when you combine the 2 lyrics and production you got MAGIC !!!!!!!!!

      • Da Ledgendary


      • Pierre Elliott




  • Pierre Elliott




  • YungKizz

    new kayne ummmmmmm old kanye plz comeback

  • Christina Snatchko

    ***Kanye, 4-real…it is best you STOP THE NONSENSE! Don’t you even dare be thinking you all that & you so fly…because you are NOT! You ain’t ever gonna reach the same level of Notorious B.I.G.! So just stop it because almost every body already thinks you wak! Be gone now & don’t even bother coming back! Lol ***

  • chippc

    Eh. it’s a matter of opinion. I didn’t care for Juicy Fruit sample either, maybe it was because i never liked the original. But Big Poppa was jammin’. Anyway I hope D dot didn’t do those beats cuz it seem like he already wanna put hands on Kanye from previous ish.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      lol i never thought about that lol ha ha that would be funny if ddot did do those joints lol

    • Da Ledgendary

      Pete Rock did the beat originally, but Puff stole it and had Easy Mo Bee change the drums. Pete Rock sued and got paid.

    • Da Ledgendary

      The Juicy beat that is

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  • Terrance Goodman

    Chi town don’t claim ya Hollywood Nigga this fool has lost it . Seriously joe put the Tina down

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  • Obi Won

    Lol, Kanye funny as hell, but we know he has an opinion on everything. I think people attacking son, bc Kanye turned into a mouth chattering clown. Imagine if Nas or Snoop stated they turned the beat down at the time b/c they didn’t like it.

    Still that just showed how smooth BIG’s flow was, he made you forget all about the Beat. Its wild b/c everyone is saying production wise, Yezzus was wack (consumers anyway).

    Just his opinion, everyone has their taste, personally I thought everything that BTNH did w/o DJ U-Neek, wasn’t real Bone Thugs music.

  • Bobby T

    Throw on Juicy in my neighborhood every person screams the lyrics.
    niggas use beats for we help the beats- LOX

  • illness

    I agree. Those beats were the weakest ones on the whole album. Biggie made those beats hot. The isley brother sample sounded better when ATCQ did it for the Bonita Applebaum remix

  • $18592567

    He’s a lame to the second degree…

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