Mysonne Speaks On Confronting Trinidad James (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) A photo of an alleged confrontation between Atlanta rapper Trinidad James and New York rapper Mysonne hit the internet recently, and the pic sparked speculation about what exactly took place when the two met face-to-face. Mysonne alluded to the incident on Twitter, but it was not until a sit down with VladTV that he spoke directly about the encounter.

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Mysonne revealed that he was approached by a mutual acquaintance from New York who was with Trinidad at the Sole Con event in the city. The middle man apparently attempted to open a conversation between Mysonne and Trinidad.

“He came to me respectfully and was like, ‘Yo, listen I respect you, and [Trinidad] wants to know if there is any way y’all can settle your differences,” said Mysonne. “I expressed to him our differences is the same differences you should have. You from here.”

From there Mysonne spoke with Trinidad expressing to the southern performer his problem with the now famous “south runs New York” rant and non-apology afterwards. He says he also stated his commitment to NYC and refusal to let anyone disrespect his hometown.

Mysonne confirms that the meeting did not turn violent implying that he did not take that route because Trinidad James is just a rapper and not someone from the street like him.

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Watch the interview in the video below.

  • Whos gonna bring NY back?! DMV on the come up though….

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  • golder1

    This ideal that just because you are a street dude who has sold dope and lived a criminal lifestyle makes you harder/toughter than someone who hasnt is bullshit. I’ve seen MANY so called hood niggas get knocked the f@ck out or run like b!tchs when ish gets real. Shit look at 1st 48 at all the so called hood niggas who quick to cry an snitch when they get in a pinch. And this shit is common.

  • new york got the talent,they just don’t have the people and the media behind them.

    • JP

      NY media capitol of the world.

  • black god

    Its funny how tough they talk then when they meet its no problem.

  • tdot

    DMV? whos DMV? that sounds like a hwy (highway)…new york city has a better chance with spike lee bringing it back!

  • JP

    Why NY niggas can be quick to act tough and talk crazy when somebody like trinidad James say some meaningless bullshit but when politicians like Michael Bloomberg try to take away large sodas or better yet infringe on there constitutional rights in regards to firearms they can’t take a stand and make a deal about that issue?

    • Charter

      Niggaz looooove to play King of the ant hill… meanwhile white folks are standing over the measly ant hill that people like Mysonne pretend is some kind of “throne”, holding a magnifying glass burning every one up with the sun.

      • JP

        Ya hear me! Niggas so quick to get emotionally off some he said she say bullshit but want use they voice to be heard about something that really matter when they in a position of power to do so

    • johnblacksad

      freedom ain’t about doing absolutely anything you wish or can think of…

  • Dhz30

    nigga repeated himself 87 times for 13 minutes i was too busy eating this food to turn it off

  • Dhz30

    and the fact that dude saw him in person and did nothing but talk (nothin wrong with that in itself..grown men can talk shit out), but the next day releases a song on some ‘we aint with that talkin we bout that action’ and all this talk about puttin hands on him is ridiculous

  • Kmac_Jones

    You NY nigga’s aint nothing but loud mouths, until I see some action, you cats aint dong nothing but talking crazy…. I can’t lie ya’ll good at that though. WESTSIDE!

    • HalfPast7

      Soooooo u typin alla this fly sh!t here is posed to prove that u about that ACTION? All u doin is typin fam, u not any harder than the dudes u speak of. Until u in the middle of the BX talkin fly don’t say sh!t b. Can’t believe y’all keyboard killas still around yo.

      • Kmac_Jones

        Who am I kiling, I said STOP TALKING TOUCH and prove yourself, But all you knick ass nigga’s do is talk, I met soooo many cats from NY when I was in the army and I got to say when it came down to brawling them nigga was always the weakest

      • HalfPast7

        Ni99a shut uuuup! So each n every NY dude u met was all talk n weak huh? Lemme guess, u was the hordest dude there huh? Lmaooooo next comment you put up better be a link to YouTube wit u in the middle of 183rd n Davidson in the BX sonnin ey’body b, FOH

    • rob rob

      We good at knockn dudes out too. Don’t believe? see for yourself son!!!

      • Kmac_Jones

        STOP TALKING and DO IT, that’s the difference between real hitters and LOUD MOUTHS

      • rob rob

        I’m going to assume that this is directed to these rap dudes. I’m no rapper and definitaly no loud mouth. In other words, I don’t talk $h!t… I DO $H!T…And from what I’m hearing from Mysonne, TJ came coppn pleas homie!!!. If dude really felt he was telling the truth & nothing more then just stand your ground, Who ever has a problem then fuk it That’s what real men do homie!!! Now back to the BS you spattn, I dear you to step to the next NY dude you see mouthing off. Fukouttahere /that westside BS!!!

  • Chris

    Didn’t Mysonne put out a song called “The Truth” a long time ago? SMH.

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  • Nana De Baus

    nigga fighting for his city huh

  • i’mreloaded!

    This is the stupidest beef ever. Make music and STFU. Sensitive thugs, ya’ll all need hugs.

  • These folk given dude hell, how many times have New york rappers openly dissed Southern rappers especially out of Atlanta, we destroyed Hip hop, were not lyrical, our music trash but now yall bite us,then they wanna Check a nigga on sum g shit come down here off yo turf and try to Check a nigga

  • Obi Won

    If a dude remix’s my All Gold song talking about how he’s going to ROB ME of it, we aint got ish to talk about. You don’t have to be a street dude to have some heart/balls. That’s a man just like he is. Especially when TJ keeps saying he’s a “real nigga” or when he was ready to fight Joe Budden.

  • Quintin Williams


    • i’mreloaded!

      Dude please….. when NY was runnin da game ya’ll talked big shit bout da South. Only one who really replied was Pimp C (RIP). We didn’t get on camera cryin, we made hit music and elevated. I fux wit New York cuz DMX and Nas are in my top 5, but why don’t ya’ll do da same? By the way, I’m from Atlanta and I’ll be the first to say Trinidad James sux, but he said what he said so ya’ll go in the booth and prove him wrong. Trinidad ain’t even from Atlanta anyway, he from Florida somewhere. We ain’t claimin him.

      • Quintin Williams

        John, that’s not what I’m trying to say. Your comments are correct about NY when we were running hip hop, but performers never came to a Georgia stage and belittle your city. Come on, you know damn well no one can come to ATL and disrespect you all like that. And I love Gerogia, use to work for CNN, lived in Decatur for 2 years and I have 2 kids down their. The real Thugs would’ve approached any out of towners disrespecting ATL….Am I right?

      • i’mreloaded!

        Truuuuu…. Thanx for the civilized reply brotha. I am in agreement wit u.

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  • Elayorx El

    Well, I gotta say, Mysonne BODIED this interview. I’m not sure how dudes are not seeing the blatant Willie Lynchesque way, certain rappers from certain places the last few years, have been taking shots at the great Mother. Mysonne would get my vote any day, should there ever be an official campaign for ambassador to En Why. Everyone knows that it is all about respect at the end of the day. Period.

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  • The Authority.

    NIgga worry about your own career not what another dude say. Final Word.