Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys “I’d Die Without You”

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  • Logic

    I like Alicia’s song writing and musical composition skills. I just don’t think vocally she is dynamic as other artist like a Mary J. My girl argues adamantly against this. the facts remain.
    The mainstream music Industry is consumed with the promotion of
    death and destruction, greed and extravagance. Basically the current
    climate of culture from music makes unity of the black man in the
    western hemisphere unrealistic. The drum is not being used to uplift
    the Black woman and child.
    The grassroots has to reclaim the drum of true inspiration. Music
    that spreads the joy of intellectual ingenuity. Nation building
    potential of Black Brotherhood is the atmosphere Freelife Records
    will compliment.

    ​Freelife Records coordinates grassroot development
    opportunities that include vunues for performances, aid with studio
    recording, mixing, mastering, video shoots, and video editing.
    Artist development means nation building, which is community
    Check out 40 hard tracks by Logic N the Chi on
    soundcloud help promote em with likes comments and shares so we can
    start from scratch with the artistry

    • truth

      illumanatti….dumbing down of society

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