Call Him, Maybe: Chief Keef Leaks Soulja Boy’s Phone Number Online

(AllHipHop News) The social media war between Chief Keef and Soulja Boy has a new chapter. Over half a year since their differences became public, Chief Keef took to his personal Twitter account to release Soulja Boy’s phone number.

Describing him as “Houlja H*e A*ss”, Keef tweeted what he alleges is Soulja Boy’s actual phone number to his 810,000+ followers:

While this may seem out of line, it is actually consistent with the way Soulja Boy and Keef’s beef has transpired. In late April of 2013, Soulja Boy sent a series of threatening Facebook posts to Keef:

Screenshot 2013-12-05 13.44.43

Soulja Boy later claimed his account was hacked, but not before Chief Keef responded in kind:

Screenshot 2013-12-05 13.46.52

There is no word on what prompted Keef to revisit their beef by leaking Soulja Boy’s alleged phone number. Check out the pair’s collaboration, “Foreign Cars” below:

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