Master P’s return to the game continues after a number of successful mixtapes, hit records, concert tours and now a new album. “The Gift” is an exclusive Limited Edition Gold Album and has all the makings of an instant classic. The “Ice Cream Man” is simply at his BEST this year, he not only gives us that old school Master P raw down south high energy music we have all come to love and enjoy, but he also focused on making hits for this generation and his new fan base. This album has contributions from Rick Ross, Yo Gotti, Future, The Game, Nipsey Hussle and more. Previously released singles “Lonely Road” and “Two Three” featuring Rick Ross have all the radio stations, fans and the streets going crazy for this NO LIMIT music.

Master P’s “The Gift” is a must have collectors album and will only available for a limited time. Each album comes with a golden ticket inside worth 10k dollars. The golden ticket drawing is dec 23rd and just in time for christmas. The proceeds for the album go to help underprivileged kids with Toy Drives this holiday season. Make a donation today at and lock in your copy of the Limited Edition “The Gift” album today!

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Album Art Directed By NLF’s @Hitmayne4Hire
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  • Logic

    I would of liked to hear how the Master used hundreds of millions to empower those impacted by Katrina. Wishful thinking.

    The mainstream music Industry is consumed with the promotion of
    death and destruction, greed and extravagance. Basically the current
    climate of culture from music makes unity of the black man in the
    western hemisphere unrealistic. The drum is not being used to uplift
    the Black woman and child.

    The grassroots has to reclaim the drum of true inspiration. Music
    that spreads the joy of intellectual ingenuity. Nation building
    potential of Black Brotherhood is the atmosphere Freelife Records
    will compliment.

    ​Freelife Records coordinates grassroot
    development opportunities that include vunues for performances, aid
    with studio recording, mixing, mastering, video shoots, and video
    editing. Artist development means nation building, which is community

    Check out 40 hard free tracks by Logic N the Chi on
    help promote em with likes comments and shares so we can
    from scratch with the artistry

    • acapwn

      Shut the hell up and quit tryin to ride somebody else’s coattails.

      • Logic

        According to a ALL HIP HOP poll 68.43% of 1,758
        votes said rappers should do way more to stop violence in cities. I’m reporting for duty. P sort of rode the coattails of Pac stating among other things in a track Hail Mary. I’m not punching below the belt

    • Money Cant Kill Music

      #legit You should check out the album preview… Google “MONEY CANT KILL MUSIC” It’s #something_else

  • Master P be dropping nothing but heat all year got his 3 mixtapes still on repeat

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  • musicbusiness advisors

    WAS Garbage & 20 years later…..STILL Garbage! Gotta TRY to pay fools $10k to ‘buy’ this TRASH….. won’t go ‘plastic’! EVERYTHING that WRONG with HIP HOP these days………..

    • GR504

      must not of listened to the album…

      • mitchdupre

        agreed… all his 2013 stuff has been good. But this one is the best yet. He’s not over-doing the “ughh”, like he used to, but he incorporates it in a good way here and brings home the trademark. His music is fire here lately, all he needs is to get more exposure. But it’ll come. Master P has always found away to make it work.

  • GR504

    Master P is on fire this is a dope record. He is talking about all kinds of real shit on this album unlike other hiphop thats out today. listen to track 16 for an example.

    however track 11 with furture doesnt seem to be on the album??

  • AlbertoRipRon

    You don’t have to eat shit to know its shit

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