Hold Me Back: Rick Ross Explains Why His New Album Was Pushed Back

Mastermind on the way, top of 2014“-Rick Ross in “No Games (Remix)”

(AllHipHop News) Things done changed. After announcing his new album, Mastermind would hit stores on December 17th, Rick Ross has used a few platforms to say everything but the fact that his album will be pushed back. Ross explained the delay on DJ Scream’s “HoodRich Radio” show.

According to the MMG boss, the album is being delayed in order to make it a classic:

I’m still putting final touches on the album, man. You know to me, man, making that classic is more important than anything. You know, making sure the streets are overwhelmed by what I’m doing is what’s most important. I’m trying to get it to you, you know? And if I don’t I’m going to get it to you ASAP. You already know how I get down.

This is the second album in a row from Rick Ross that has suffered a changed release date, ironically after he proclaimed his albums do not get pushed back in 2011. During an interview on Funkmaster Flex’s show on October 4th 2011, Ross addressed Jeezy’s album delays by firmly claiming his God Forgives, I Don’t album would not be pushed back from its original December 13th, 2011 date. A month and a half after that interview, God Forgives, I Don’t was pushed back by over seven months to July 30th, 2012. Ross explained the reasoning for the push back on MTV’s RapFix in a similar manner as he did for Mastermind:

If I wanted to, I’m pretty sure I could still meet that date, but I think for the people, it’s more important [to lay groundwork] for when I get out there and look them in the face and touch them hands. We’ve just gotta lay ground for it, and I’mma keep y’all updated.

There is no release date for Mastermind as of yet.

Check out Rick Ross’ full HoodRich Radio interview below:

  • killa

    shit got pushed back cuz his first single aint jump like that yea u betta wait cuz that shit was garbage

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  • King Cold

    , cuz he fallin off especially since the compilation flopped. Lawse

  • Logic

    They overwhelmed by them constant classics they have to somehow copy that “Logic N the Chi” keep droppin. Check em out on soundcloud 40 hot tracks of truth, love, peace, justice, and freedom.

  • musicbusiness advisors

    Officer William ‘Fake Rick Ross’ Roberts been delayed for LACK OF CREDIBILITY, compilation flopped, people tired of his ‘fake drug dealer stories’, & fact he NEVER was a MAN & acknowledged the REAL RICK ROSS as an inspiration & mentor! LAMES FAIL!

  • Norf_Norf

    That “Box Chevy” single wasn’t it

  • digitallife

    Not a fan of his lyrics as of late, think he showed great promise early on…the track with nas was super dope but I will say this cat can pick some great f’ing beats..one thing you can expect from a Ross’ album is some insane instrumentation

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  • ihatefaggots

    This actor needs a hood oscar.

  • i’mreloaded!

    I like Ross’s albums but it all pretty much starts soundin the same after a while. Same lyrics, same flow, same subject matter. His production is what surpasses all the other artist’s albums. Give Kendrick or Cole the same production and Rozay would become obsolete. But Ross do got flow, can’t front. When I say surpass, I mean production wise.