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The Game Joins With Gang Members To Fund Funeral Of Murdered 7-Year-Old Boy

(AllHipHop News) The tragic killing of 7-year-old Talib Pecantte has rocked the Los Angeles area. The young boy was shot in the chest while sitting in a parked car with his mother and an unidentified man. As response to the murder rapper Game is working with local members of the Crips, Bloods, and Spanish gangs to raise funds for Pecantte’s funeral.

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“In 60 minutes, $7000 which is a generous contribution from people who don’t have to give anything,” announced Game. “We grew up in this city, so at the end of the day we kind of feel obligated. So I’m gonna keep on raising money.”

The Jesus Piece rapper also revealed that he has managed to broker a “Cease-Fire L.A.” campaign with the city’s gangs for the holiday season. Game says the short-term goal will be reevaluated at the top of year and beyond.

Authorities have not arrested anyone for the shooting yet. The suspects have only been described as four black males in black hoodies last seen in a white vehicle. Talib’s mother and the man in the car were also hit, but are reported to be okay.

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Listen to Game talk about his effort to help the Pecantte family in the TMZ video below.

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  • Respect G

  • whatupdoe

    Game is revealing himself as a stand up dude. People gonna have something negative to say, but eff um.

    • Vinsanity

      He gotta stay relevant somehow. Any publicity is good publicity. Dude didnt do shit when he was hot.

      • Freebe Jackson

        rather this to stay relevant than going on rants, dissing people, sextape, etc

      • Vinsanity

        He still do all that.

      • Freebe Jackson

        eat a bowl of spermy cocks you weirdo

  • Anthony Gutierrez

    He should take accountability for it and responsibility (to clean it up) and so should the other rappers that are promoting violence and gang stuff in their music. I don’t think hes doing anything stand up. Hes a contributor of it so…

    • Freebe Jackson

      No he shouldn’t

    • Logic

      What up Fam. I overcame hardship growing up in chicago. I grew up
      a member of a chicago street tribe but when I transitioned from a
      lifestyle that made me an easy target I mentored in a way that
      yourself would be proud of. When I tell people I was in the audy Home
      with Yummy Sandifer in 94 they don’t believe me thinking I just would
      say anything to get attention since 2 Pac went off over the incident.
      Then you have the fact that when 2 Pac was murdered in 96 who was
      next to me in a cell in Valley View juvenile department of
      corrections? Yummy Sandifer’s big brother Lorenzo. Occurences like
      this in retrospect cement my musical purpose.

      The mainstream music Industry is consumed with the promotion of
      death and destruction, greed and extravagance. Basically the current
      climate of culture from music makes unity of the black man in the
      western hemisphere unrealistic. The drum is not being used to uplift
      the Black woman and child.

      The grassroots has to reclaim the drum of true inspiration. Music
      that spreads the joy of intellectual ingenuity. Nation building
      potential of Black Brotherhood is the atmosphere Freelife Records
      will compliment.

      ​Freelife Records coordinates grassroot
      development opportunities that include vunues for performances, aid
      with studio recording, mixing, mastering, video shoots, and video
      editing. Artist development means nation building, which is community
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      help promote em with likes comments and shares so we can
      from scratch with the artistry

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  • MrNoName2K

    Man all this “killing children” sh*t has gotta stop..good look for Game tho

    • baller187

      dont worry they will catch these niggas, anytime a kid gets shot they always catch them cuz cops shut hoods down, people cant make they money

  • killa

    shit aint gone solve nothing niggaz gon keep killing each other everywhere stupid but its life its real these crackers dnt care bout us man lets stop the bull band together n get this paper before its too late nhm yup uhuh ju heard!!!!

  • jd


  • Shotgun_Packa

    You can’t blame the game’s lyrics or say he contributing to te violence. If we as people blame rappers, let’s blame Al Pacino and Robert deniro as well. Let’s blame corporate America for allowing Rated R movies. C’mon man we can point fingers all day long but in the end, the world is the world. Not one person or genre can take all the blame.

  • ZUBU

    IMO, Game been doing some good things as of late. I know he still do some crazy shhiitt, but at least he trying to balance it out. As humans we all do some good and bad in life.

    • Mr.CPT

      Actually He been doing it since he started rappin it’s just now hitting the fan bekuz he continues to be real and it stands out.

  • musicbusiness advisors

    GAME is a REAL DUDE! Got a HEART….. unlike that punk ’40 COCC’, tryin’ to sue him, after he taunted him religiously online, bashing his kids & all! When’s ’40 COCC’ gonna fight STAR from ‘STAR & BUCCWILD’?! He gonna p*ssy out again?!@!

  • RapItUp

    While people can downplay what Game is doing, it’s the same as people that refuse to go to the gym for 30 min. a day.. thinking they are wasting their time.. but a little bit of exercise, even for 30 minutes a day, is better than NO EXERCISE at all. Props to Game for being a stand up guy not only in LA, but to wherever his socio-urban receptors pick up. If more rappers did schizz like this, can you imagine the (eventual) sway of mentality to their listeners?

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Respect to Game……. but I just don’t like how they sayin “Game joins Gang Members to fund funeral.” Makes it sound all fucced up. True as it may be.