B.G. Calls Young Buck From Prison (AUDIO)

(AllHipHop News) New Orleans rapper B.G. is currently serving a 14 year sentence in federal prison after being convicted on charges of gun possession and witness tampering. The original member of Cash Money Record’s Hot Boys took time to reach out by phone to another southern rapper who was recently incarcerated as well.

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Speaking with Tennessee native and former G-Unit member Young Buck, B.G. discusses his refusal to flip on associates for a lesser sentence.

“At the end of the day, they wanted a n***a to take motherf****rs with him, but I don’t believe in that,” says B.G. “N***as gotta live with the decisions that they make as a man.”

B.G. also states that despite his current circumstances he still feels blessed because he was facing up to 25 years, but only got 14.

“I know it could have been much worse,” B.G. tells Buck. “A n***a gotta take the good with the bad.”

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Listen to B.G.’s conversation with Young Buck in the video below.

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  • i’mreloaded!

    Why is this news? Okay, B.G. called Buck and…………………………………………………….

  • Sean Taylor

    Who cares that he called David Brown.

  • $11625525

    One person talking is not a conversation.

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  • killa

    yall missing the point listen to this mans motto and spirits he doin 14 and still a g keepin his head up he represent a dying breed of niggaz who keep it solid to the fullest

    • Live Well

      Sho nuff. How many brothas could take 14 bullets and still hold they head high? I know none of these internet homos could.

    • dfwricwil

      I feel you but if he was caught red handed with the weapon
      and he was caught threaten witnesses who could he tell on to get a lighter
      sentence? That’s not a solid that’s called culpable evidence.

      Now if he says that he could have just started
      to give people up who had nothing to do with his case then I can see where the “G” comes in to play but to take time for something he’s done then a “G” has nothing to do with it. Hell in 1 ½ years no one will even remember him let alone those so called friends he protected and trust me I know firsthand. He will be lucky to have 1 person that holds him down while he’s doing that long stretch. Don’t let the smoke and mirrors fool you hence the jail is full of young black males who thought the same way.

      • killa

        B.G is from magnolia he not bout to snitch listen to what u sayin u sayin like if u was lookin at 14 years u and B.G to different niggaz reall niggaz dnt snitch and cop pleas and he a real nigga he still was in his city he a felon he cant own a registered pistol so the shit gotta be stolen and what he gon ride around naked so somebody can rob him and kill him soulja slim got shot 3 times in the face infront of his grandma house i doubt bg wnts that to happen to him

      • dfwricwil

        I believe you miss read my post. I was stating that he had nothing and no one to snitch on because he was caught in the wrong. I never said he should have snitched on anyone because if you do the crime then man up to the time. I was only stating in my post that I was in the similar position and never did I waiver even at the thought of a 75yr bid but on the real I should have said fucc them ninjas since Self-preservation is the number one law of nature.

      • killa

        U RIGHT ON MENTALITY I AGREE mentality of our people fucked up but u cant save B.G he 33 now u cant change how he think he gon do what he kno being the kind of nigga he rap bout

    • Executive

      Being a “G” earned him 14 gotdamn years.

      • killa

        i mean b.g is not a profitable artist in this era so how he gon put food on his table workin at wendys aint gon do it he was probably tryna huslte i cnt knock the man for tryna eat

    • Celz

      You missin the point I know real niccas who just as much with the business as B.G. and they free. If you can be a G in jail and drop knowledge on men you don’t know why can’t you stay out and drop that knowledge on ya fam..

      • killa

        bra aint ask to get locked shit happens i mean i wouldnt be in N.O wea a bunch of thirsty niggaz at everybody kno who you is i mean thats to big of a risk shit real, niggaz will kill u for 50 dollars im sure my man had more than that in his pocket when he got locked up

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  • musicbusiness advisors

    He was ignorant to be rollin’ in a stolen car, with no license & HEROIN, COCAINE & GUNS on him, …………can barely UNDERSTAND a word he says.
    Hopefully he’ll READ a lot of books & GAIN SOME KNOWLEDGE for the next 14 years sitting in a cell. MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR LIFE!

  • FREE B.G.

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  • Ramesses The Great

    He was disloyal to the Williams family and bit the hands that fed him. I don’t feel no sympathy for this snake. A snake is better than a rat, however, you don’t want neither in your home.

  • Executive

    14 years? Bumbaaaa! Trade lil Wayne in and let BG out.

  • Executive

    I’d rather enjoy my freedom as a man than be in prison being a G.