Future [#BGA] Ft. Young Scooter & P. Sonata “No Love For You”

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  • RapItUp

    I gotta admit.. I’m a Scooter fan.. Finessin & Flexin, Street Lottery.. not the one he made in the slammer though, wasn’t feeling that. He’s got some guest appearances on Gucci shizz I like (Rolly Up, entire Free Bricks 2 mixtape, etc.) at any rate, I say that to say-

    This song has very little replay value .. Future, who I barely tolerate as it is (Astronaut Status was OK) and these guys.. this song sounds like something WORSE I could come up w/ in a couple hours w/ the boys.. Scooter’s verse really sounds like he just flowed that off the dome, and the really no name guy, he wasn’t decent by any means but he at least tried to incorporate some actual rapping gestures. However, his first was filled talking about more high priced luxury living than he’ll ever see..

    I gave this a 2 out of 5.. and that was really being nice! Run ya bands up!