Pharrell’s Interested In Producing Entire 50 Cent Album

(AllHipHop News) 50 Cent recently stated in an interview that he does not expect his next studio album to sell like his previous efforts. Maybe hooking up to record with hit maker Pharrell Williams could be the necessary additive to put 50 back at the top of the charts, and it appears Skateboard P is open to producing an entire LP with 5-0.

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In the outtakes of Complex‘s cover story, Pharrell is asked about a suggestion offered by Pusha T that he and the Queens emcee work on an entire project together. P responded:

I would love that. But, you know, he would have to see why that makes sense…for himself. That doesn’t mean it makes the ultimate sense, I mean you know, people could read this and be like, “What?! Ew, no. Don’t fuck with Pharrell.” You know? I would love to make an album with 50 that felt like a film. ‘Cause he’s an actor. He’s an actor and a rapper and all these other things. I would wanna put all those talents together and try and make a cohesive body of work that was all about him. I’d just be Mario Puzo. I don’t have to be Corleone. I don’t have to be in it at all. I could just be the air in the room, which is just the storywriter or the backdrop. Cause he’s the storywriter.

Before that potential collaborative will ever take place Pharrell will be releasing his next solo album. The N.E.R.D. member revealed the follow-up to 2006’s In My Mind will be completely rap free.

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48 Responses to “Pharrell’s Interested In Producing Entire 50 Cent Album”

    • KLewis

      Yea, who wants a beat by Pharrell? It’s not like he had two of the years biggest records or has a track record of consistent hits from R&B, to Hip Hop, to Pop, and some mixture of the above. Or that 50 made one of the biggest rap albums of all time.

      • killa

        yea ppl forget that they say he fell off he sold more records off one album the Jay did off 6 so i mean whats the point after that not sayin stop rappin but look at Nelly he sold so many records it was like damn can i really keep this goin should i even try look at his bank account …. hmm Nah!!!

    • Sinbk Legend

      You’re right! Let’s wait for your favorite rappers trinidad james, French montana, and ymcmb to drob their Albums with those sorry ass South beats

    • killa

      the same kind of ppl who want to hear a album from Nas, Outkast Em a Snoop 50 is in that legend bracket he always will be able to drop an album these new cats drake,gucci, future, rest of these bumble gum rappers french monttanna will never be legends maybe drake but who other than that thats poppin right now will be played 10 years frm now not even Ross he dnt have a classic album he jus got hits only one that is a classic is BMF rest of that shit i already forgot bout

  1. musicbusiness advisors

    50 talkin’ about HOW HE’S GOING TO SELL LESS, & Kanye talkin’ about having ONLY 8 SONGS….. are SUCH TURNOFFS! NO ONE will be excited with talk LIKE THAT! Pharell should SAVE his talents & Time for an ARTIST on THE RISE, not DECLINE!

  2. 大胆不敵なリーダー

    if pharrell is gonna go that deep into it he should make sure he has creative control of the direction of the project.

  3. Elayorx El

    Hmm, I swear these artists read AHH just like the rest of us, cause I know I saw that same idea posted on here on the 50 post just last week….lol Anywho, das what I’m talkin bout Fif, 40 proj for life!

  4. Norf_Norf

    i would buy it man i love Pharrell……oh oh oh oh…..yeah yeah yeah yeah!!! Beautiful!!!! I just want you to know!!!! you’re my favorite girl!!!

  5. david3528

    Bottom line is that I just want good music and think P and fif can DEFINITELY make good music together. P can make street beats (Clipse) and commercial beats. Fif can rap street and rap commercial. Could be a great full album if done correctly.

  6. $18916246

    That would work….50 check his trouble making ego at the door and let Skateboard P do his thing. Curtis could use some solid musical backing in the studio. HIP-HOP could use a mature effort from Mr. Jackson. Let’s see if he’s wise enough to accept this opportunity.

  7. Eric Cartman

    Pharrell even makes pusha t sound appealing… This would be the best thing to happen to 50 cent musically since ’05

    • killa

      He is an actor now 50 dunn made movies with almost every heavyweight actor there is bruce willis, Deniero, Pacino, Whitaker i mean once u make moves like that is it necessary to rap?? drop an album for what whether he sell records or not it wnt impact his wealth maybe his legacy cuz he already rich forever

      • killa

        ha u crazy hell get 50,000 overseas it probably wnt break 200,000 but its gonna go gold just look at his youtube views off mixtape videos got more views this some of 2 chainz and future hits that just means he has a solid fanbase Globally

    • killa

      i dnt think so his mixtapes he rap bout dope and shooting niggaz thats all i wanna hear frm him all them singing songz is cool cuz the videos got some bad bitches but other than that stick with that hard shit i dnt wanna hear no bumble gum rap frm 50 thats y ppl stop fuckin with 50 he aint adapt to the music industry after 07 i dnt blame him

    • BigHomie337

      U don’t listen to 50 music if u say something like that. Don’t let the media and radio paint a pic like he fell off cuz his mixtapes be dope as hell. Just isnt a market for gangsta rap anymore. 50 ain’t fell off @ all.

  8. Merk E Waters

    It is over for 50. Don’t talk about record sales when it’s convenient. All 50 talked about was relevance based on sales early in his career, now he dismisses it due to his own poor sales.
    Please don’t bring up his one big seller, either. Milli Vanilli outsold Jay-Z on one album, so your arguements over 50 outselling Jay have no gravity.
    And don’t give me the arguement of how savvy a business man he is. He caught lightning in a bottle with Vitamin Water, but let’s ask MOP, Mobb Deep, MASE,Yayo, Olivia, and Scrappy how good a business man he is……….if you can find any of them.
    And 50 IS the guy who signed Shawty Lo, right????
    Even Mayweather quit messing with this guy and Money is a business, man.
    His movies are all direct to video now, his one major release was a critical and commercial flop.
    Thus guy is in no one’s top 25 MC’s and his catalogue is below average, at best. He should let it go and not further tarnish is already substandard image. He is a huge part of the demise of New York hip hop and needs to let it reemerge without standing in its way.

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