WTF News: Man Charged For Wounding Bystanders With Bullets Shot by NYPD

In yet another twist of the NYPD’s effed up force, an emotionally disturbed man is facing charges for bullets meant for him that wounded bystanders instead. According The New York Times, and emotionally disturbed man was shot at by police as he was staggering around traffic near Times Square but the bullets wounded two bystanders.

Today, the man, Glenn Broadnax, 35, faces charges for assault because of those bullets.

The situated escalated back in September when Broadnax created drew a crowd by dodging in and out of traffic. Officers say the man reached into his pants pocket and they thought it was a gun, so they opened fire. Two nearby women were struck but Broadnax, at 250 lbs was brought down with a taser.

Via NYT:

Initially Mr. Broadnax was arrested on misdemeanor charges of menacing, drug possession and resisting arrest. But the Manhattan district attorney’s office persuaded a grand jury to charge Mr. Broadnax with assault, a felony carrying a maximum sentence of 25 years. Specifically, the nine-count indictment unsealed on Wednesday said Mr. Broadnax “recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death.”

“The defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders,” said an assistant district attorney, Shannon Lucey.
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The two police officers, who have not been identified, have been placed on administrative duty and their actions are still under investigation by the district attorney’s office, law enforcement officials said. They also face an internal Police Department inquiry.

Mr. Broadnax’s lawyer, Rigodis Appling, said Mr. Broadnax suffered from anxiety and depression and had been disoriented and scared when the police shot at him. He was reaching for his wallet, not a gun, she said. “Mr. Broadnax never imagined his behavior would ever cause the police to shoot at him,” she said.

After his arrest, Mr. Broadnax was taken to Bellevue Hospital Center, where he told a detective that “he was talking to dead relatives in his head and that he tried throwing himself in front of cars to kill himself,” according to a court document released on Wednesday.

A judge ordered a mental evaluation, and a psychiatrist later found Mr. Broadnax competent to stand trial, Ms. Appling said.

On Wednesday, Justice Gregory Carro set bail at $100,000 bond or $50,000 cash.

A lawyer for one of the wounded women says the D.A. should be pursuing charges against the officers who fired their weapons near a crowd, not Broadnax.

Well…duh! This is messed up. Broadnax wasn’t right in the situation but hopefully his family counter sues and wins.

  • dfwricwil

    This is when you protest. Where’s the petition to boycott the NYPD??

    • Chris

      Beef with Trinidad James takes precedence over this. Yeeeeeen know?!

      • dfwricwil

        Lol! Right I forgot about that.

    • Immortal

      It’s in the back of Ad seg at Sing Sing. Not to many signatures tho

  • Dubz

    Damn and I thought Sheriff Joe Arpaio was bad.

    • MrNoName2K

      my nigga you took the words right outta my head

    • hoeyuno

      Joe Arpaio doesn’t let pregnant inmates take there prenatals and vitamins..that dudes Hitler.

  • Brooklyn Stoop

    police aint shit, aint never been shit and aint never gonna be shit

  • Splatter

    we just got a new mayor and a new police commisioner. what a great way to start. this city and country more so doesn’t surprise me anymore.

  • Jayson C Williams

    These cops scary.. You go in your pockets they let off. You that scared? Most ppl don’t want to go to jail for life, so in the middle of time sq for all to watch, cops shouldn’t b scared to be shot! End of story.

  • hoeyuno

    NYPD is a joke. This man’s just lucky he didn’t have a phone in hand…

  • RBG

    this is utter bullshit. the police chose to shoot, and they are the ones that missed.

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    NY can’t catch a break #136,876 NY takes another L #789,475,864,367,096

  • Havoc Wreaka III

    NY niggas ready to jump out on Trinidad james but scared to protest the real hood niggas of NYPD

    • Jayson C Williams

      You don’t know what’s going on here g. They moving all the minorities out the city for rich white ppl. Trust me gentrification is real! And it’s coming to a an urban city near you!! Rap is rap, call Alaska rap is wack and you’ll have 20 mixtapes next week..

  • Immortal

    I’m not going call bullsh*t to this, but fcuk it I am. You have two “trained” cops who drew weapons and fired AND missed and hit innocents? NYPD is going to put this man in jail for their fcik up? I can hear it now…..3….2…..1…….GET A JEW!!!! This sh*t isn’t kosher at all. They’re worried about a lawsuit from the innocents, AND are going to get another one from the dude or his fam for false imprisonment. Someone’s going to take this case and it’s going to disappear as fast as Illseeds proofreading skills. You’re going to see some dude going in who was talking to dead family, and come out talking to dead presidents. I hope all of em sue their a$$es off…and haul a$$ out of NY or NJ

    • HatesElvis

      He said ill seeds proof reading LMAO.!!!!!! Ahh please fire ill sead…

  • Troll_E_G

    Why did they have to put his weight in the story like he Juggernaut so its more the reasoning for shooting

    • Elias

      Maybe because it is easier to hit someone with his weight compared to someone skinny.


    A pig got shot around my way the other week…..cops from all over the state responded….never seen so many unmarked vehicles in my life….4 helicopters smh…..I was pissed to find out he was only shot in the arm… sympathy for cops

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