Hip-Hop Rumors: Migos And Chief Keef Set To War


I don’t really understand what’s going on with these young rappers. Apparently, there is a quiet beef going on between Chief Keef and Migos. Now, Chief Keef basically put it out there to the world, accusing his Chi Town counterparts of sneak dissing. He did this on Twitter, of all places. “I Heard Migos sneak dissin No Talkin,” Keefie said. Welp….that’s all Migos needed to hear. “We’ll be in Chiraq next week pull up,” said Offset of Migos. Wisely, Offset deleted the tweet later. I’m thinking you really don’t want to pop off to the Chi. Nevertheless, these guys are so out of control that all you can really do is:

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • seveneightyseven

    hopefully they kill each other off…invite Soulja boy too

  • Executive

    Pre K level beef.

    • killa

      no beef with chief kief Pre K i thought cuh was all talk to until LIl jojo ended up dead now thats real somebody died over a record??? Kief aint playin Chicago is gangster paradise it aint hard for him to have someone shot over dea

      • $35129287

        You corny as hell man you probably not even from Chicago.

      • D. Rose in the paint

        LMMFAOOO…..this made me laugh so hard! I am from the Chi though….but not from Keef’s area…although I know that area well and had cousins in Marquette Park across Western. Who used to go back in forth with Engelwood….at any rate..the world has Chicago messed up…its bad but not like they makin it.

      • iamwhoiam

        Man the murder rate is crazy high over there! How long you lived there? You prolly from the “nice” side of Chicago.

      • D. Rose in the paint

        You say that as if thats a bad thing….since when did growing up in a “nice” area become a bad thing or a failure? Isn’t that the whole point? to raise your kids and the “nicest” area possible. If your parents raised you in a nice area……they WON the game of life! If your parents raised you in a ghetto or hood…..sorry to say…..but they LOST the game of life!

      • iamwhoiam

        Oh it’s a beautiful thing to make it out…I’m just sayin, how canyou say it’s not that bad over there?. I figure yyou’re not from the gang ridden neighborhood’s Keef n Migos lived in. In fact, that’s my point. Those young black men made it out! They “won the game of life” and continue with the street bullshit….I’m not knocking livin in a nice area, if you do then congratulations. They should be doing more positive things in they’re situations for those gang ridden communities. These ignorant rappers have a very young fan base, and them kids listen to these guys like gospel. It’s just fuel for the fire.

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Nah, im speaking of Chicago AS A WHOLE! Chicago is still one of the BEST cities in America…with opportunities FOR ALL, if you cant find a job in Chicago YOU ARE NOT TRYING TO, Ive had instances where I had 2-3 jobs, we have the best downtown area, great colleges, nightlife, restaurants, affordable housing, EVERYTHING! The rep Chicago has is really based in pockets of Chicago ghetto neighborhoods, certain bad areas and neighborhoods. But the media tries to play it as if Chicago as a whole is one big war zone…when in fact its not LMAOOO….AT ALL!! The North Side is one of the best place to live in America….but the south side is where all of the bullshit is….AND CHICAGO IS HUUUUUGE! So The north and south side are like 2 separate cities almost! The south side is fuckin it up for the whole city. The west side is bad also….but they are more about hustling together and making money, The southside is full of ignorance. The northside is where the people who actually are doing shit with their lives live and play!

      • fvckyolife

        I agree with you as far as Chicago being one of the best Cities in America and I rep it to the fullest,but where exactly do you live in Chicago? I’ve had 2 and three jobs too but I was 17 and had no record that’s almost a thing of the past nowadays. The only affordable housing I know of is in the hood any hood on any side of town unless you get section 8 or low income, you can get it anywhere in the Chi especially on the north-side I just was downtown last week and there were groups of 6-8 police officers on almost every corner from Chicago Ave to Wacker Dr, making sure the tourists and rich folks don’t get robbed all I could do was shake my head because I have to make sure my family and loved ones stay protected by me, also I grew up on the north-side ever heard of Cabrini Green? Now it’s mixed income Condo’s and that Super ass target that took up from 1230 Burling to 1230 Larabee(that’s about 3 blocks). Chi is like 4 separate Cities to be exact and I’ve lived on all sides except the east, there is absolutely no unity on the west side at least that i see when I’m in the streets but I’m a working man plus a full time student that not out there like that so I guess it’s a possibility. I said all that to say either you are a privileged child whose parents “won”, not from here or are very naive(no diss) just opinion. For the record I don’t listen to chief keef but agree that he should do something positive for our youth they out here fvcked up for real!

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Fam I was not privileged, nor am I naiive! My parents were hardworking blue collar and white collar. We were not rich but we understood that you have to WORK HARD to achieve. And that anything is possible with work and focus. I used that mentality to get great paying jobs, nice apartments, and a decent lifestyle in Chicago. I learned to navigate throughout the northside and downtown to get what I wanted in life all while avoiding the bullshit ass black community! See in Chicago you have options and choices that people in other cities simply dont have, I know this for a fact! Everyday you can either choose to deal with low life shit OR you can hop your ass on a train head downtown/northside and make shit happen amongst the wealthy and professional! But see most niggas CHOOSE to stay in the nigga world….I CHOSE to make shit happen! I ignored the hood, ignored niggas, ignored anything that wasnt prosperous, positive, or didnt represent living a great life! I embraced the Chinese, Italians, Koreans, Ricans, white people, Eastern Europeans and learned to work with all people….because they all run Chicago not just white people…ITS ALL ABOUT YOU! Nobody cares that you are black….its all about what you bring to the table.

        No affordable housing!!!!???? I disagree! When I say affordable housing Im doing a NATIONAL comparison. You can live GREAT in Chicago for far less cheaper than in any other major cities like LA, NY, DC, Philly, San Fran…the true big cities. I’ve lived in a nice South Loop condo on a $40,000 a year salary….the way I lived could NEVER happen in NYC! I paid $1100 a month for new 3 bedroom condo with all the luxuries. In NYC my crib would have cost me $2500 a month. Now as far as Chicago being rough…its all ABOUT YOU, AND WHAT YOU MAKE IT!!! Your issue is you have a RECORD, probably limited work experience of course its going to be rough for YOU. Me on the other hand I’ve worked in offices and have a shit load of service experience that I gained over the years. I worked my ass off and I dont make excuses. A lot of Chicago black people are lazy and make a bunch of fuckin excuses! It took me to leave Chicago to realize how good Chicagoans have it! Chicago is NOT your problem …..your problem is YOU in your victim mentality!

      • fvckyolife

        I just read your comment and i chuckled a little. I think you assume that I choose to stay in the “nigga” world but even though I’m from where I’m from my dad(from the penitentiary) instilled in me what it means to be a black man in America. I graduated from high school like I was supposed to I didn’t go to college after because I had a daughter to take care of. I went to the Marine Corps 7 years after I graduated and now I’m going to school for free and getting paid to do it(nicely I might add) I also work full time making 40k+ a year I know that’s not much but a lot more than the majority of my peers are making(even the D boys) Its not rough for me, it’s life and I live it very well I don’t have to forget who I am to succeed that’s in my DNA. Oh yeah my senior year I graduated early and held down 3 jobs to provide for my seed. I’ve always but never been a victim but never let myself be victimized hopefully for your sake you start to look at things from different perspectives but I can agree to disagree.

      • TruthHurts

        TruthHurts endorses this statement

      • Obi Won


      • killa

        dnt nobody care if u frm dea that dnt mean shit u can be in the house all day playin the game while the real niggaz ova dea off the porch causin hell dnt matter wea u frm is u out dea doin the shit no so shutthefuckup

      • D. Rose in the paint

        You cant even spell!!! basic ass English! And NO IM NOT A REAL N!GGA! Im a responsible black male who works, goes to school, and strives to be successful. You on the other hand are brainwashed and happy to be a statistic…you are weak!!

      • killa

        I do the same shit but i kno what it is im already a statistic that dnt mean shit Don King was a 4 time felon look at him now rich!!! its bout ya ambition but thats not what we talkin bout u say chicago aint what the world makin it but do u have any family members who died in the streets idk im askin cuz wea im frm aint chicago but it go down believe that and i got a couple cousin who died and homies that y idgaf i can have a good job nice home and be a felon but i still carry a piece when i ride cuz you never kno its that real in 2013 was realler back in the day. And i commend you for being a honest dude who works in all i work to but ion trust a soul be safe out here homie if u not careful niggaz will get you i know i used to be one of those niggaz

      • killa

        im not but i bet kief can get ya pinky toe shot off u aint nobody u aint bustin shit pee wee

      • Don’t give keef credit for that body , Jo Jo dissed the whole bd if he would have went at keef alone I doubt anything would have happened like it did.

      • killa

        this shit aint bout credit thats the problem yall bloggers aint from the hood point is bra aint all talk he can get u killt its that simple its eazy to get online n say some shit but go to the hood n disrespect a nigga who is somebody in the hood u can be strapped n have heart but u still gon get smoked its levels to this shit thats wat happen to jojo he was bout that shit but he was at a pre level his $ aint long enuff plus look he a lil nigga anyway

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  • Havoc Wreaka III

    Only if they kill illseed also

  • killa

    think bout your life Migos from the looks of it Kief got shooters on pay roll foreal and yall niggaz just rappers so chill out aint say Kief bout dat lifestyle but apparently the niggaz round him are and apparently he is too cuz he 17 has no talent and managed to make all this money so….. .chill

    • richard_b_hard

      That nigga keef been 17 for a while now hasn’t he???

      • ɹǝıןdǝɹ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq

        nah hes 18 know since august.

      • Houston TX mayne

        U da only nigga dat keep up wit keef bday lol whata fuckin loser

      • killa

        he always gon be 17 like bowwow always been 14

    • Guwopp

      lol Migo’s some atlanta hood niggas on some cartel shit you act like they not on some reckless shit..

      • richard_b_hard

        I fucks wit migos but them niggas in the CHI on some real SAVAGE shit.

  • GQ


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  • anemia716

    people need to remove chi’s dick from their mouths. you can get got in any city.

    • B T

      True, but you may not understand the upper echelon supported corruption that flows through Chicago. If there is any city in America whose crooks you don’t want to piss off, it’s the Windy City. That applies to multiple ethnicities and their corroborative criminal elements.

      • 400DGreez h60d

        They do that shit in Detroit All day too.

      • Houston TX mayne

        I swear niggas ride Chicago’s dick like Detroit dont get it in, Philly, North Miami, LA, New Orleans, Camden, Oakland, Baltimore, Memphis, Houston etc…

      • Obi Won

        Niggaz “getting it in” in Chicago, Detroit or whatever city is NOT cool.

      • Houston TX mayne

        Im not sayin its cool, im just sayin chi aint da only place where its dangerous

  • Wop’s step kids need 2 be stop

  • whoa

    Man… dese niggas betta go do some songs with Drake and leave dem Chiraq boys alone.

  • iamwhoiam

    Damn shame…these young black men makin money doin what they like, makin lots money. Stuck on that bullshit, why don’t they use the fame and money and do something positive for the city they come from. It’s fukd up over there and they just glamorize the shit. Perfect case of ( Dave Chapelle/Rick James voice) THEY SHOULDA NEVA GAVE YOU NIGGAZ MONEY!….ignorant shit.

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      the more $$$$ & fame you get the more you feel untouchable and the more you dont value anyone elses opinion ……

  • Ike’s Mood

    its a great thing for hip-hop. if they murk each other out, then we aint got listen to that bullshit running from their mouths! shit, let them rumble…

  • RIV

    come check out the new music video…search –> RIV – The Clever Pt. 3 on youtube and watch in 720/1080p HD

  • Migos are from atlanta,u dizzy bitch

    • iamwhoiam

      It doesn’t matter where they’re from. They all promote and glamorize the street lifestyle that has kids out here killing each other,When they could be using they’re influence to do things positive. Instead they’re playing out a stupid “beef” on social media. ATL has the same problem. Out of all this mess you reply is where migos is from???…and who’s the “dizzy” one?

      • what’mess’?its twitter beef,u slomo, and i corrected his ignorance. its fkn music not parenting class, i feel sorry for ur kids if theyre manipulated by entertainment-check yourself.Talkn about ones life is not necesarily promoting it, Keef made what noone has ever made before,he got out of southside chicago alive straight into 6m deal , as a youngest label head in the history;his kids are set for life- what more influence do u need? so u respect the kid n stop crying.

      • iamwhoiam

        Well damn! Why I gotta be cryin and slomo??? Na, I can respect what the kid has accomplished, I can’t respect the message he puts out. Not to mention, dude can’t even rap. Cool he got out the South side with his deal, congrats. My point is his music promotes ignorance.
        Oh yeah, there have been a few rappers (way more talented) to come out of the South side of Chi. Do ya homework. Also, Cheef Keef is a “label head”??? Which albums and artists is bossman puttin out. At this point in his carreer Cheef’s a puppet. How does he get a 6 mil deal and make less than 20k a show?

  • these lil dudes so funny they wanna be boosie and gucci dont they see what happen when u do

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      yup they dont know any better … kids cant see that far into the future takes time to build that kind of foresight …. its why kids keep falling into the same pot holes that people have been going thru since man and woman was created … everytime a kid is born the clock starts over … fresh start … or better yet START FROM SCRATCH !!

  • Freebe Jackson

    No discredit to the Chi because I know it go down there but niggaz act like it aint nice areas in the chi….Them goons be in a few sections of the city ….I got homies in the Chi and they say the entire city not crazy like that unlike a smaller city like Camden Nj…..where the entire city is a fucked up place

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      if it were as crazy as they make everyone would be dead

    • dayleedumped

      yeah there are hella nice places in chicago.. every cities have their own hoods, and every city got suburbs.. nevertheless the city of Chicago is a great place to live in

    • 400DGreez h60d

      Hell yeah. Flint, MI is fucced up too!


    google search jacavelli190 song “TRAYVON”

  • Perico777

    Chi town counter parts? They from Atlanta dickwad

  • Eric Cartman

    Maybe if these fools got the D in the state pen they’d switch up their act

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  • $18592567

    migos and keef beefin’? c’mon now

    • killa

      Keef probably dnt like them niggaz cuz he kinda gettin forgotten n they hot right now deeze niggaz fukin with them hard right now smh

      • $18592567

        migos doin’ they numbers right now… keef should’ve never fucked w/gucci

      • killa

        true but cheef got a deal with interscope and done accumalated some Millions he fadin tho, Migos is temporary tho anybody should kno that Drake made versace they got that first mixtape i dnt see they movement takin off further then what it has simply cuz they suck and everything is repetitive

  • Obi Won

    These young boys aren’t nothing but Label Executive experiments.
    Sad, they got our youth looking like lab rats with chains and money.

    • killa

      hhaha gotta be signed to a label for that to be true music aint shit now what happened? errbody tlkin bout New york rap naw nigga what happened to rap period cuz i gott be high and drunk to nod my head to almost anything now

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  • FREEfromslavery

    so this is what hip-hop has come 2. two crusty the clown looking chumps beefing 2 see who is the biggest slave nigga in the industry. i dont quite know this idiot migos but he definitely cant outdo the ultimate field nigga chief keef. this shit should be on comedy central.

  • Houston TX mayne

    Bought time we get sum fuckin entertainment. Niggas deez days cant rap and im tired of EVERYBODY in the music industry being friends. Go to war and fuckin entertain us!!

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