EXCLUSIVE Hip-Hop Rumor: Guess Who Is Joining Roc Nation?


I ain’t even gonna play with y’all. I heard that the boy Nipsey Hussel is now ROC NATION! I’ve got very little else to say about it. But, stay tuned. Its Sunday. We chillin hard…but, there’s more.

You might remember, Jay Z bought 100 copies of Nipsey’s Crenshaw album, which was priced at $100. That’s $10k. That’s love and respect.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • disqus_SSLkWjZrAV

    Could be a power movement !!!

    Imagine what Jay could do to Nipsey and with Nipsey’s hustle, his going to outshine everybody.

    Nipsey ft Jay-z damnnnnn

    • DontBackDown

      What could he do? You mean have all of a sudden new Nipsey Hussle fan just because Jay-Z stands next to him? But then dismiss him if they ever had a falling out or a ended their business relationship? Basically a dickriding fest of fans?

      Jay cant do shit other than that. Let the dickriding game creep up though. It’s about to happen, just like it did TDE right when Interscope/Aftermath got involved

    • iamwhoiam

      Damnnnnn…SHAME! I bet we won’t hear much more about this again.

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  • I hope so I been saying this for month now when jay z bought them cds i knew it i hope its true

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  • Jayson C Williams

    Lol ya too excited.. Jay isn’t the best exec ask cam & def jam. But I fux with hustle hard. I just wanna see him win, but this don’t mean much yet. Wish him success


    BAD MOVE. Ask Jay Electronica and every other artist whose career gayz has messed up and Fruk John Blk sad aka gayz’s no 1 groupie

    • Freebe Jackson

      Jay Electronica the reason he don’t drop no album….before Roc Nation Jay elec wasn’t dropping no music…..Its plenty people signed to roc nation that drop music….Nippsy might just be signed to management and not to the label

    • Weedras

      J. Cole has released 2 albums under Roc Nation… Melanie Fiona has released 1 album prepping a 2nd… Rihanna last album was a Roc nation release… point is Jay Elec himself has said he has the creative freedom to do as he pleases and the album coming out is down to when he thinks its ready… atleast make some sense with what you’re talking about…

    • don king

      Jay Electronica is the snail of the rapgame. dude needs 5 months for 1 song. he is more a pimp than a rapper (ask rothshild).

      • Celz

        He makes more money off eatin puss than rap. I’d fall back off the game if I was him too..

    • iamwhoiam

      But he’s behind the success of officer Rickey Rozay plus Rihanna Jezzy and a few other artists I can’t think of right now. But I guess he can’t hit all home runs. Either way I would’ve done the same if I was Nipsey. Why not?

    • Celz

      It’s not 2001 if you still need artist development you will never make it.. You gotta have your own team. Look at Tyga he’s gettin money off of his YMCMB connects and really isn’t even affiliated with them like that. He said he gets a budget from them that’s it he makes no cash from selling records, but he already had an image (his first one was a no go) and the drive and consistently makes songs that people (not me) like..

  • Homegrown Chicks

    I think we all had a feeling this would take place. This is a good look for Nipsey, especially if his ownership is setup the way he’s intended. I wanna see Nip win too!

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  • iamwhoiam

    $100 a copy????!!!! Mufuka better be performing that shit in my living room. GOTDAMN!

    • Khris Hutson

      word to Ray J

  • ɹǝıןdǝɹ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq

    Jay needed to sign joey bada$$ offer him a little more i mean it make sense, joey is from BK he raps great and can improve and he is only 18 which means the future, no dis to nipsey

    • Khris Hutson

      Folks don’t have time to develop artists like they used to. It seemed like (not saying he did) J. Cole did most of that development on his own. As of right now, Joey can rap, but Nipsey is a better song maker.

    • king hoover

      he got etherd by some comedian in wild n out so nah no thanks…he can keep that garbage in brooklyn

      • ɹǝıןdǝɹ spɹɐʍʞɔɐq

        i think joey is pretty talented, i thin freestyling is overrated specially this days, i just think he needs to rap over new school beats

  • wickedjones

    Everyone is a critic. Make your own moves.

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  • Troll_E_G

    Nipsey a be better at Aftermath….Dre can build a new deathrow

    • Weedras

      why would he want to build a new Deathrow when that was the cause of a lot of stress and negativity in his life… hence why He BUILT AFTERMATH…

      • Troll_E_G

        Build a new death row as in a stable of west coast artists not recreate the tension …think before u type Daniel son

      • dayleedumped

        lol what do you think his record label is about? he has a stable group of artist under his wing

      • Troll_E_G

        U have no idea what I mean n it shows by the way u used stable.. only artist popping is Kendrick n shady only by default

      • Weedras

        so doesn’t TDE have a stable of West coast artists? so are they Death row reincarnate? point is you’re trying to put the name of label that isn’t active anymore into the fray when the current ppl are trying to establish their own names/ brands not another death row however you wanna put it…

      • Troll_E_G

        Tde is not aftermath n vice versa…u lookin too deep n reaching..deathrow is used as a metaphor due to its roster of legends from daz to Pac…tde alright if that’s what people like but the only one ready is Kendrick n thats y he is on aftermath…imo adding Nipsey to the mix will b a nice addition

    • Super_Hero

      Dre hasn’t successfully built a rapper since Em. He gave Game to Gunit to reach success.

    • king hoover

      he aint bout dat life no more

    • dehova

      He’d be just another artist never to come out under Dre

  • Crenshaw on my shirt

    Get Nip and Cole on a track ASAP

    • whoa


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  • water_ur_seeds

    He must of got a good deal, Im sure he said before unless he got a crazy contract he would stay independent…

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  • Splatter

    Gonna help his exposure. Put him next to jay. Need the help of females and white people to sell tho. Hopefully his sound and music stays consistent

  • whoa

    Jay Z is a Trojan Horse and a Succubus for whatsoever is hot. Be careful Nip. Jay jumps on shit for his own benefit while he silently suppresses and controls it to ensure that it doesn’t have a chance to eclipse him. And if you think that “exposure” is a good reason to enter into a partnership with Jay-Z (unless you’re a slavery profiteer/sports team, a clothing store chain, a liquor brand, or an athlete), then I got Two Words for you: Jay Electronica. How’d that “exposure” work out for him? Nip had a movement going, he was showing The Majors that a different business model could work. He could have taken that to a whole different level. Now they sent their Chief Boy to come and wave some money at him to calm him down, when maintaining his Independence and succeeding outside of the box was the best thing for him and the culture. SMH. Since Nip took the bag of money, I’m gonna pick up the flag and rep the slogan they left behind: TAKE BACK THE CULTURE FROM THE VULTURES. FIRE THE MAJORS.

    • Celz

      Cano sure would beg to differ

      • dehova

        I knew you’d be in this bitch!
        Who’s Cano?
        The guy has a point though, apart from Kanye and Bleek (lmfao) I can’t say other rappers really benefitted being around Jay. Think Sauce Money, Da Ranjaz, Beans and the rest of State Prop. Personally I think Uncle Murda fucked up going over there. I guess I sound like a Jay hater which I’m not….anymore!

      • Celz

        Lmao Cano is the ball player who got that 240 mil contract this week cuz Jay called the team’s bluff. Media was running stories about how Jay blew the deal and then the team caved..

        Jay is gonna give you an opportunity and platform. Nothing more nothing less. Especially in the state of the industry that’s all you’re getting. There will be no more “G-Unit” deals.. He helped Kanye, All of Dipset, All of State Prop, countless niccas.. Plenty of niccas got the short end of the stick especially when he was Pres. at Def Jam, Joe Buddens is one. But shyt Wiz Khalifa, Nipsey, Problem all been shelved for years at a time. Wiz Khalifa got his first major like ten years ago. If you not poppin you just gotta keep grindin and wait ya turn..

        If Memph, Dame, Dipset, and State Prop aren’t ready to get this corporate money what is supposed to do? Become a fake blood like Baby and Wayne? Naw he has to progress, in the corporate world it’s on you to make the most of the position you agreed too. If State Prop got done dirty at the end of the deal then they got done dirty at the beginning. The nicca takin the most risk is supposed to profit the most. But at the end of the day there are niccas he could have helped out more like Joe Buddens and Meth during his Def Jam stint..

      • dehova

        Look, of his era, as a business man and all that shit, you gotta give him his props. Wu, Nas, Fat Joe, they didn’t do what he’s managed to do. It’s mad to think that Reasonable Doubt is considered a classic now as I recall it being largely over looked at the time but that, if nothing else is testament to his and Damon Dash’s ability to market and sell the Roc brand.

        Fugg it, Celz, I ain’t gonna front bruh, I got a gang of customer service complaints to make right now. eBay mother funking ripping us all off, London transport dickheads. So in other words my brother, you win….for now! And on another note, with you being a left coaster, what Nipsey songs should I be listening to…considering I’ve never heard a Nipsey song. I took one look at him and said you’re the son Snoop had with a somalian ain’t ya. Shoulda gave him more of a chance!

      • DollasTX

        EVERYTHANG … one of my fav’S FROM neighborhood nip

      • dehova

        Nice one bruh/sis

      • whoa

        Jay is nothing more than a “Diddy” that actually had rhyme skills. He piggybacks on whatever is hot to remain relevant.

      • dehova

        I would be inclined to agree with this. I don’t hate him, I know people are fond of him but I just don’t wanna get Celz or anyone else started again so I my good sir will shut the f*** up!

      • whoa

        Notice that I EXCLUDED ATHLETES. I was referring to A GRASSROOTS HIP-HOP MOVEMENT. Nipsey Hussle has a MOVEMENT. He proved something. TAKE BACK THE CULTURE. FIRE THE MAJORS. Cano would have gotten that deal with or without Sean Carter, who is nothing more than a front for another company, this time masked as a Spots Agent. Do the knowledge to the business license before you drone on whatever headline or Google Facts you are fed. Jay-Z is a puppet and a House Nigga Period. Harry Belafonte was right about him.

      • Celz

        All the hate is ridiculous because you formed an opinion on how a stranger should treat other strangers. That nicca don’t owe you shyt. I like Jay alot but he don’t owe me shyt either which is obvious cuz his last album was wack.

        He already spit street, he already been underground, he already been deep. He’s bored his new mission is to show doubters that hood niccas are smart and business savvy. His mission is to make people say damn I wonder how many of these drug dealers are really just business men, accountants, entrepreneurs that didn’t have a chance to go to school.

        I think he coulda did more for the niccas on the shelf at Def Jam but he was only Pres for a short period of time and in the business world if you rock the boat too much you get fired so who knows what was going on internally. As for Rocafella, State Prop, Dipset, and etc etc etc.. Them niccas wanted to stay in the streets and that’s where Jay left em. Like Jay can really be meeting with Warren Buffet after he just left a club with Beans where niccas got shot. Niccas forget the WHOLE POINT is to get out the hood.

        Stop sounding like a bitter woman. You sound worse them the kids who say Jay, Em, and Snoop are better than Kendrick because of their new shyt that wouldn’t have even made their album 5 years ago..

      • DollasTX

        jay a puppet … ask SCARFACE n J.PRINCE and this way before H to the IZZO and BEYONCE came into play

      • Celz

        A puppet to who? On some real shyt.. I don’t anything past anyone in the industry

    • $18916246

      Crab in a barrel…stop hating on progress…So I guess this jibberish you refer to has already applied to Rihanna and Kanye, J.Cole…they all have had incredibly failed music careers? Everyone who gets signed is not going to have the same experience and outcome. It took a minute for J.Cole to produce and album also. If I can say this to you, support your own. If you think Jay does such a bad job…give em call…txt him or don’t recite his rhymes no more, or return all his music you’ve purchased. Quit with the boogie man sh*t.

      • Deshaun Williams

        “Boogie Man Shit” hahhaha! AWESOME

      • whoa

        You just named a bunch of POP ACTS. That’s not Nips lane. If you’re not a Roc Nation employee, or getting a percentage outta this deal, you should relax on all the extra shit.

    • Jay Electronica? That lazy bum? He’s where he is because of his own bullshit. How long has he been in the rap game with no album??? EONS. Jay Electronica is what I call a “Smart Dumb Nigga” All brains and no hustle behind it. His lyrics are potent, his flow is boring (now) and the overall QUALITY of his sound is less than great. Jay Z is only guilty of giving him a shot at being great.

      • whoa


    • DollasTX

      thats the game B … aint NOBODY gonna phuck with you til you hot … RUSSELL SIMMONS didnt even wanna phuck with RUN until he got his BARS and his NAME UP around town

  • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

    The album cost $100? Who bought it? Was it made of gold?

    • CooL_KiD_305

      People that support and like Nippsy’s music bought the album!

      • Crenshaw on my shirt

        I like Nipsey’s music but I aint droppin $100 for no mixtape or album.

      • scullyson


      • @Real_SirJamie

        You don’t just get the music when you purchase the hard copy you get access to concerts that only people that bought the hard copy can get in, meet and greets, merch, internet codes for his site and other items. It’s actually a great idea and gives his real fans something extra. Or just download it for free on datpiff.

      • RapItUp

        ^^ somebody give this guy a microphone.. This is exactly what happened. My homegirl went and waited in line.. She got the 87th copy. They’re all numbered, etc. PS we down in San Diego so she really fawk w/ Nipsey like that

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        What’s nipsey ever done for you? If you lost your job and couldn’t pay your rent you think nipsey would give a fvck? You go ahead and keep supporting nipsey by buying his 100 dollar albums.

      • Celz

        I wouldn’t support Nipsey that much but if that means we get less wack ass Young Money type shyt I might just buy 3 of them shyts..

      • king hoover

        someones jelly

      • just_some_bastard #ALCOHOLIC

        someone’s an idiot…….it’s a line from a movie.

    • hoeyuno

      He gave it for free online or you could purchase the cd for a bill….it was a support your artist deal..

  • Perico777

    Wow illseed good job a rumor that has to do with hip hop

    • Rmfag



    He could of been my cousin and I still wouldn’t paid a beam for a mixtape

  • hoeyuno

    A rumor with the persons name in it!!! Wow!!! Pat yourself on the back. Your balls are growing back chuckseed.

    • Rmfag


  • digitallife

    I like the idea but a benjamin limits the people who want to help you out financially. I liked what Chuck D did which was virtually give us what you can to make this record. If the rumor is true though he earned it, nice to see those who do it grassroots get a payoff in the end.

  • Eric Cartman

    Jay-z is a scumbag when it comes to business and an ogre when it comes to sex appeal. I believe Nipsey will change his name to Nipples once Jigga is done sucking the sweet compton milk from his chest.

    • Papi Peligro

      What is you cats talking about. Ya’ll mixing up yo gay profiles with your brat profiles with your wanna be profile. You don’t even know how to play your role in your skitzophrania you just want to be all your profiles at once. RMFAG,Da Cat Always saying Queens after everything, and Eric Cartman. You need to come up with a Black Panther profile and Pimp profile. You around WE US’S now. Do our sit

      • Eric Cartman


  • Alain Racine

    No comment

  • All Money In x Roc I like that

  • ShaStud


  • When i seen the pic of jeezy and nipsey kind of thought he’d be going over to cte. guess he was giving his pitch. hope it works out if it is actually true.

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  • Obi Won

    Don’t do it Nip!!

  • Papi Peligro

    I got to get into this dude. I haven’t really followed him.

    • Mr.CPT

      man you sleeping on cat. In cali he well known. He got L.A. streets on locked too.

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