Funkmaster Flex Ready To Air Out R. Kelly Tonight on HOT 97

(AllHipHop News) Tonight (December 9th) at 7pm, Hot 97 could turn into a battle ground as Funkmaster Flex is preparing to call out R. Kelly.

Taking to his personal twitter account, Funkmaster Flex derided the veteran R&B singer for refusing to appear on Hot 97 due to the pair’s storied beef over the years:

Hot 97’s Program Director and new face of all things controversial, Ebro Darden gave some context to the beef:

The problems seem to stem from Funkmaster Flex plublicly voicing his distaste for R. Kelly’s 2008 interview with BET following his acquittal of child pornography accusations. During the interview, Kelly questioned what truly constitutes a “teenager” and stated he had 19 year old “friends”.

Check out Funkmaster Flex’s 2008 verbal tirade of R. Kelly following the BET interview below:

  • 1SOFLO1

    R Kelly saying to himself “I don’t fck with you”, just let it go, you sound like a scorned little Biatch!! oh wait he is a Biatch!!

    • DJ7

      That’s your personal opinion on Flex, which you’re entitled to b.u.t. The FACT remains that R.Kelly is a pedophile and I could care less if that pedo made the most amazing music on the planet, I will never support this baby toucher and to those that do / will, you need to check yourself point ______.

      • Sampson

        That’s the attitude Flex should have but he is giving Kells more publicity, and tell me if someone made a video about u like this what would u do , this ninja is is acting like he wants to fight

      • DJ7

        This video is dated for starters and #2 I will never have a video directed @ me for the same reasons as this 1, so I can’t effectively answer your question…as for Flex wanting to fight the pedo??? Can’t answer that one with certainty either b/c I’m not him nor do I know what he is or isn’t capable of doing yet alone assuming his mindset based on an apparent emotional rant…..b.u.t…..what I can share is 2nd hand penitentiary stories that I’m privy to, which entails inmates not taking too kindly to baby touchers like Mr. Kelly…based on that intell alone, I’m sure there are folks out / in there that would love to get their hands around this guys neck and I’m truly indifferent to the outcome.

      • 1SOFLO1

        I would agree with you if it wasn’t coming from Flex, this is all for ratings.

      • DJ7

        The video is old fam…AHH placed it there for their own agendas….ratings or no ratings it needed to be addressed then and reiterated now, since it’s apparent that he’s been granted access to “popular” airwaves again…too often we are caught up in who actually delivers the message versus acknowledging that the message needed to be delivered…IMHO

  • Eli Pinilla

    Grown ass men yellin on the radio smh….how ebro gonna say sumthn bout rkelly peein on females and u got mr c pickin up trannys….

  • nigga tell me he dont wanna work with me, i look at it as there loss and keep it moving… last thing ima do is through a hissy fit… then to advertise the upcoming hissy fit? nigga need to drop a bomb on himself!

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      he still needs his ratings to bad hes gotta do it in this way

  • Rmfag

    I’d let RKelly pee on me…….
    But if I’m not mistaken, isn’t Kellz an eggo? So why is he still relevant while many others aren’t?

    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      cause these new sites got unlimited space to report on ish … so they end up reporting about 90% of bs on thier sites trying to look like they are constantly updating

  • MrNoName2K

    kick off a “SLAP-FEST” for one day only, go at it and call it a day lol

    • Jared

      LOL, Those were the days…

      • MrNoName2K

        hell yea, son the one with the dude from ghana is classic…yo them niggas were slappin something fierce and dirty as hell

  • ShortDogg

    Fat dude won’t let the “R” live. It is the past brother. The “R” does not have to answer to you fat boy. You don’t know what happen so stop assuming fat boy!!!

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  • flex need his ass whip

  • YungKizz

    um flex ur wash up now bro hang up up hang it uppppppppppp

    • Weedras

      as Kay Slay once said… when a DJ falls off he can still do little parties and ish to still get his money, maybe not as big as it used to be but he still eating.. when a rapper or singer falls off shit aint that straight forward Flexx still eating off his radio show and his car show, and his auto shop…

      • YungKizz

        dont get me wrong i love flex i really but lately he just been losing it for no reason

      • Weedras

        i agree he comes off as a hypocrite though, why would you be mad at someone you’re not too fond of refusing to sit down with you or anyone at your station… maybe he tried to apologize and got rebuffed hence why he’s mad… i don’t really check for him too much the whole dropping bombs after saying every word is a bit annoying mang… he needs to stop raping that button

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  • Sampson

    Kells said shut up and spinmy r ecord Fat Boy

    • Papi Peligro

      I like R Kelly mature stuff. YOU HEARD HIS NEW SONGS THOUGH THAT AIN’T FOR STEPPERS. The cookies song please don’t play that.

  • TheKid

    Still peed on an underaged girl

    • golder1

      A underaged girl who could have moved out the way if she didnt want to be urinated on. When you were 15 yrs old and someone tried to pee on you, I bet you would move out the way if you didnt want that shit to touch you.

      • TheKid

        R Kelly still urinated on a minor… Why are you giving him a pass? Do you think its acceptable to urinate on a minor?

        Did you ever stop to think that the underaged girl could have been coerced and manipulated? We all know that wasn’t his first strike, he’s just allowed to hide behind a veil of ‘celebrity’.

      • golder1

        Im not arguing if its right but what responsibility to move out the way. A 15 yr old is able to make decision 10 times hard then this ig not its on the parents. And we dont know if its his 1st strike or not, the girl didnt even testify so noone knows

      • TheKid

        There is no room to argue, its wrong. If a 15 year old was responsible enough then the law which makes fornication with a minor illegal would not be needed.

        Apply your logic to all those in the world who have been around the age of 15 and suffered some form of sexual violence, abuse and manipulation. Don’t be naive its a lot more complicated than a 15 year old making a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ decision.

        Did he not marry Aaliyah at the age of 15? I rest my case.

      • golder1

        My logic is not wrong. 1st being pissed on willingly is not the same as being abused sexual so u dont be naive. It is as easy as yes or no. If u dont want be pissed u say no. They never accused him of urinating on her against her will. 2nd if R. Kelly did marry Aaliyah when she was 16 her parents would have had to emancipate her in order for that to happen, which it didnt. A rumor that cant be substantiated

      • TheKid

        Firstly, I didn’t even allude to the fact being urinated on willingly is a form of sexual abuse, you misread. I asked you if you think it’s acceptable to urinate on a minor. As you are fond of yes no logic I don’t see why you responded with neither.

        I then went on to talk about 15 year olds being responsible enough and not requiring the law to protect them in situations like this (sex with a minor). I asked you to apply your logic (simply saying ‘yes’ or ‘no’) to all those who have suffered some form of sexual violence, abuse and manipulation. The latter being potentially what happened here.

        R Kelly had sex with a minor, he could very well have manipulated and/or abused her, we will never know but the crux of the argument remains the same. He had sex with a minor.

        You DO NOT give a pass to someone who has touched a minor.

        He married Aaliyah that is a bona fide fact, they lied about her age (18) on the marriage certificate which was then annulled once her parents found out.

  • Fava Beans And Chianti

    Lost all respect for flex when said that dumb shit about 2pac

    • Executive

      I second that. I’d slap his mouth off if he said it in front of me!

    • Tell-it-like-it-is

      same here. talking shit about somebody who isn’t here to defend themselves is punk sh*t. when he did that he became a coward in my eyes

  • Elayorx El

    C’mon Flex, live, and let live fam. I’m quite sure if everything became exposed, there is worse that is done in the name of “minors”, that we all contribute to in some way, at the end of the day, and I mean that more in the economic sense. I in no way condone what Kells did back then, nor would I want that for any of my baby girls, but at least Kells admitted what his fetishes are, and has bounced back, paying for, I think, what happened in the past. Everyone deserves redemption, but maybe Flex will sound off due to the nature of the matter being more personal, regarding info probably none of us would ever get to find out. Hopefully, Funk Fliggidy, and Kells, can come to some sort of resolution, and the beef can finally be executed(laid to rest).

  • Executive

    Funk mastersex.

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    that video flex made is kind of serious tho … imo why would flex even want to interview the man … it makes himself seem fake if you ask me …..

    • Papi Peligro

      Thanks bra bra.

  • Slaughtr

    Flex is going to run up on the wrong person running his gums, for real he’s a sucka smacking women.

  • Papi Peligro

    You wasn’t mad before the trial. This dude married a 14 year old Aliyah. So I don’t know why you wait for the trial to get so mad. We was kids watching college dudes date girls in our grade and we’d call them RKELLY. That was like 94. Flex was still dropping 12 play. It took the government for you to get morality. My BALLAS is round and heavy all the time. I don’t need No trial, no government, or mob mentality to fill’em up. Flex a dope dude no negative it just seems to me he/Hot 97 was bandwagon jumpers when it all went down back in the day.

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  • Darrell Robertson

    Only females are afraid of suck master sex

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  • DeeJay Babe

    Flex wasn’t this opinionated anout his boy Cee suckin dizznick

    • Dhz30

      thats two grown people doin some foul shit, not a grown man fuckin lil girls..big difference

  • Sean Power

    flex didn’t lie about kelly but hot 97 got know once burn bridges there no coming back

  • Afi Keita James

    Boy suck flex makes me sick, this is the same clown who dissed tupac, i’m glad faizon aired his ass out.

  • i’mreloaded!

    R. Kelly got better things to do than to go on a floppin radio station and talk to this black azz, played out Teddy Ruxpin lookin azz boy. Didn’t his boy Mr. Cee get caught with a transgender female about 2 or 3 times? Interview him dickhead!

    • Yea…like turning a chicks face into a toilet seat…but yes you are right

  • JimJames29

    That was trill talk in that video! (even tho he looked like a psycho): fck R. Kelly and fck his music and FCK anyone who fcks with him OR his music! R. Kelly is a petafile, no two ways about it, and you know what, anyone who says ‘white people can do this and that and get away with it, but when a black artist…’ nah, regardless of black or white, TALENT is the factor that lets you get away with anything, TALENT is what makes a petafile an ‘eccentric genius’, like Kelly or MJ. Talent is what made Eminem get away with the racist tapes, MJ with fondling a little boy, and Kelly with peeing on a little girl. You pee on a little girl, and you can sell an album called ‘black panties’? You dont have to be white to do that! Just talent out the a*s, and all will be forgiven. As long as you ENTERTAIN US, we don’t care about your sick brain! We don’t care how you treat people around you! You make the world a better place through your music! So we can forgive pretty much anything you do! And we all know what he did, but since he wasn’t convicted, we can pretend like it never happened. And there was a funny Chapelle skit, so what more do we need? We laughed, he walked, and now lets listen to some new smooth R&B. But lets be clear here: if R. Kelly was a newsanchor, an athlete, or a busdriver, noooooobody would F with him, not even his own family.

    • golder1

      Like Dave Chappelle said if you dont want to be urinated on…move. This girl was reportedly 15 yrs old. Which means sh is old enough to decide if she wants to be urinated on. And noone knows what happened. We can speculate but NONE of us were there. 2nd your comment on Eminem is way off. He made a tap when he was 16 yrs old calling a black girl he dated a black bitch. Niggas call black woman bitches when they get upset all the time. Black people call white people crackas, pink toes, ect but does that make us racist. Grow up! Stop making up your own facts. Speak the whole truth about a situation. 3rd, learn how to spell. Petafile is not a word…look it up!

      • Guest

        I know how to spell pedophile, bra! Just thought my comment would be deleted if I typed it. I’m not too interested in Eminem right now, it was just an example. But are you really saying… a 15 year old girl is old enough to decide if she wants to be URINATED ON??? Naaahhhhh man. Nahhhhhh. Just naahhhh. As long as you’re underage, you’re ‘under construction’, which means there’s still HOPE for you. Getting peed on in a sexual way is reserved for GROWN folks for whom theres no HOPE anymore.

      • golder1

        Yes 15 is old enough to know u dont want to get urinated on. U a smart enough at the age to move

      • DJ7

        Stop being naive…this sick mf’er has shown a pattern for touching on our babies….Aaliyah was a mere 14 yrs old when the pedophile lied about her age and *MARRIED* her b/c he thought she was PREGNANT….PREGNANT my G! Why was he sexing a child in the 1st place??? That’s Statutory rape and indefensible no matter how hard people try…. Man listen, on the real, F*ck R.Kelly, his weak ass music, his weak ass excuses for doing what he does and his weak ass sympathetic no moral having fans for even embracing this loser back into their lives after acknowledging what he’s done / doing, straight like that!!!

      • Weedras

        when i found out about the Aaliyah shit i looked at dude differently from then on… but dude just came in with some satirical excuses that was used in the Boondocks episode to highlight how black folks are hypocrites…

      • golder1

        He didnt lie about her age idiot. Everyone knew she was 16 not 14. 2nd her parents r to blame for allowing her to spend that type of time with him. 3rd what u speak on r rumors not facts. I will continue to listen to his classic music and new music if I choose. And my moral compass points in the right direction no matter if I embrace his music or not idiot

      • DJ7

        The idiot in this thread award goes to you sir…she was 14 not 16 sir…they lied about her age in order to get married…do the math …you can add can’t you? No matter who you choose to point the finger @ or lay the blame on, dude still ran up in a MINOR…For you to even go on the defense of that alone speaks volumes of your character or lack thereof… you’re sending off a vibe as if you can personally relate to his situation…If so…as stated above, f*ck you and that baby toucher, I’m done wasting energy on the subject with someone that’s fine with it

      • Banksy

        Yea was actually Riley Freeman from Boondocks. On other words you argument is based on how the writer of cartoon show feels.

      • golder1

        No Dave said it during a stand up show. I said it because thats how I feel and based of the knowledge that at 15 u are old enough to move out the way if u dont want to be pissed on

    • ShortDogg

      You suck just like Flex! Bite the “R” nut! You don’t know what went on. You are just assuming just like the others! You are probably an old dude farting in a can. Loser!

      • SursumAd Summum


      • ShortDogg

        You don’t no shit! Our courts said the man was innocent! Tell your mom we are doing it anal tonight! Just like you do to your boyfriend! I love your mom! I hope I am not your daddy!!!

      • SursumAd Summum


    • Weedras

      i think the word you’re going for is pedophile… but you made some good points there…

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  • Dadon850

    Funk Master Flex still blowing Mr. Cee. R. Kelly is indeed a pedophile but would pee on both of those homo’s.

  • atle fjeldstad

    The age limit in my country is 16.. Hehe.. For real though.. Flex makes me sad. He sound salty as hell..

  • richard_b_hard

    Punk faggot wife beater Flex is just mad cause his boyfriend Mr Ceeeeeeeeeeeeeee is gone from HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT 97 seven.

  • Inmadopicouroz✓QUEENSᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ

    flex a hoeee ass nicca along with E-HOeeeee! R Kelly don’t got time for ur watered ass radio show. C Tha God already put ya’ll niccas on locked don!

  • BulldogCG

    I can’t believe anyone would defend R. Kelly in public, lol. He made hits, no lie, still bump em, sometimes, but I even feel weird about that. This dude deserves whatever bad things happen to him. Ill never give him any of my money and haven’t since his pedo nature came to light. You hurt little kids and you aint nothing to me, and anyone arguing a fifteen year old knows what she doing in the face of a megastar is stupid and potentially a pedophile themselves. He abused his power to prey on young girls, that is sick my G’s, no other way to put it. Flex a loud mouth idiot, but he was always on point in this case.

  • Quintin Williams

    This is why Faizon Love wanted to put hands on Flex because he’s talking a lot of shit like Wendy Williams. I agree that R Kelly has issues but Flex has some past issues also.

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