Lord Jamar Says Chicago Needs More Voices To Counteract Chief Keef

(AllHipHop News) Brand Nubian’s Lord Jamar has been very vocal recently about some of the major headlines happening in Hip Hop, and he addressed another constant subject of the media – Chicago rapper Chief Keef. During a recently uploaded interview with VladTV, conducted before some of Keef’s latest legal problems, the rapper/actor expressed his belief that Chief Keef’s street music should not be the only representation of Chitown.

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“There has to be that contrast,” said Jamar. “If [Keef] represents that and all the wild s**t that’s going on in Chicago, well I know damn well there’s youth out there trying to counteract what’s going in Chicago, but we’re not hearing people like that.”

The creator of The 5% Album also goes on to point out that Chicago has been home to some of the country’s most well-known revolutionary thinkers like Fred Hampton and the Black Panther Party, but he feels that side of the city had not been showcased nearly as much as Chief Keef.

“Chicago is place that a lot of revolutionaries came from, but these people are not being heard right now,” added Jamar. “So we need more voices to counteract the Chief Keefs of the world, because they’re just crying out for help.”

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Watch VladTV’s interview with Lord Jamar below.

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30 Responses to “Lord Jamar Says Chicago Needs More Voices To Counteract Chief Keef”

  1. i'mreloaded!

    The problem is everyone trying to put all da issues dat Chicago has on a mush mouthed teenage rapper who talks about absolutely nothing rather than the punk azz grown ups who don’t care what their own kids are doin. They let dem listen to what they want, play whatever game they want, and don’t even care who their friends are. And to all u rappers and individuals, If Chief Keef has that much influence over Chicago, maybe he should run for politics. That city has had problems since Cooley High. Ya bish.

    • D. Rose in the paint

      Chicago is one of the BEST CITIES in America….was number one on the Forbes list for the BEST DOWNTOWN IN AMERICA!! Has some of the best schools in the country…Univ of Chicago, Northwestern, DePaul, UIC, etc. Best museums, is the financial hub of the midwest, and the best job market next to New York. Chicago the city is doing GREAT!!! The nort side and downtown area is magnificent and full of life and great things. People come to Chicago from all around the world to see Chicago.

      The black community of Chicago is a different story, BUT SEE….thats not the cities problem! The city shouldnt have to teach these niggas how to take care of THEIR community, teach these women how to raise THEIR children, and keep THEIR legs closed! Chicago the city is doing its job, it provides schools, libraries, transportation, opportunity upon opportunity….BUT NIGGAS DONT TAKE ADVANTAGE or PREPARE THEMSELVES TO TAKE ADVANTAGE….they want handouts and welfare…they dont want to work! They want to sell drugs and go the easy route. The Mexicans in Chicago will work at McDonalds, scrub floors, and wear thrift store clothes to keep money in their pocket if they have to. But Black people act like they are too good to do either they want new cars, clothes, and to look good BUT not work hard for it….the nigga mentality! The nigga mentality is the REAL PROBLEM!! Not the city! Niggas stop making excuses and clean up your backyard!!

      • SBRon

        “Some of the best (universities) in the country”, yes. But Public Schools for the youngsters (especially after all the closures), would be a no… wouldn’t it?

      • D. Rose in the paint

        Well that depends on WHERE in the city you send your kid to school…..if you’re talking Whitney Young, Payton, Jones Prep, Lane Tech, Kenwood…your kid will receive top notch education…..again Chicago is what YOU make of it…you can receive the best of the best or the worst of the worst! And that goes for most major cities!

    • iamwhoiam

      Ppl don’t put all the issues on him. His music simply adds fuel to the fire. I get it the kids from big bad South Side Chi, cool. It’s just there is a more productive way he can put out his music/message (if u wanna call it that). Look at Nas’s “illmatic” almost the whole album is street shit but, it’s more like bringing AWARENESS to the problems in NY affective to the youth and community as a whole. Cheef Keef on the other hand, PROMOTES that very problem in the South Side.

      • i'mreloaded!

        How can you expect him to put out a positive message in his music when he was raised in a negative environment? He’s a teenager, not mature enough to make wise decisions. Kids his age are into that dangerous lifestyle. So what do you think a kid into that lifestyle WITH MONEY is going to rap about?

      • MalcolmLittle

        I feel where you’re comin from but at the end of the day that’s a cop out, youth is no excuse for stupidity. Like fam just mentioned with Nas and Illmatic, Nas was only 18 when he dropped that, comin from the same fukked up circumstances as Chief Keef and the rest of these young cats comin out promotin bullshit. Sure he did that 20+ years ago and shit was a lot different back then, but in sayin that all that does is prove just how much we’ve devolved not only as fans of the music, but as a people in general. Fukk lowerin the bar, we done said the hell with it and dropped that mufukka on the ground altogether.

  2. 84stickupkid

    In this twisted world of Hip Hop it’s great that real Hip Hoppaz like Jamar be speakin the truth. To the new generation go back and listen to the lyrics of Hold On from Brand Nubian’s Everything is Everything. Those are some of the most deep and meaningful lyrics ever put to wax. Internet don’t care about you people. Stand for something or fall for anything.

    • iamwhoiam

      To bad the next gen ain’t lookin for any kinda rap with a message or any substance for that matter. All they want is “BANG BANG” and “NEVER BE SOBER” and all the other ignorant nonsence “rap” that kid puts out.

  3. iamwhoiam

    I can’t wait till that kid who’s gonna counteract comes out but, I’m sure he’ll be ridiculed or called gay or some shit like that. Ppl love some ignant shit!

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