50 Cent Speaks On Kanye West’s Interview With Sway

(AllHipHop News) Queens rapper/mogul 50 Cent does not seem to understand Kanye West’s recent approach to calling out the fashion industry. Speaking on DJ Whoo Kid’s Shade 45 radio show, 50 expressed his opinion about his former rival’s public lashing out including the much talked about Q&A with Sway Calloway.

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“I don’t know how it helps,” said 50 about Kanye’s media outbursts. “The problem, what he’s talking about doesn’t make any… the communication with Sway isn’t going to adjust that.”

“He had some good ideas, but the route was a little wrong,” adds the Get Rich Or Die Tryin’ creator about Ye’s move into fashion.

During the interview 50 also discusses meeting Nelson Mandela, homosexuality, his upcoming boxing event, connecting with SZA, and his Animal Ambition project scheduled for release in early 2014.

“I’m gonna drop it in January. I wouldn’t call it a mixtape because it’s a higher grade than the material I put out on mixtapes,” said 50. “I’m gonna put the Animal project out as my viral marketing plan. The album will come after – Street King Immortal.”

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Listen to the full interview below.

  • Rmfag

    I know 50 is hurting inside to see a peer go out like this.
    I will suck them both off for free this time.

    • The Real Clayton Bigsby


      • Rmfag

        Can I suck you off?

      • The Real Clayton Bigsby

        Lips are lips… I think niggers are the best for cocksucking so sure lets get it on.

    • Young Goku


    • Charter

      What a bundle of sticks.

      • Rmfag

        Flaming too! *runs Z-snap formation*

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  • David Gonz

    i dont know how 50 continuing to make shitty music helps either.

    • Fuck boy killer

      The last free project “The Big 10” was way better Yeezus though.

      • DesignatedH8R

        no that shit wasn’t better than Yeezus. it was aight at best.

      • Fuck boy killer

        You probably like to wear dresses and leather jogging pants. Yeezus was weak.

      • DesignatedH8R

        you probably wipe tony yayo’s asshole for a living. nobody was feeling that Big Ten shit, that’s why it was free because nobody’s dumb enough to buy it.

      • Fuck boy killer

        I am not no stan of these rappers but Yeezus was more horrible than any of the weak G-Unit albums. You can keep defending Kanye the cross dresser. Wear some leather jogging pants like all the new slaves out there. I’m done trolling.

      • killa

        you right but ppl dnt hear his mixtapes the shit he promotes n markets for albums and mainstream is garbage his mixtapes is hard but nobody hear it but his true fans

      • Fuck boy killer

        He ain’t gotta make another song in his life. He has enough money that he can live off the interest. For him to make music for his real fans still is dope.

      • BigHomie337

        That’s the point u missing. His true fans go support him. Honestly speaking, 50 still the same rapper as he was back in the day with more growth. He doesn’t have to sell music to eat anymore so the ppl that fucked with him still do and the bandwagons gonna go for the flavor of the month. His mixtapes been way better than a lot of albums.

  • dee

    50 scrap that album and let pharrell work … we have heard enough from 50 and dre it’s time to branch out

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  • mook

    50 was about to get his ass whooped by ja rule on the airplane thats why hes not talking about it

    • DesignatedH8R

      rofl that will be the day

    • killa

      you lame for that one

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  • killa

    some of the shit kanye said was true dough his mouth and crazy ideas is whats fuckin his career up he wnts to experiment n do crazy shit cool dawg i mean its yo life but dnt complain bout losing money when you DA one who chose to chase these ventures n Kanye stupid for thinkin he gon get a clothing line to pop overnight the designer clothing business is not yo league Kanye those ppl bleed for that shit in you just wanna walk in with a golden pass cuz you Kanye west proves you ignorant even Dame wasn’t that arrogant smh

    • Kanye was just plain stupid. Sway was right when he said how Buckshot was working on his products by sourcing everything down to the factory to do it by himself. What the hell somebody needs LV for?
      Fubu were selling worldwide. And they did it the same as Hilfiger did 2 years before them. Sourcing their own manufacturers and then build a brand. Just
      because Jay-Z told us to change clothes we abandoned them. Kanye simply could start his own line. Of course it will take some time. But why should LV or any other brand scrap their own plans and let Kanye do. Just because he is
      a superstar with an ego?

      • killa

        exactly…well said cuh wtf he need LV for he shoulda went the small time brand its cheaper to make and its more profitable Rocawear ppl still wear that shit today its in every store they do baby clothes etc Kanye is just stupid investing all that money into an already established company Louis V was rich and a successful brand before anybody knew who Kanye was how does he expect to dick ride Europe n expect them to put him as their frontline he is retarded u kno what thats what that whole Yeezus album was about he was just trying to appeal to the Europeans for that sole reason smh he is an idiot

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  • $11625525

    He got one thing wrong, Noah’s Son was cursed for looking at his Daddy’s naked ass, in the Bible. So there is a reference to Homosexuality but it indicates that it’s not considered righteous in the eyes of God.

    Read Genesis 9:18 – 10:32

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