DoughBoyz CashOut’s HBK Speaks On Getting Jumped & Losing His Chain (VIDEO)

(AllHipHop News) Last month Doughboyz Cashout member HBK was jumped and robbed of his chain at a party in Detroit. The rapper affiliated with Jeezy’s CTE label was attacked by two local artists named Icewear Vezzo and Green Guy Webbie who took credit for the chain snatching on social media.

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HBK spoke with Control Detroit about the incident. He says the entire situation has been blown out proportion only because of who he is and that fights are regular occurrences in Detroit.

“I got jumped by probably like twenty n***as. N***as blowing the s**t up,” says HBK. “They only blowing it up cause it’s me. That s**t happens everyday in Detroit. I done got in some s**t way deeper than that. That s**t wasn’t s**t to me.”

When asked about his chain getting snatched, HBK says one his attackers picked it up off the ground after it fell while he was fighting.

“Nobody never came up on me and ran no f***king chain off my neck like I’m some little n***a. Never that,” says HBK.

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Watch HBK talk about the incident in the video below.

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20 Responses to “DoughBoyz CashOut’s HBK Speaks On Getting Jumped & Losing His Chain (VIDEO)”

      • ItGoesDownINtheDM

        sounds more like homey making excuses and coppin pleas to me ….

      • Houston TX mayne

        agreed. from what i saw, they knocked his ass out and took his shit. so wtf he talkinbot?? LOL

  1. MrNoName2K

    aye what can you say, got caught slippin. Any why niggas be goin to these hooded out ass parties jeweled up is beyond me..

  2. $17637591

    HBK a real ni99a but he just learned a life lesson. Can’t no ni99a be
    wit only a few guys and in the same place wit ni99az you beefin wit.
    Thats way outta boundz in the D cuz ni99az be 50 deep for major
    functions in this city. Famous or not you in a loose loose situation so
    he couldnt do nothing but take that L and get touched up. Its packs of
    wild animals roaming these streets. Even if you a boss getting money you
    cant forget that survival mentality. Detroit ni99az aint never
    scared but gotta be on guard and look both ways around every corner
    otherwise it could be your last step.


  3. Courtney Shakur

    But he wasn’t talking that slick chit when he be fighting girls at schools and motels…B.A.N got his ass whooped ..So why you don’t have another chain on rocking it thru the city while you ride if you living it how you spit it?

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