Hip-Hop Rumors: Atlanta Bloggers Coming to a Screen Near You?

It’s not far fetched, especially since everyone and literally their mamas have a show. Vh1 tried NYC Gossip Girls and now Bravo has Blood, Sweat and Heels (which we told you about) coming, but industry whispers have been saying that some of Atlanta’s key entertainment bloggers (think Funky Dineva, etc).

Nothing is set in stone but people are being courted. If someone bites on an Atlanta based show featuring media personnel, please believe it’s going to be good. Word on the street is, there’s a lot of blogger beef  down there and it would definitely make for good TV.

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  • Rmfag

    Already got the popcorn popping.

  • MrNoName2K

    Damn you can literally make a reality show out of anything…

    • Rmfag


  • Tre C

    blogger i give up

  • cromthelaughinggod7

    Half of the show will be men “gay” men not hating on the gays but ATL when I visited it seem like dam every store or place there were gay men. The ratio of straight brothers like myself seem low. A single straight man should have no problems finding a woman there. No diss it is just fact. I think ATL has surpassed San Fran in the gay population. I bought some shoes at a footlocker said yo good looking out my man. Tried to give the cashier a strong hand shake with pound and he gave me a really feminine weak wrist grab on my fingers tips. I said yo man give me a strong manly hand shake. I was fking with him then to see his response and he said mmmmhmm stop playing boo boo. Wowww! I laughed and said have a good one black man. The ladie next to me said that is common here welcome to ATL. Not all the men there because they got strong brothers there also but they are pushing that coming from those black colleges there.

    • sakiru oresanwo

      LOL @ stop playing boo boo

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