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Hip-Hop Rumors: Kevin Hart and Ne-Yo’s Nightmare Comes To TV

DAMN. This is where we at now, huh? I’m hearing that Kevin Hart and Ne-Yo have some issues, but something that’s now becoming commonplace in America. EXES, BABY MOMMAS, AND EVEN JUMP OFFS are getting shows based on the people they dated! The latest is that there is a new show in the making that will follow the ATL exploits of Kevin Hart and Ne-Yo’s ex-loves. Kevin Hart was married previously and he’s done comedy skits about it so…he may be fair game. Ne-Yo’s ex girlfriend is still about the Atlanta area and she’s a banger! So, they are going to be on a new show that’s coming out soon.

Fireworks are certain to ensue.

  • Immortal

    yawn….more reality show bullsh*t


      its only one race that these shows are targeting…

      • Rmfag

        Only one race is giving them the ratings they need.

  • Rmfag

    That’s what you get for screwing Ms and sometimes Mr XY and Z………..
    I’d suck them both off tho.

    • ReBL

      My God your annoying….everytime i see you comment you always talking about suckin some dude off…do you live in a fuckin flower garden? always tryna put your Twolips on everybody. You sound more whoreish than Paris Hilton after she turned 18…Go suck a dick with the Monster….you Gross nigga….

      • Let this nigga Illseed troll in peace.

      • sakiru oresanwo

        F@ck you F@ck you F@ck you lol. You had me laughing like a muthachucka @living in a flower garden and twolips, got my colleagues staring at me saying ‘you’ll survive right’ lmao

  • Pierre Elliott


    • Rmfag

      Neyo is Bi

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  • i’mreloaded!

    I’m gonna have to check dat out

  • Ya’ll need to write a piece about Macklemore and how hes selling out the Key Arena up here three nights in a row! 13,000+. Got downtown Seattle looking like Time Square.

    • hoeyuno

      You live in ever been up here to Vancouver, BC?

      • I was in Victoria for a couple months a few years back, stopped thru Van for a sec though. That BC bud though?! That on top of the whole vibe in general had your boy seriously contemplatin not comin back to the states at all, if I didn’t have my lil girl to raise back here it was a done deal. LOL Seattle was on point too though, didn’t get to KICK IT kick it but I was still diggin the shit out of it.

      • Yeah I usually take a few trips out to Victoria by ferry and Vancouver is a hour drive away.

    • Ball Sacklemore.

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    If you can’t see how these jewish people are using the media to divide and conquer the black home, you are blind…Where are all the white reality shows like this?

    • Because they are forcing us to watch it? come on man im tired of our people not taking responsibility for themselves.

      I saw Mtv make these reality challenge shows, BET mimicked it, it failed but the only they that took off were the fights, mona simpson or whatever her name creates this drama filled show based on exs of celebrites and thats how it all started. Plus white reality shows have plenty of drama in it but im sure you never watched any to form this argument against jews

      • Rmfag


    • Rmfag

      On CMT.

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  • Executive

    Who watches this nonsense anyway?

    • K10z


    • ItGoesDownINtheDM

      really no one … its PROGRAMING for a popular station that already has millions of viewers similar to ahh … wether or not the people like it or not its gonna get aired .. and its destiny will depend on viewership and commercial viability … just like ahh altho it doesnt seem like ahh build around the feedback they get from thier members instead they take anything they see people comment on the most wether it be good or bad and turn it up ….

  • Splatter

    garbage. i hope not one person watches this. and to be honest its not on a race its gender. females love this shit. love gossip. love seeing bitches spaz on other bitches. reason why my tv only turns on for sports and netflix.

    • Same here…only for me it’s Netflix, Black Ops, SOA, First 48 and Beyond Scared Straight. And Mystery Diners too, that shit’s off the meatrack…LOL Other than that it’s on whatever my daughter’s watchin at the moment, and she’s only 5 so I don’t gotta worry about any bullshit.

      • Splatter

        just make sure your daughter never ever ever turns to any of that “reality tv” garbage.

      • Oh she already knows better, she knows Daddy ain’t goin…LOL Now it’s a different story when she’s at her mama’s house cuz she’s more exposed to frivolous bullshit like that over there, but she’s with me enough and we’re tight enough that I’m able to counteract a lotta the bullshit. I try to give her as much culture as I can…got her listenin to oldies, old school Hip-Hop, and sometimes I think she loves it even more than I do. LOL And the SECOND she’s able to properly process more complex info, I’ma start schoolin her on some REAL history…her teachers are gonna hate my Black ass.

  • AlbertoRipRon

    Money is a cancer.

  • who seriously watches this shows???

    • Justin Time

      Black Women smh

  • i banged a chick who banged the black guy from The Roots…. Where my TV show!!!!! WTF!!

  • therealness101

    50 was on to something when he made that song…”i got the magic stick.” But the award goes to the O.G, tha homie, Bill “The Real” Clinton.

    He set all this shit off!