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Football Legend Jim Brown Calls Out Kobe Bryant On Arsenio Hall Show

(AllHipHop News) Legendary football player Jim Brown stopped by The Arsenio Hall Show for an interview, and the former Cleveland Browns running back had some interesting things to say about NBA superstar Kobe Bryant.

“He threw Shaq under the bus,” said Brown referring to the well-documented riff between Bryant and former teammate Shaquille O’Neal. “And he is somewhat confused about culture, because he was brought up in another country so he doesn’t quite fit what’s happening in America.”

After acknowledging Kobe’s exceptional athleticism, the Football Hall of Famer and actor then goes on to suggest that if he had to recruit current Black athletes for a social activism campaign today, Bryant would not be one of the pro sports stars he would reach out to.

“In the days when we had a summit and called the top Black athletes together to talk to Muhammad Ali about his status with the armed forces, there were some athletes we didn’t call,” said Brown. “If I had to call that summit all over there’d be some athletes I wouldn’t call. Kobe would be one of them.”

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Watch the interview in the video below.

  • WTF

    I’d have to agree. But to Kobe’s defense, there may or may not be any information relating what he does for the black community through any philanthropy measures largely because the media doesn’t particularly zone in on these efforts. Some may assume that affluent Afircan-Americans, whether be athletes, entertainers, scholars or corporate leaders are predisposed to doing so, but unfortunately a lot of times this isn’t the case. Kobe’s influence is great, but he also has plenty of time post his playing days in the NBA to take on those causes if he chooses to do so. Culturally he was exposed to a different way of life living in Europe early on, but that doesn’t negate the fact he on some level has to relate to the struggles of blacks world wide, whether he is aware of it or not. This isn’t the first time Jim Brown has gone in on athletes, nor will it be the last. But as our elder, knowing the position we are in as far as needing real leadership, real direction, building a bridge in my opinion is a lot more benefital than buring one down.

    • StLouieUSA

      No Jim Brown has burned a bridge with Kobe. If Kobe wants to get something done in the future Jim Brown is the last person he’ll go to.

      Jim Brown is an idiot, attacking people in public isn’t how you build a bridge.

    • Jamaal Reece

      I emphatically agree man. Probably the best comment I’ve seen so far. I just find it shaming that there are still some that perpetuate the idea that one can’t be in tune with his/her culture because he/she didn’t grow up into a particular situation that is deemed the “prototypical black situation,” by someone who is no more qualified to decide such things as you or I. That’s my only issue with what he said. His thoughts on Kobe Bryant as a person are his prerogative.


    Good for him excluding the greatest basketball player ever to play the game because he threw shaq under the bus….shaq is a douch anyways and obviously jim brown don’t know wtf hes talking about….go take a few more hits might improve your IQ

  • True_Fan

    Real talk almost all these athletes are sell outs these days anyway. All they do is count their dollars, they don’t stand for anything anymore. There is very few role models in today’s generation, I’m 27 I can admit it.

    • Executive

      I think parents need to step up and be the role models.

      • True_Fan

        Of course, but athletes could serve a great purpose if they truly wanted to.

      • Ryan


  • ZUBU

    Jim Brown is speaking the truth about Kobe, he is not connected to us culturally and it is really not his fault. He was not reared here so he was not part of the struggle of Black Americans, and obviously his parents didn’t school him historically.
    Now snitching on Shaq that was just some biiitch asss shhiitt, it has nothing to do with culture. Kobe got in trouble then tried to drag Shaq into in an attempt to get out of it. Thats when I lost respect for him, I won’t deny he can ball but is a crappy person.

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  • Obi Won

    This is nothing new, I thought everyone liked Kobe Bryant ONE THE COURT!! Once the game ends, did people really count on or care about Kobe Bryant? Nahhhh, we been knew he was a cornball.

  • RIV

    I’m from Cleveland, so whatever Jim Brown says is law. So, if Jim say f you! it’s f you!
    come check out my new music video in High Definition, on youtube search –> RIV – The Clever Pt. 3 & watch…

  • ihatefaggots

    Uncle tom and snitch Kobe Bryant.

  • Pierre Elliott





    • StLouieUSA

      no. if you want to school kobe or jay you pick up the phone and call them. You don’t do what Belafonte did, you don’t do what Jim Brown has done.

      You’re not going to shame people into doing what you think they should do.

      • ZUBU

        Nobody tried to shame Kobe or Jay. The men were asked questions and they answered honestly. They don’t need to call Kobe or Jay, this ain’t no kiddy hip hop beef, ain’t no beef the elder men just stated their opinion. Also anytime a person starts in about how old another person is how out of touch they are I know you’re young by those comments. Once you reach a certain level of maturity you respect the next man’s opinion regardless if you agree or disagree.

      • Jamaal Reece

        That, I actually agree with. However, I can see where StLouie is coming from as well. To be fair though, I think you’re generalizing just a bit. Its not exactly fair to him to make such a broad generalization based on something that he clearly didn’t say, or even insinuate. I respect the hell out of my elders. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to disagree with them. As a matter of fact, as a man– I’d be remiss to allow someone else’s opinion trump my own because I have high respect for them. Who does an elder man respect more: someone who blindly follows him, or someone who actively engages him? Insulting and disagreeing are two entirely different things. He merely disagreed…albeit, somewhat passionately.

  • kobe is not confuse about the culture,he stayed in Italy for only 7 years starting from 5 or 6 years of age…

    • ZUBU

      Yeah bro, but when he returned to America he lived in an relative upscale Philly burb. He don’t know nothing about South Philly like Beans (The Broad Street Bully), Freeway, etc. They I thinked booed him in Philly at an allstar game one year. They say he don’t get no love in Philly and that’s suppose to be your city. Whereas Allen Iverson is adored in Phily cause he was one of them.He gave his heart and soul, and people could interact with him on a common level.
      Kobe has always been distant since he came into the league, initially people gave him a lil’ pass cause he was so young when he got to LA. Then it just became apparent he didn’t want to kick it with teammates. Shaq invited Kobe to his wedding and he didn’t come. When Kobe got married he didn’t invite any teammates to his wedding. Kobe just funny style.

      • The Arsonist

        I think you need to read Rosen Lazenby’s book about the Lakers and Kobe. You’ll understand why Kobe didn’t mess with his team mates. They started off on a bad note from the beginning Shaq slapped him when he was 17 years old in a practice how many dudes you know get slapped by a dude and then invite them to their wedding lol. Shaq slapped the cat because Kobes was going to hard in practice. Theres always two sides to a story.

      • ZUBU

        Bro I can’t say I’m familiar with that book, I will try to peep it. Yet Kobe had problems with quite a few players Shaq, Karl Malone, Gary Payton to holla at him, Brian shaw tried to holla, Eddie Jones tried to reach him. He even had problems with Phil Jackson. Dude doesn’t seem to have the people skills. Heck I don’t think his wife likes him, well sort of $$$$.. lol

      • Jamaal Reece

        Sheesh. You really seem to be championing this anti-Kobe thing. Let him make it. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear he demonized you personally or something.

      • ZUBU

        Bro you really defending him, I’m not demonizing the man he did all this to himself. Hell did I make him do the stuff in Colorado, or any of the other aforementioned things? In fact prior to snitching on Shaq I supported the young brotha, but once he did that I lost all respect for him as a man cause he exposed himself as a lil batch. Also this got nothing to do with keeping it real in the hood and all of that, its just about a person being a man and taking responsibility for your own actions. Why this ho ni$$a want Shaq to catch a case as well? If you can’t understand that then we obviously are cut from different cloths.

      • of course he wouldn’t get no love from philly because he wasn’t on the 76ers like iverson was,and just because the dude didn’t grow up in the hood doesn’t mean he shouldn’t get respect..

      • ZUBU

        Some local Philly articles I read about the city’s dislike for Kobe, they say he was cheered on as a high school player. I read they think the citys dislike for him stemmed from him spouting off about ripping the heart out of the 76ers when the Lakers met them in the finals. Essentially the people couldn’t connect to him, and him running that trap didn’t help any. It’s a small thing but dude went to his high school prom with Brandy, not saying anythings wrong with that but its an example of how disconnected he was from the average Philly fan. I think people respect his game, but off the court doesn’t seem like many people do. Phil Jackson The Zen Master even had problems with his attitude. SMH…

  • Guest

    Jim Brown sounds like the old dude stuck in the past, its cool Jim let it go. This is what I don’t like about some old heads, if you have these issues and you’re Jim Brown then call the dude and be a man about it not go on Arsenio Hall and voice your opinion grown men criticize each other man to man doing it on a talk show aint cool, I hope Jim is spending a lot of time in ChiRaq or in Watts or in the areas that really are suffering because if he’s not then he’s stuck in the past, times are different Jim its not the same as when you and Ali came along so to expect these athletes today to act like ALI is ridiculous, and he should know better. And he’s still talking about the Shaq issue from 10 years ago lol.

    • ZUBU

      You do know trhat Jim is very active in the hood still? Jim has like a gang intervention program in the LA area. Jim has brokered peace treatys between the bloods and crips. He has sat down with set leaders, brought killas into his home got them to sit and talk rationally out of respect for him and what he stood for.
      As far as what he said about Kobe he was asked a question and he answered it honestly. thats what grown men do speak the truth.

      • StLouieUSA

        Kobe has a homeless shelter for at risk teens living on the streets. Does that not count for anything? Kids that might wind up in gangs if not for that?

        This is the same shit Harry Belafonte was trying to embarrass Jay about.

        They’re going about these things the wrong way and all in an attempt to grab headlines or publicly embarrass somebody. Not cool in my book.

        They don’t want to give credit, they don’t want to pass the torch. They don’t even want to work with these guys towards a greater purpose. They want to hold onto to their legacies. It’s sad.

        They’re out of touch with reality.

      • ZUBU

        Kobe operates a homeless shelter? I doubt if he would have time to do that with his busy schedule. Or does you just attach his name to a shelter, and possibbly write a check which offsets his tax liability. It’s a nice gesture but vastly different than being there on the ground level participating in daily operations.

      • StLouieUSA

        clearly you’re biased and intent on defaming Kobe’s character. No different than Jim Brown. The agenda is obvious and I’m sorry Jim Brown’s “opinion” was completely inarticulate, void and baseless.

        And believe me there is definitely a old/young dynamic at play in both situations, Brown’s and Belafonte’s.

      • ZUBU

        Bro defaming Kobe’s character? No brotha Kobe did that to himself ie.. raping a lil white hotel chick who had nutt from three different dudes in her; cheating on his wife; snitching on Shaq; sueing his parents for stuff they been storing for him for years. Kobe is doing a wonderful job of defacing his own reputation. No intent to slander just stating the facts. None of the aforementioned is laced with fiction.. IMO if he was a nicer guy people would give him more of a pass. Charles Barkley does some similar things but Charles has always kept it real even when he screwed up. Everybody likes Charles he’s a likeable dude, and honest to a fault almost. Even Ron Artest gets a pass cause even though he’s crazy as hell most everyone likes crazy ass Ron Ron.

      • Jamaal Reece

        And yet, you go and prove his point…

    • ZUBU

      Tens years ago or not once you get that snitch jacket you wear that for life pretty much. Thats why you don’t place it on, and I’m not just talking about keeping it real in the hood. I’m talking about keeping it in general, if you work in a professional setting and you snitching to the boss to try to gain an advantage nobody will like or trust. So Kobe gonna wear that jacket the rest of life. The same essentially with Ray Lewis except Ray is better liked, but I bet Ju Ju (Ray’s nickname growing up) couldn’t really go back to the hometown after snitching on the boys he grew up with. Ray told how they stabbed them dudes, dudes beat the murder case Ray was the only one charged with any crime.

  • The Arsonist

    Lets not forget Jim dissed MJ as well, Jim thinks the Black Panthers are still in power lol.

  • OSBKE3000

    I’ve never liked Kobe .. NEVER .. I admit he got the talent on court but as far as how he is .. Colorado, his rap career, the whole Shaq thing .. he’s always been a clown off the court .. a wanna-be of sorts .. I mean the man COPIED Michael Jordan tit for tat with his walk, how he talks, how he plays, all his moves .. Kobe ain’t never been REAL .. he always tryin to be .. but never actually is

    • The Arsonist

      You do realize that Jim Brown has pretty much dissed every black athlete that hasn’t done what “HE” deems is the right thing.

      • OSBKE3000

        I’m not SUPPORTING Jim Brown, I’m not championing the man .. I am agreeing with his view on Kobe and expressing mine

    • Yabiggirl

      So agree OSBKE3000, Im from Philly and Kobe has the same rep everywhere…Kobe is the most disliked athlete of all time!!! It has nothing to do with his talent, its just off the court he’s not original.

    • AnonyMouse

      I don’t think he knows you….or wants to.

  • hitman619

    This coming from a wife beater?

    Go Over there with that bulls!#T bitter old man!

  • The Arsonist

    I wonder what our “Culture” is these days Mr. Brown? Funny thing is Jim Brings up an old Shaq incident but I’m sure he would want his fans to move from his domestic violence situation. Old dudes leaning back acting like they are above criticism is ridiculous, please Jim explain to me what our “Culture” is? Whatever our “Culture” is I bet you half of you Jim Brown supporters would trade that “Culture” for Kobe’s lifestyle Our “Culture” is crab in the barrel calling each other Niggaz allday and shooting and killing each other at a rapid rate, thats the reality of our “Culture” the no snitching HOOD BS “Culture” is whats keeping the Hood where it is Jim needs to keep his old @ss off of tv criticizing MJ,Kobe and other athletes that don’t buy into his 60’s militant Black Panther BS. Those days are over playa, where did it get us? Drugs in the Hood and Niggaz in Jail.

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  • Elayorx El

    Ok, no doubt my AHH family, I feel ya’ll with the comments, but we gotta know by now Jim knows how to work this media, and realizes the many great things he does will never get any shine, so I believe he uses the media as a means to an end, taking those he deems irrelevant down in the process. Doesn’t make it totally right, but to Kobe’s side of things, at least he made an effort in coming over to Rucker. I recall Jordan making ONE comment in regards to anything resembling “humanitarian” in his entire career, when he told reporters he’d look into how his shoes were actually being made in other countries. Lip service, obviously, which is why I thought JB’s critique of Jordan was justified. Kobe, on the other hand, probably felt some type of way, like most children do that grew up with the silver spoon, and then come in contact with a popular culture that has it’s roots from the barrios. Just because they had it good, should not mean that they can’t take part, and he tried. Both he, and Iverson embodied the Rose/Hill effect, where you have 2 equally talented people from different sides of the tracks, probably wanting to know more about the other lifestyle, with there being a natural clash along the way. We could very well say that B. Mamba has been a victim of the silver spoon too. Jim was partially right, but should have mentioned how he was not like Mike as well. The overall general conception that what an athlete does personally, having no bearing on how they are viewed in their respective professions is a popular myth. It does have weight, if you are a TRUE fan.(or on the HOF committee) Sorry so long, but Hip-Hop, and sports raised me, so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Besides, all of these guys are mostly positive legends, or about to be, but are still human at the end of the day, and reading, and writing about this has continued to inspire me to, at the very least, be a legend amongst my own family, which we should all be striving to do. Til next post…….

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  • Splatter

    waste of 1.22

  • lavence dixon

    last i heard of jim brown he was involved in a domestic dispute which included cheating on his wife assaulting his wife and drug use–so before you start throwing stones at kobe how about throwing some at yourself–your record or so called image isn’t so squeaky clean either–plus no one wants to hear an opinion of an old ass overthehill ass running back anyway–your’e no better

    • regal84

      Must be a lakers fan…show some respect for the og’s that paved the way for your daddy (Kobe)…

      • TTT

        @regal84:disqus : Please explain how a football player “paved” the way for Kobe??? Please share…

    • ZUBU

      Yo you sound like Nino in New Jack clowning the old man, you do recall how that ended don’t you? Respect your elders, thought Nino taught that 20 years ago. Hope you only talk this reckless online and not in real-time. SMH…

    • mastador1

      Jeez, so then he kinda has a lot in common with Kobe huh? They are just athletes, like actors most are not the brightest bulbs in the socket. Why does anyone pay attention to anything athletes and actors have to say?

  • TTT

    I wonder how much Shaq paid this old man to talk about things that happened more than 10 years ago…. I guess his concussion symptoms are starting to develop now and just says incoherent things…

  • If Kobe would have sat out this season (AND STEVE NASH), THE LAKERS WOULD HAVE MADE IT TO THE PLAYOFFS and POSSIBLY into the 2nd round. Now that Kobe has forced his way back, they will be a lottery team. KOBE doesn’t make this team better.

  • AnonyMouse

    Jim Brown is a bitter, broke, elderly old stinker who had an affinity for throwing under age women out of apartment windows. He needs to sit down and shut up.

  • ShortDogg

    Sorry, but he is right! Kobe could have 8 rings with Shaq if could have just followed!

  • Ramon Cook

    Let me say this to all off those people (Black, White, Latino, etc that are critgueing Mr. Brown. Instead of using name calling, etc, read a little. Mr. Brown ( Jim if I may say so) is referring to a time when in the 60-70-80 when African American players were continually isolated, do to the stands that were taken, in order to not have the long fought dignity, integrity, and just being a human being usurped. Then and even now African-American players were to busy trying to acquire status, until when a civil rights or human issues brought its head the the fore front, these same persons, ducked and covered in order to be known as the “Good Negro”. This happens today..just pay attention to the day to day issues. It is a situation where Back in the Day, Many of the African American players would say enough, and step up to the plate. ( I apologize for the baseball reference). But many, and I do mean many players( across the spectrum) played it safe and stayed away. The thought pattern: “Damn, if I am going to mess up my Good Thing” Mr. Brown iconic reference to Mr. Bryant may offend some, has a point of reference. Though I will say this, Mr Brown may not know every detail of Mr. Bryant battles,but its the instances of each player using the power, and status acquired within the arena you are in, to bring those issues to the front.

    Ex. How many of the players of this era, made their voices heard during the Travon Martin experience( there were some, but only an isolated few) , how many of the players stepped up when the young brother was shot and killed in the subway station, by the subway police. I am only isolating just a few of the instances. . So to bring this to a conclusion. Look and read about the power of the African-American player, the group staus power they possess, and are they just afraid of losing the long term paycheck, endorsements, are are they concerned about the told good that they can pass along, and bring to the forefront.. The African-Amercan player of the past said enough is enough, and sacrificed for todays players to acquire the HUGE paychecks, and status of today. But many of todays player either via not realizing this, or not caring about it, have MUD and DOG POO on their shoes as they stand on the shoulders of the previous trailblazers.So before you blast Mr. Brown, understand the history.of his words. I have only given you the most minute tip of the iceburg.

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