Nipsey Hussle Speaks On His Past Differences With Dr. Dre

(AllHipHop News) During a sit-down with Bootleg Kev, Los Angeles emcee Nipsey Hussle addressed his past issues with Aftermath boss Dr. Dre. When Kev asked the Crenshaw mixtape creator about his “muthaf**k a Detox” line on “Mr. Untouchable” and Dre’s perceived lack of support for the “New West Coast” artists, Nipsey further explained his viewpoint on the matter.

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What I said about the Dre situation was just me being a real nigga. It wasn’t like a direct shot. It was just like me speaking what was true to me at the moment. We doing us, and we gonna push regardless of co-signs, help, people coming down dropping ropes. I felt like if I’m sitting back in the game, and I’m watching Nipsey Hussle, and I’m watching Dom Kennedy, and I’m watching YG at that moment developing a situation – I just felt like what I would do – I wouldn’t spend money. I wouldn’t necessarily offer financial support, but I would do what I do to these young dudes that I see. I would acknowledge they grind. Because when it’s impossible to miss, and you don’t acknowledge it, that’s becomes intentionally not acknowledging it.

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Watch the interview below.

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  • killa

    you grinding homie but ya music aint hot you just dnt have that talent with the pad n the pen u a grinder but theres alot niggaz on that coast better then u musically keep it 1thowow

    • Crenshaw on my shirt

      Crenshaw is the best mixtape of 2013. Period. The only niggas on the west I would put ahead of him lyrically are Kendrick and Crooked I.

      • Obi Won

        Yup best of 2013, and its still not Nipsey’s best mixtape

      • Them marathon joints was my shit…..

  • killa

    these new niggaz on the west school boy, kendrick, YG they hot i like they shit mainly Kendrick n school boy they like the most creative upcomming artist

    • digitallife

      they like the most creative upcoming artists? are you saying they like creative artist or that “they’re” creative artists?

      • killa

        K dot and schoolboy can drop a song about anything and itll be hot something different not the same ole hundred bricks whippin chickens on the stove im tired of hearing that same shit frm everybody Next year drake gone be rapping bout cookin work and sellin dummies shit cray!!!

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  • RIV

    You got to make your own plate, then sat at the table…that’s how it go…no handout…..
    come check out my new music video, search –> RIV – The Clever Pt. 3 on youtube, and watch in 720/1080p HD…

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  • digitallife

    Nobody did that for Dre, Nobody did that for Cube, nobody did that for D.O.C, Nobody did that for Eazy….them dudes made their name themselves. Not trying to knock the man and I see where he’s coming from but honestly Dre out of all people doesn’t owe the coast anything at this point..he brought the world’s attention to the area and in doing so did all of that which Nipsey is saying he’d like to see.How many mofo’s can say “I have a career because of what dre did for our region”? Almost all of them.

    • jdotbucc

      because their was nobody really before htem..BUT DR DRE! did u forget he was already in the industry and a minor hit with the world class wrecking crew…dre lame and it shows….when u the big man, u always supposed to notice up and comers, its either your next payday or ur next competition

      • dee


      • JB

        you made his point. He carved his own path. Young katz always want help…and if they don’t get help they catch feelings and hate

      • dee

        how did I make his point? all I said was exactly and nothing else … im trying to figure out why your comment aimed at me

      • JB

        wrong person homie. my bad

      • dee

        no problem

    • All black men are rapists

      but thats how blacks are .most blacks are too busy trying to bring each other down.i blame willie lynch but its true.i hate working for black supervisors they always be on some bullshit.making the job more difficult and talking bad to you in front of their bosses just to make themselves look better.

    • JB


    • Jayson C Williams

      You talking two different eras of rap where there was a foundation and presently where if u have an olive branch to help out home YOU do it! Unless he’s Trinidad James! No part is the epitome of west coast life! Kendrick doesn’t have what snoop had, doesn’t have what those old school Cali rappers had, smoothness cool and gangsta sorry kendrick ain’t none of that! Kendrick may b the best but nipsey is the streets FACTS

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  • Sy

    Dre might not be impressed with those dudes, especially after bringing
    out the superstars that he has; I think their cool, but I wouldn’t say
    shit either, I would just watch them. If I was grinding, I wouldn’t
    even expect the big dogs to acknowledge me, nor would I seek out their
    seal of approval; I would just be coming at their asses..approval or not. If he was truly preparing himself to be a boss, he should’ve thought long and hard before he said that.
    Dre is sittin 400 million deep, with massive power, so he uses his
    acknowledgements much more wisely than say…a Nipsey Hustle.

  • David Gonz

    only nigga that deserves a dre beat is e40

    • Gary Miller

      40 water is a west coast Boss. You see those beverage moves that boy made!

      • David Gonz

        he put his street name on the bottle. thats some gangsta shit the whole hood can brag about

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  • The way I see it, Nipsey and the rest of the new West talent are the children of that NWA/Death Row/G-Funk era, they’re tryin to pick up the torch Dre once carried and reignite that flame. Now I’m not sayin it’s Dre’s RESPONSIBILITY per se, but it’d def. be a good look for him bein one of the architects of West coast Hip-Hop, to reach out and give some guidance to the younger cats from his same soil who actually got some talent/grind and are willing to learn, and help them circumvent some of those same mistakes he made comin up in the game. Shit it ain’t like he’s makin music anymore, and these are cats who most likely grew up idolizin him anyway and would be more willing to listen to what he has to say…so why not put on that mentor hat and further cement his legacy? He ain’t a dumb cat so it goes without sayin he could make it work out to his advantage if he chose to.

  • Guest

    Dr. Dre has Kendrick Lamar. Everyone else on the West doesn’t really matter.

    • Jayson C Williams

      Not true

    • Obi Won


  • water_ur_seeds

    Dre doesn’t like the media spotlight etc he’s a quite and private person, when has he ever had the opportunity to acknowledge anyone? I cant remember the last interview I saw with Dre…

    Im sure if he was in a interview and they asked him what crop of new Westcoast MCs he liked he would shout out some of them, I dount he would say just Kendrick…

    • Jayson C Williams

      Well you don’t read articles much bro because before kendrick popped dre consigned him and said that was it. It was Kendrick another west coast artist and he mentioned detox being it for him and hip hop. Nip set is right he’s being slighted because he’s not from Compton and he’s not a super lyricists like ken. But it was def said google it if u can

      • water_ur_seeds

        Clearly I do as Im reading this article lol Your not understanding what Im saying… And you think Dre wasn’t already intent on signing Kendrick before he co-signed him? Im guessing he was…

        I thought it was common knowledge Dre is private person, he hardly ever does interviews (be it magazine, radio or tv), concerts or even ALBUMS etc thats what Im saying, if he was doing as many public appearances as most rappers or CEO’s like Jay, Kanye, Snoop, Birdman etc then Im sure he would of been asked about certain rappers making moves or what MC’s from the West he likes…

  • Spirit Equality

    What new artist has Nipsey helped break on the West? Oh.

    Nipsey should model what he wants Dre to do by doing it for some new artists on the West himself. What new act is he taking out on tour with him? What new artist is he mentioning in interviews? Exactly.

  • Obi Won

    Nip doesn’t need Dre to co-sign, just like Kendrick didn’t. Both of them are dope and sound better with their own sound anyway.

  • Jorge

    dre doesnt want another snoop. been there done that. he is picky as is

  • yessir mr crenshaw himself. i love this dude. so original and authentic