Hip-Hop Rumors: LaTocha Scott Working on Spinoff Show?

Y’all know Latocha Scott from Xscape. She resurfaced again on R&B Divas (season two), where she was consistent with the Nicci Gilbert side eyes. Anyway, season three is in the work’s but LaTocha Scott’s name was absent from TV One’s cast announcement but that might be a good thing for her.

Word on the street is, she and her husband Rocky Bivens, another music industry OG, have been pitching a spinoff show about their lives. The show would follow them in their marriage, as business partners (since Rocky manages LaTocha) trying to revitalize LaTocha’s music career, and raising their teenage son who according to Derrick Rose, their family friend,  has a good shot at making it to the NBA.

If all goes their way, they might end up on the Vh1 circuit but that still remains to be seen because nothing is set in stone just yet.

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  • DaHomey6Deuce

    All these “legends of the 90’s”are so desperate for money and fame that they degrade themselves in “reality”shows…SMH

    • Immortal

      So what about all the people from today who do it even more?

      • therealest1

        Same thing regarding your point.

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  • bigdoe6

    Rocky a real one. He a real OG from Chicago. Yall better do your research on homie.

  • anonymouscaveman


  • rumpskiggedybump

    Meatball LOL

  • chippc

    Reality tv for theses celebs and former celebs aint no different that
    you getting laid off from your job and getting a side gig to make ends
    meet. McDonald’s wouldn’t be your first option, but you would do it
    before you let your family go hungry.

  • Prince Morgan

    I think she is cool but as far as her own show, i am not sure about that one.