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Beyoncé Releases Clips From All 17 Videos Off Her New Album

(AllHipHop News) Beyoncé pulled one of the biggest surprises in music history when she released her brand new album on iTunes without any prior publicity, official singles, or even hint on social media. The 14-song project also included 17 videos. Mrs. Carter has now released previews to each of those visuals on her YouTube channel.

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Watch all the preview videos from the BEYONCÉ album below.

  • jsj23

    Good for her. She can release all the videos and songs she wants. They don’t reach me. I stay listening to true R&B. She doesn’t represent that.

    • $18916246

      Consequence of excellence…..there’s the top and the bottom…we (you) got them mixed up, The bottom isn’t the top. We (You) have an sick affinity for mindless struggle, The bottom is all you will accept. So much so, we (you) hate to see anyone strive beyond feeble expectations. The best stays on the bottom? No, just born there. (“RISE” it’s destiny). Know that success is a part of life. You’ve got to go get it. Stop being a bottom feeder, The top awaits you.

      • Rmfag

        I googled what you posted and this is what I found.
        http://www dot choosehelp dot com/topics/addictions/39-reasons-why-life-is-better-without-a-heavy-marijuana-habit

        I would definitely recommend not being on that other type stuff before posting.

      • $18916246


      • jsj23

        Look, let’s be clear! My generation gave you En Vogue, Xscape, Dru Hill, Jodeci, Monica, and it would make no sense to go on, otherwise this will be a book. To make it simple, the music my generation produced, probably produced you, that’s right your parents probably got it on to the music my generation produced and we were handed to torch from the previous generation, Patti Labelle, Whitney Houston, and even Aretha Franklin worked with our R & B singers (Brandy and En Vogue for example). The current generation has produced crap! Niki Minaj, Beyonce, Rihanna is all you can claim and no one handed them the torch because they are not genuine. Remember what Etta James said about Beyonce? If not go look it up. That’s right Etta James from Sam Cooke era shut down Beyonce! You jungions have no clue! I even read somewhere that Kanye West said that he made Polo by Ralph Lauren popular! I couldn’t stop laughing, in fact I am laughing as I write this. Someone needs to remind Kanye that Lo-Lives were rocking Polo hard since 1992. Kanye is wearing 2nd generation bear knits. Trust me I can go on, I am from BK, been there done that. The guy is a fool! But this is what your generation is about, lies and deception of the past. And your ultimate poster boy Drake gets your approval for this, not to mention Rick Ross. Nothing but fantisizers and now your want me to respect Beyonce! You guys crack me up! Let it be known I am superior to you and your generation and I reserve the right to smack you and your generation down until you get it right. We gave you the Boot Camp Click, the Notorious BIG, Big Daddy Kane, Tupac Shakur, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dog, Queen Latifah…Until you do better STFU!!!!

      • $18916246

        Strange, I get your opinion as it relates to a generation of poor music. I too take issue with baseless ego and rants displayed by the likes of Kanye. The concern I have is lumping Jay & Bey up with rest and seeing what these guys have accomplished as being poor and the same as everyone else. Beyonce in my opinion is guilty of being nothing more than ambitious as it pertains to her music career. We (music fans & sadly black folks) hate Jay & Bey’s work ethic, consistency, success, their union (marriage). All because society has become non-supporters of such success as it breaks the music industry tradition to chew up entertainers and spit them out. People gone hate Bey just cause the album/cd download dropped, most have not even had a chance to hear it. Beyonce has consistently made good music in context with this generation, the issue people have again is her success. The fact that she’s married to an equally successful spouse has only sweetened her life. Jay & Bey can be listed with the best entertainers that have ever done it right now. I’m proud of them because they are mastering the business of the entertainment industry and go home to a family defying black peoples all too common stereotype of just being typical (n*ggas). It’s what they both value off stage and in other areas of their lives that make me a fan of both of them. Jay & Bey have made now-a-day male and female entertainers more conscious of the big picture. Make music, but seek your own goals, get your money, hold on to family values and are doing so without shoving it down the youths throat. So again all competing entertainers have to step their game up. Jay is cut from the same cloth as Sam Cooke who was not just a singer put a pioneering business man in the music industry and like him Jay is carrying that torch. Bey’s underlying theme in music and in life is go get it world and a message directly to the black woman (I’m black), Hey I look like you, wear weaves like you, but I’m raising my child with a full entertainers career with a husband and family. With that said, please don’t mistaken me for being a surface dweller. I see far beyond the glitz and glamor and again I embrace the big picture.

    • Rmfag

      Dafuq you talking about? Queen Beysus is R&B!

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  • Rmfag

    OMG I can’t even……… TY Queen Bey!!!!

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