Hilarious Beyonce Gifs Flood The Internet

What in tar-nation just happened?! Beyonce has set the world on fire with the release of her new album, titled Beyonce. What is crazy is there was no announcement whatsoever. She just lit a fuse and BOOM.

Well, the internet these days is shrapnel to Beyonce’s bomb. So the fragments of the explosion are all over the place right now, sinking into our consciousness…like it or not. Memes and Gifs are all the rage right now and the credit-less creatives didn’t pause for a second, as a plethora of keyboard comics have popped up. And they are quite funny. Unfortunately, the humor is largely at the expense of B’s peers like Rihanna, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and others.

Look below and see the best Beyonce images floating in cyberspace. Certainly, there are more to come.

Hey, she delivers!






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