Tanisha Thomas

Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas Attempts to Reconcile With Her Husband

Tanisha Thomas of Bad Girls Club fame went on to have a productive reality TV career. She appeared on Celebrity Fit Club, she is currently the host of the Bad Girls Club reunion and last year she starred in a spinoff show on Oxygen entitled, Tanisha Gets Married.

Since her marriage special, she and her husband have separated and Thomas told me that she was actively dating new people despite not being officially divorced because she still had a little hope that maybe they’d get back together.

Apparently, so did some TV producers. Tanisha and her estranged husband Clive will appear on WeTV’s forthcoming season of Marriage Bootcamp. Their relationship was tumultuous even on their marriage special so I can only imagine how rough it got and how wild their road to recovery is going to be.

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9 Responses to “Hip-Hop Rumors: Bad Girl Tanisha Thomas Attempts to Reconcile With Her Husband”

  1. seendadream

    allhiphop has been trying to incorporate a female writer for the rumors for so long…. sydney lace… drama…. friday foster… the list goes on and on…. the site doesnt realize that its the only one out there that tackles the rumor from a male point of view.. thats why Illseed has been successful… but instead of capitalizing on that niche, they choose to aspire to be like everyone else… its a shame. why would women come here for rumors when the female rumors printed here are taken from nicole bitchy and media takeout?

      • DJ7

        That’s b/c it’s so far, few and between that the heads checking for real hip hop related articles have found them elsewhere….This sh*t right here is smut reporting and I normally don’t comment on it b/c it only gives the false perception of someone giving a damn…as you can read from the other posters…no one does

  2. MidWestFlyest

    Why would she be actively dating if she thought there was hope of them getting back together, not that I give 2 fucks but that don’t make no kind of sense.

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