AHH MIXTAPE REVIEW: Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes "The Abstract and The Dragon"

There are a few things in life that classify as miracles: Jesus coming back to Earth, the Mets winning the World Series, and Busta Rhymes and Q-Tip releasing a mixtape together. On paper, a joint project between these two undisputed legends has victory scribbled all over it in golden-era ink, but all too often fans have fallen victim to assigning superlatives to similar projects prematurely, only to wear faces of disgust on their born-day.

Luckily, Tip and Busta are fans of planned-parenthood. On The Abstract and The Dragon, Busta and Tip don’t fall victim to the enticement of new-aged Euro-beats or gargled Future hooks. In fact, the tape is more Hits, Rarities, and Remixes thanWatch The Throne; the bulk of the tape consisting of timeless songs Busta and Tip have collaborated on over the years, such as the “Vivrant Thing” remix and “One Two Shit.” On that note, no need to recommend a little song called “Scenario,” or the timeless remix, and of course, no matter how many renditions “God Lives Through” undergoes, it is magical, especially with a fresh verse from Busta. Other songs like Big Daddy Kane’s “Come On Down” are well-known to anyone native to the music of the tongues.

Although the oldies are certifiable goodies, fans will no doubt be screaming gimme me some more due to the general lack of new material. But the collection is worth the download based on the nostalgic factor alone, beats and rhymes that will instinctively retreat your mind back to a blissful time of Dilla, starter jackets, Timberland boots, and a Maino-free NYC. The new material, like “Butch and Sundance,” “We Taking Off,” and the exclusives for Busta Rhymes upcoming solo release, ELE 2, are strong indications that we should expect amazing music from these two in the near future.

Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip
The Abstract and the Dragon


Lyricism –  9/10
Production – 10/10
Album Cohesiveness – 8/10
Replay value – 10/10
Overall – 9/10

Personal Favorite Tracks: “Butch and Sundance,” “We Taking Off,”  “God Lives Through”


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  • John Q. Public

    anyone listen to this? how much is actually new songs?

    • U.P.T.nw4eva

      All old joints except one I think but it’s worth the download trust me. Shit still rattles your trunk and the production was spot on.

  • David Gonz


    • U.P.T.nw4eva

      You sir are ignorant of real hip hop, dope beats, and sharp lyrics. This here is hip hop raw and uncut. This was before auto tune, rappers kissing other men, skinny jeans, fake dope boys etc. Niggas did it for the respect of the artform not selling out like your favorite rapper today. Faggot

      • David Gonz

        / ??bro u ever seen busta rhymes with a woman?? ME NEITHER GTFOH

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  • iamwhoiam

    Bussa Bus and Q tip, I’d prolly bumb it. For hiphop’s sake.

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  • Eli Pinilla

    This sh*t is super dope and borderline classic. If your a fan, you’ll love it. If u dont; kick rocks.

  • I wish Busta never took those steroids, man.
    Much love to Q-Tip. Much underrated.

    • John Q. Public

      u sure he did steroids? maybe he jus a muscle-head. he got enough money to not have shit to do but lift weights all day…
      Busta and Dr Dre look like some black incrdible Hulks tho. They should put out a hiphop protein shake commercial 2gether or sumn