Exclusive Hip-Hop Rumors: How Did Beyonce Do It? Illseed Found Out!

So, this Beyonce thing had me confused. My “team” (aka me) and I were wondering how this top secret album managed to get past us without so much as a peep. Obviously, we knew Beyonce was working on music, but this drop just caught us off guard – as it did with the rest of the world. So, this is one of the few times we’ve done some outreach on the rumors side. So…here is what we determined.

First of all, there was a lot of talk that Beyonce dropped this album in this manner because her label was NOT in support of it. There were rumors that because of a couple dud songs like “Bow Down” they didn’t have faith in her. Well, that’s not true at all. The label was all kinds of behind this effort and they orchestrated it flawlessly. My sources tell me they have been plotting this move since late Spring or early Summer.

Everybody associated with the new Beyonce album had to sign an ironclad non-disclosure. I bet they had to give up their firstborn if they violated the agreement. Obviously there were only a few (a relative few) people that knew about what was going on. Now, here is what I find interesting. I was told that the iTunes part of it created a particular situation for Team Beyonce. This is where leaks happen. I heard that there is considerable time to get songs and albums in iTunes. Remember, Beyonce has 14 new songs and 17 new videos. That’s a lot of encoding and whatever other logistics they have to go through.

How did they hide it from the leaks ad cracks in iTunes? I was told that Beyonce’s album was listed as “The Secret” even on the inside of iTunes. I would think that would still create some sort of leak, based only on curiosity alone. But it didn’t or they kept it to themselves to avoid a public hanging or whatever the punishment would be. On top of it all, my sources say iTunes got everything associated with the album WEDNESDAY of last week! Remember, they announced the album THURSDAY. Crazy!

This is what I have right now. Gotta give credit where its due.

“They keep us talking, but if we stop talking about them then they should worry!” -illseed.

Illseed, Out.


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  • Flea

    “Remember, Beyonce has 14 new songs and 17 new videos. That’s a lot of
    encoding and whatever other logistics they have to go through.”

    As someone who knows more about that stuff than I should, we’re talking minutes of work at best… everything is recorded digitally and mastered so its really just a matter of uploading a MP3 file to apples servers and then itunes making it available for download.

    • Rmfag

      So if there’s a lot of encoding and logistics, then how would it take minutes?

      • Flea

        logistics.. possibly.
        encoding…. very highly unlikely but I can’t guarantee it’s a non issue, it should be though.

    • Weedras

      word…even the friggin iTunes banners of her were a breeze… nothing hard its not like they changed the whole setup for her lol!

  • Ji Hyun L

    let me tell you some inside real rumor. the album was supposed to released during Q1 with Grown woman as first single. possible april~may album release. then there was inside delays, so beyonce decide not to go rush.
    the next plan was late november release which never happened as there were conflict between her and columbia about Tv rights and deals.
    so after all the delays, there’s no time for her to put albums considering big mainstream star’s release take 3~6month prootion prior to album.
    colubmia’s head rob said beyonce album is expected in 2014 when she’s ready in just 2wks ago interview.
    beyonce didn’t like it the fact she have to wait even when she’s ready want to share her music. and there will be so much going on marketing plans,singles,teasers yo build hype.
    “last week” she decide to just release it. and from handful parkwood staff to columbia’s few head,executive and itunes excutive had meeting for this release.
    the initial release was thanksgiving week but delayed as she were still working on her songs, and other issues. and as soon as evey stuff is gathered she’ just release it.
    so only like 10~15 people knew about this release. even sony record, columbia reocrd’s high level staff didn’t knew it. itunes staffs didn’t knew it.

    • Rmfag

      They knew.

  • Rmfag

    You knew because Beyoncé = Illseed and Illseed = RMfag

    From what I’ve researched, this album been in works for awhile and the videos took a year and a half to shoot. There is no way that the label and iTunes could have not known about this gimmick.
    So here’s the truth: the label wasn’t feeling ratchet Beys new material and her last album flopped relatively. So they came up with a surprise gimmick to overlook the lack of depth and edge the new album has.

    Typical Bey gimmick and everyone fell for it, once again.

    • krow132

      you sound salty as hell. You can call it a gimmick all you want, but it was a great marketing move. In this day and age you have to find new creative ways to release and package your music. Because if there is nothing to differentiate the product, then what will make people buy it (and don’t give me that make great music crap because critically acclaimed albums get bootlegged a bunch too). She did something thats rarely done, a good calculation and it worked. Give props. ol salty face a** n***a

      • Rmfag

        BeyHIVe detected.
        It was an unoriginal gimmick for an album with no depth and only one song that can be good enough to be a single that won’t flop.
        Bow down.

      • krow132

        kill that beyhive mess you lame. I don’t f***k with beyonce’s music and never have. I respect creativity in marketing thoough. but tell mewhat was so UN-original about it. how much times has it been done before this for it to be UN-original. You’ll be hard pressed to name 5 times that it has happened before. and whens the last time it happened with a multi platinum huge artist like beyonce. BTW did you hear the album in its entirety? How do you know it has no depth? lol f**k outta here

  • Weedras

    how about just leaving it at they did a good job keeping shit a secret and keeping shit from the bootleggers… and call it a day no need for no ‘in-depth’ research lol!

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  • Crabs in the bucket are sour as hell at the success of the album instead of congratulating her. SMH! Bum a** bootlegers are even more mad! Lmao