Kris Jenner, Kanye West

Hip-Hop Rumors: Is Kanye West Getting on Kris Jenner’s Nerves?

Sounds like all isn’t peace and harmony between Kanye West and Kris Jenner. In Touch is saying that the Queen Bee of the Kardashian Klan is getting fed up with Kanye’s megalomaniac antics. If you recall, lately he’s been ranting a lot more than usual and even compared himself to Steve Jobs.

“The recent bragging, name calling and calls for attention are making her brand look bad, and she doesn’t want anything to hurt her empire,” an insider told In Touch.  “She thinks he is pushing the envelope a bit too far when he brings up religion and is always picking a fight.”

Welp, Kris doesn’t play when it comes to her family’s brand. Sounds like she wants Kanye to get down or lay down. Two megalomaniacs fighting for power in the same space means trouble. Hopefully she knows who she’s in for a battle if she thinks Ye’s just gonna fall in line.

  • Executive

    I’d nut in her.

    • Rmfag

      Such standards…..

  • John Q. Public

    Hes worth double of what the Kardashians got. He dnt care this old woman thinks.

    • All black men are rapists

      but she is white and he is black so her skin trumps his bread.

      • atle fjeldstad

        Money trumps color..

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  • TimeWillTellu1

    She seems like the mom who wants in on the fun and gets mad if Kim doesnt share. Anyone else seem Kris Jener as a mom who fucks her daughters bf’s ?

    • John Q. Public

      nah she seems like shes in denial of her age and wishes her daughters were her sisters. her and kim are the most annoying of the bunch tho

  • Eric Cartman

    If you watch the show, u can always tell that she legitimately believes she is one of the girls. When real niggas know she ain’t packin that tight p

  • JerZeBoy

    whos nerves is Kayne not on Jayz?

  • Fava Beans And Chianti

    I listen to his music but his personal life is for the birds. Dude is a cold nerd outside the booth. Plus he tried to turn a hoe into a house wife.

    • Mike Egan

      I kinda need to like a person to like their music, i don’t know if everyone is like that but thats how i see it


    old hang need ta go sit down and be a grandma. everytime i hear niggas saying they would bang that ho, i remember watchin a commercial or somethin to that extent where she says she constantly pees on herself and needs them old ppl diapers.

    • WandaInMyOpinion

      Are you serious?!? lmao Omg!!

      • ISTADUMHI772

        realtalk homie if im not wrong tha bitch was in talks to start doin commercals in shit fo the brand of old pll underwear

  • Mike Egan

    The facts are this, Kardashians aren’t good people, just rich, same goes for kanye. His music was better when he was a bit humble and now he is not(see college dropout compared to his newest shit), he brought a lot of intellect to hip hop and then took it away just a few years later because he thinks he is bigger then he is and that his ridiculous antics will get him positive attention when they will ultimately back fire on him in the long run and leave him as a small page in hip hops diary. If you can dispute my point in an intelligent manner i will respect your opinion but if not….Kick rocks MuthaFucka…jk

    • KLewis

      Kanye was never humble. He just never had the money or the fame to match what was already in his head.

  • Eric Mukuna

    She always has a problem down the line with every man that cuff her daughters.

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  • Executive

    Niggas on here acting like they watch the show and shit.

  • Prince Morgan

    You know its bad when Kris Jenner the media queen is saying Kanye doing too much lol

    • Charter

      “You know its bad when Kris Jenner the media WHORE is saying Kanye doing too much lol”


  • alex

    wat “brand” anyway like seriously

  • Guest

    She need to tell Kanye and not everybody else. That’s how you handle that.

    • Shes selling her familyu brand, thats the CEO of the Family addressing the current state of her brand.

  • Romello81

    Tell Kanye that shit. Not everybody else. That’s how you handle that shit.

    • Kanye would have a hissy fit, thats bad for family brand.

  • Family? Nah, Family brand. dont love your kids trademrk them. Use them, feed off of them,…. damn its what the robots did to mankind in the matrix!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

  • Kris Jenner – Head Hobbit in charge.

    • atle fjeldstad

      Head bopper in charge

  • ItGoesDownINtheDM

    when people think kanye do they really also think kardashian ??

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